Friday, 30 March 2018

From PeteF: Rookie Season - Last Post

That's all? 

This is it for Challenge VIII and what fun it has been. I started out on a mission to make a dent in the Shelf of Shame. I’m super happy to have added a couple of battalions of french minifigs to a growing Napoleonic army. Project 3 (AWI) has also seen a great deal of progress.

It’s been a real privilege to share the virtual stage with some truly talented painters. There is so much to learn about the hobby and the many ways to bring models to life. Challenge VIII was inspiring, motivating and fulfilling. Thanks especially for sharing tips, techniques and colour choices. 

Next year I probably won’t get into a Black Powder duel with KentG – what was I thinking?

I bounced around a lot – from Dark Ages through ECW and WW2 to the far Antarean Future. The first foray into tartan was fun. I enjoyed the Bonus Rounds for causing me to reach into more obscure parts of the shelf of shame and look at some 3D printed models. Dad’s Army turned out well.

Don't tell him your name Pike

Over the course of the Challenge I unfortunately managed to add some projects: Project 11: Zulu War, Project 12: Napoleonic Minifigs basing and Project 13: 25mm Napoleonic Prussians. Additionally, a certain number of Dark Ages figures have shown up because how can you have too many Vikings and Saxons? All this means the total unpainted mountain is in roughly the same place - or maybe a little worse – I might need to join some kind of a group – any takers?

Winter is Coming
If you are in the Pacific Northwest over Memorial Day weekend I recommend Enfilade! the largest historical miniatures convention west of the Mississippi – it’s fun and friendly and there’s a great bring and buy to tempt you into more eras and/or scales.

It felt like more than this when I was painting them

It has now been 4 days since my last miniatures purchase (Gripping Beast plastic Viking 4pt warband).

From Millsy: Challenge VIII Wrap - 1018 points

Hi All,

I had hoped to get this done earlier but sorting out the Side Duels and Challenges results, plus cramming for a certification exam for work pretty much wiped that from my to-do list. Anyway, I've got it done now so here I am, relaxing in the lovely Autumn weather in my back yard yet still remembering to be sun-safe and wear appropriate protection.

All up I painted a total of just over 1,000 points which meant I met my total in my sixth Challenge outing. More importantly, I got stuck right into a couple of projects and made major inroads into both which I was very happy about. This is one of the things I really love about the Challenge, I just get so much done!

In addition to everything in the above photo I also painted a few other items  - some terrain for my Boxer Rebellion project (which is in storage at the moment) and my Curtgeld which is already in the post.

As always I'd like to thank Curt for putting on such a grand show and Lady Sarah for supporting his own particular brand of crazy. Minions, you guys rock and without you this wouldn't be possible either. Finally, everyone who has commented on my stuff... thank you for the encouragement and positive feedback. This is such an amazingly positive group!

Til next year folks...

Millsy the Gimp and Duels Wallah