Sunday, 17 January 2016

The 'Epic Fail' Theme Round is now Live

The title says it all, the 'Epic Fail' theme bonus round is now live in the gallery.

This week we have a somewhat smaller number of submissions, but the imagination, humour (sometimes rather dark) and quality are still there in abundance. 

As to my self, I'm afraid I was quite ill for a good part of the week and so I had to put aside my original entry and fall back on something I could finish in the short time available. So I return to a project I began a few years ago which easily fits within the theme of 'Epic Fail' as it did then for 'Cold' (I know there will be a few groans amongst you here) and that is the French retreat from Russia 1812.

I provide here a single figure depicting a French officer who is attempting to rally his comrades. In my mind's eye I see breath misting, desperate figures shuffling through the snow, and the ominous shadows of Cossacks emerging from a distant treeline.  

28mm figure by Perry Miniatures and arguably one of their best sculpted ranges.

Those visiting the gallery will be treated to a beautiful vignette on the same subject created by the very talented StephenS.

Okay folks, please remember to vote for all your favourite entries. Voting will close next Saturday at 11:45pm CST.