Friday, 14 February 2020

From TomM: Millsy's Millpond: Earthshaker Cannon (55 points)

In the next challenge location, one can get extra bonus points if the models in question are pre 1990 or even pre 1980, but unfortunatly my model comes from 1994.

In that is is not other then the mighty Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker cannon, a war machine I adored since starting Warhammer... in the summer of 1994.

You see, back then me and my friends went to a local hobby shop, now long gone, and looked for an expansion for an Heroquest game.  Little did our 16 year old's now there was a whole hobby around of playing with toy soldiers, and we walked out with a box that branded "Games Workshop" like the Heroquest box, and had those same goblins in it.  As well as to us by then unknown High Elves.

That box was the Warhammer core box, and upon discovering at home this wasn`t our dungeon crawl game... we thundered into a new hobby (of which I am the sole survivor now).  I immediatly went back to buy an army, and at that time you had three army books: Empire, Orcs & Goblins, and High Elves, and as my friends had picked those, I wanted a list for myself as well.  Enter White Dwarf, where the new Chaos Dwarf range was introduced just then (the battle report vs Mike McVey's beautifull Wood Elves was my first issue), so I wanted those.  And those big hats just looked (and still do) fantastic, I`m a long time fan (and as seen earlier in the Challenge, sporting a Hashut tattoo...)

Fast forward 25 years and I am still painting (or in most cases, restoring), my old Chaos Dwarf army in a new bit of dominating the lesser races at the club (even though it'll be in the guise of Infernal Dwarves for 9th Age) as shell after shell will explode in their ranks.

Now, that is a bit of backstory... but not for this model.  This one was an opportunity buy a few months ago, to add yet another Earthshaker to my collection.  Because movement hampering, huge shell lobbing guns are a thing!  And those shell bearing crewmen remain my all time favorite GW models to date.

Pointswise, I guess that this qualifies as 3 infantry models at 5 points, together with 10 points for the gun and 30 for the location, netting me as such 55 points of bombardment funniness!

That's a great cannon and crew Tom. Well worth 55 points.


Alex Makes Snow Lord's Peak

Alex clambers the last steps to Snow Lord's Peak, turns around and takes in the view from the summit.

This week's Snow Lord Peak brought to you by Mount Joffre, Alberta.
'It's quite something, isn't it.' The Snow Lord steps beside him to look at the surrounding island.

'Yes, it is very beautiful.' Alex turns and extends his hand, 'Hello, my name is Alex and I'm from Russia.' 

'Pleased to meet you, Alex. What brings you up here?'

'The prize. I understand that if I successfully complete a challenge there is a reward to be had.'

'Yes, that's right.  Hmm, let's see what we can dream up.' The Snow Lord takes a moment to gaze out at the sweeping vista before them, then nods. 'Okay, I got it. I understand you enjoy making very imaginative terrain using bits you find around your house and yard, how about you make up a terrain piece that illustrates Challenge Island. Do you think you can do that?'

Alex whips out his hot glue gun and craft knife, 'This is no problem.'

The Snow Lord claps him on the back, 'Brilliant! Let's see what you come up with.'


Well Alex, I apologize in advance to your wife and children for what is about to occur in your household, but I do look forward to seeing what madness you create.  :)


From MartinC: Rats (32pts)

My role as the jobbing painter For Joshua continues, and it is a nice role to have. Scotty from our club donated these, and my next post, last week and James passed them on.

The are quite large Skaven, no clue on the manufacturer. They are nice figures and I painted them as black rats. There are 2 units of warriors and a general with a retinue of awestruck actual rats.

There are 29 warriors and 3 little packs of rats. Say 1pt each so 32 pts

Those are some fine looking rats Martin!


From KenR: AHPC XI Prize Figure (30 points)

Apologies as this is a bit late, this little chap has sat on the edge of my paint table with his fingers in his ears as I have been inventing new swear words as consecutive layers of paint peeled of my carefully prepped tanks !

After last year's Italian Wars Project I thought it would be fitting to do a figure from that period for my entry, hopefully he will go to another fan of the period. I await with interest to see where he goes.

The figure is one of many 28mm Miniatures I have lying around, a 28mm Warlord Games Landsknecht Zwei Hander.

I think that 30 points but to be honest I'm just glad it's done.

What a lovely Doppelsoldner he is too! Great work, which I'm sure some lucky recipient will be glad to add to their collection.


From Barks: Bad bears, bad bears at Fran's Fjord (46 points)

What you gonna do?

These Bob Olley sculpts are Ursids from Khurasan, and I had to have them. I tried a plasma glow- more practice needed.

They're hefty 15mm mercs...

... and adorable in 28mm.

Seems like I have conquered the west of Challenge Island- I shall need an airlift to continue my blitzkrieg in the east!

4x 15mm: 8 points
Fran's Fjord: 30 points

Smashing work on these bears Barks, and a wonderful demonstration of the right to arm bears. Given how large they are compared to the 15mm figure, I've decided to score them as 20mm.

If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You'd better go in disguise
'Cos every bear that ever there was
Is gathered there for certain because
Today's the day the Ursids hand out the lasguns!


Tamsin's Friday flights of Fancy #7

"Good morning Lady, Gentlemen (and Ray). Thank you for continuing to fly Snowlord Airways. Flight AHPC X from Challenge, Blogland is currently cruising at 36,339 points of our target altitude of 64,058 points."

"We have two confirmed entertainments today, and I expect many more to appear later on. Barks is going to be ursinine and Paul SS will be serving up some Talbotine MAA."

"That's it from me - Toodle-pip!"

Senior Flight Attendant