Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Votes are in for the 'Epic Fail' Bonus Round!

The Epic Fail theme round is complete and the voting results are in!

As honourable mentions we have:

Stephen's wonderfully chilly 'Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow'

Byron's excellent short story which ends in a nasty fizzle, 'Gotta Light?'

And Alan's hapless Unteroffizier Steiner, who yells, 'Squad, into the Crater!' knowing tragically very little of the local flora and fauna.

Okay, on to the podium placings! In Third Place it's (once again!) Millsy, this time with his hilariously teasing, 'The Summoning'.

Mr. Mills will get an additional 25 points for this great bit of rib jabbing. Nice one mate!

In Second Place we have Michael's faithful rendition of 'Dutch & the Gang... + One' with his excellent 'Predator'

Micheal will receive 50 bonus points for this highly entertaining Bungle in the Jungle.

And in conclusion, in First Place, is Sidney's brilliant 'The Artist Chance Card'.

Sidney treats us to what happens when strategy is interrupted by vanity. 

That painting-in-progress is just brilliant.

Sid will receive 75 bonus points AND a gift certificate from those generous folks over at Warbases.

Congratulations Sidney! This was a magnificent piece of work and gaming whimsy! 

I also want to thank all the participants this round for treating us to their visions of 'Epic Fails'. Bravo!!

Now, there is only a week until our next theme round, 'Defensive Terrain' so get back to your tables and give us something to hide under. :)

PS: For those who wish to see the voting results, they can be found here.