Saturday, 11 January 2020

From ScottM: Curtgeld the Ranter (30 Points)

My submission for this year's Curtgeld prize is the "Ranter" from Warlord Games Fire and Brimstone Rabblerousers pack. This figure is for  a specific person: JonathanO. This will be a perfect figure to go with his English Civil War armies.

Nice and simple figure, lots of character. Now if only my photos were better... I may have to invest in a better camera.

So that should be 1 x 28mm foot figure = 5 points + 25 Curtgeld

What a great figure, especially since you are going to give it away!  I love the bright cheery colours you used and the base looks spectacular as well.  I am positive Jonathan will love having it in his collection, because I know I would!

Awesome work!

- ByronM

From JamieM - Department X on Hawkins' Hill (70 points)

As I stagger up Hawkins Hill, I'm reassured by the presence of "Department X" - a team of crack goodie agents here to help save the world from the likes of S.H.I.V.A.

These have been sitting ready for painting since at AHPC 6 or 7, I'm too embarrassed to work out which.... They're by Crooked Dice for the 7TV game and so have that wonderful 70's spy-fi vibe to them.

The team comprises of Kitty Stryker (in the yellow jumpsuit) and 7 X-Commandoes.  I'll be using the female commando with the SMG as an officer.

Were I cleverer than I am, I'd have saved these two ladies to give me a ride on a balloon, but I decided the entry wouldn't be the same without them!  I'm a wargamer, logic when it comes to figures is entirely optional......

These two can form a pair using an experimental big gun, or I can use the kneeling chap as a technician.

These four are the muscle of the team, the chap with the pistol will likely be a sarge.

This is the side you want to see as a civilian as they stride into action, keeping the world safe for us of us..... Go Department X!

I make that 8 28m figures for 40 points and another 30 for Hawkins' Hill to come to a grand total of 70.

That's my fifth location on Challenge Island visited so my sight turns to the mist shrouded Snowlord's peak in the distance..... I should think a Balloon would be the perfect way to ascend in style.


Very nice looking figures here Jamie.  The clean, bright, high contrast style and colour choices really works with these.  The yellow jump suit and hats against the grey of the rest of the uniforms really makes the whole squad really pop!  They look ready to step right back into a comic book to battle the forces of evil.

- Byron