Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The List of Duels and Side Challenges for the 6th Painting Challenge

Below you will find a list of all the side challenges and duels that have been arranged by the participants. Some are still awaiting participants so I urge the Challengers to look over the list and see if anything piques your interest. 

I think I managed to capture all of them, but if I made a mistake and/or missed something please drop me a note and I'll make the corrections and update the list. 

- The 6mm Challenge -
IanW, MarkO and TamsinP have challenged each other to paint the most points in 6mm, in any period.

- The Sci-Fi Challenge -
GregB, SeanS, KyleC, SylvainR and DavidB will bash it out to see who paints the most points of sci-fi figures over the Challenge. Winner gets a figure from the rest of the competitors.

- The Native American Challenge -
DavidB and TamsinP are dueling to paint the most points of Native Americans/First Nations/Aboriginals.

- The Bronze to Steel Challenge -
IanW, ChristopherS, JonathanO, MarkH, MartinC and SebG will battle with brushes to see who can amass the most points painting Ancients in any scale.

- The Horus Heresy Challenge -
JamieM, GregB and PaulO’G have challenged one another to see who can paint the most points of 30K models in any scale.

- 101 Years War Challenge -
RayR and Curt challenge each other to see who paints the most points within the period 1662 - 1763.

- English Civil War Challenge -
AaronH and PaulO’G are dueling to see who can paint the most ECW models. Paul in 6mm and Aaron in 28mm.

- All Things Naval -
MilesR challenges one and all to see who can get the most points from nautical themed entries (not including the Nautical Theme Round).

- 1/1200 Napoleonic Ships -
MilesR has challenged PaulO’G to see who can paint the most points in 1/1200 Napoleonic ships.

- The Italian Job or The Renaissance Men -
Curt and PeterD are dueling to see who can paint the most points for their respective Italian Wars collections.

- The Pulp Challenge -
Simon, Curt, PhilH and MichaelA have challenged one another to see who can paint the most points in Pulp adventure figures over the three months of the event. The winner will get a painted figure from each of the vanquished. (Pulp being defined as being from 1850-1950)

- The Bothers Hawkins -
PhilH and IanH are dueling to see who will paint the most points by the end of the Challenge.

- Frostgrave Challenge -
AdamC, BillA, ScottS and SimonM are challenging each other to see who can paint the most points of Frostgrave related figures. These will include any official Frostgrave or other fantasy figure which are thematically appropriate.

- Dungeon Saga Challenge -
PaulS challenges anyone to beat him in completing all the miniatures in the core set.

- The Cetshwayo Challenge -
MartinC and MichaelA are conducting a Zulu duel. Whoever completes the most Zulus by the end of the Challenge receives a painted Induna from the other. Michael will have to paint one for every four from Martin

- The Bavarian Challenge -
Nick and Christopher are in a duel to see who can paint the most straight points (theme Bonus not included) over the Challenge. The winner gets a painted figure from the other.

- The Reject Challenge -
Fran and Ray are challenging each other and ALL Rejects to see who can amass the most points over the Challenge.

- The Duel of Spreadsheets -
MilesR has challenged Millsy (and any others mad enough) to see who can create the most mind-numbing spreadsheet plan for the Challenge and then stick to it.  Winner gets to give Curt a 4 hour course on the Joy's of Spreadsheets and why financial analysis really is cool.

- Modern Mayhem -
Curt, ByronM GregB and KyleC are dueling to see who will paint the most points in modern-period figures (from 1960 to Post-Apoc). The winner gets a figure from the vanquished.

- The LOTR Challenge -
ScottB and SteH are duelling to see who can paint the most Lord of the Rings figures over the duration of the Painting Challenge

- The Odin’s Night Challenge -
Dux has challenged JohnS, PaulO’G and StephenS to complete a warband for Musket & Tomahawks.  He will paint a character figure for each that meets the challenge.

- England and Spain, At It Again -
PhilH & JuanM are reprising last year’s race in which they challenge one another to see who can get to 100 points first.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Individual Challenges & Paint Duels for the Sixth Challenge

I'm the one with the whistle...
Well, it would seem that our comments may have busted the initial Challenge announcement post so I thought I'd begin another here to shepherd the conversation and also to bring up that perennial favorite: Challenges & Duels. 

As many of the Old Salts would know, the declaration of personal challenges and paint duels extends back to our very first Challenge where harmless smack talk sparked healthy (and humorous) competition between participants.  Over the years it has become more formalized with many 'Paint Duels'  becoming part of Challenge lore (if there can be such a thing). For those who are new to this sillines let me explain: the challenges and duels allow small groups of participants to test one another against a variety of criteria. Sometimes it's to see who can paint the most figures within a particular historical period or genre, while other duels may be to see who can get to a specific points threshold first. The sky's the limit - it's really up to your imagination.

I've noticed that a few participants have already started to issue a few duels, but I thought I'd dedicate a page for it so we collect them all in one spot. I'll update this page to reflect all the duels so we know what's what before we head into the Challenge next month.

Let's have some fun and let the smack talk begin!

The Die is Cast - The Sixth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Starts December 20th

In 49 BC Julius Caesar halted his XIII legion along the north bank of the Rubicon river in northern Italy. He knew that if he crossed with his army into southern Italy he would be violating Roman law, thereby making the lives of both him and his men forfeit, but Caesar also aware that if he returned to Rome as a regular citizen he would be censored by the government and quite possibly killed. After some deliberation he resolved to cross the Rubicon and risk civil war. Once on the other side of the river Caesar is reported to have said, 'Alea iacta est' - The die is cast. 

This year's Painting Challenge, our sixth, celebrates risk takers, daredevils and gamblers. 

Julius Caesar
The Basic Rules
The Challenge will extend from the beginning of Winter, 12:01 am December 20th , through to the first day of Spring, 12:01 am March 20th, Central Standard Time.
Figures can be prepared and primed prior to the start date, but no colour can be applied until December 20th. In order to be fully scored the figures have to be based and their groundwork completed. The figures have to be painted by you. The Challenge follows the honour system in the completion and entry of figures. Dishonour and public shaming goes (with perhaps the throwing of frozen vegetables) upon anyone who besmirches the venerable craft of painting toy soldiers! 
The figures can be in any scale and in any theme, including pulp-adventure, science-fiction and fantasy.
In order to be scored, photos of all figures/units along with a short descriptive note must be uploaded to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog. Up-to-date scoring will be maintained on the blog's main page. I will send out an email to all Challengers to provide further details regarding participation.
The Judge (me) will participate, but my score will not have any standing in the Challenge (I will continue my struggle to be amongst the middle-of-the-pack).
Since I can't leave well enough alone, I've again tweaked a few aspects of how the Challenge will be administered. I will still be the master of ceremonies, but I've called upon a Happy Few to assist me in keeping this joyous circus on the rails - more on that later. 

Rosa Parks
The Scoring
6mm foot figure = 0.5 point
6mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 1 pts
6mm vehicle = 2 points
10mm foot figure = 1 point
10mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 2 points
10mm vehicle = 3 points 
15mm foot figure = 2 pts
15mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 4 pts
15mm vehicle = 6 pts

20mm foot figure = 4 pts
20mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 8 pts
20mm vehicle = 12 pts

28mm foot figure = 5 pts

28mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 10 pts
28mm vehicle = 15 pts
40mm foot figure = 7 pts
40mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 15 pts
40mm vehicle = 20 pts 
54mm foot figure = 10 pts
54mm mounted figures, artillery piee or crew served weapon = 20 pts
54mm vehicle, limber, etc. = 30 pts 
Other scales, miscellaneous models/figures will be scored on a submission-by-submission basis. 

Amelia Earhart

Challenger Personal Targets and Duels

Similar to previous years, I ask that each Challenger declare his/her points target that they hope to achieve by the March 20th deadline. I encourage Challengers to pick a target that is a bit beyond their comfort zone, but still achievable. Many participants have found this a great incentive to help maintain their pace over the three months of the Challenge. As a benchmark, 400 points is a manageable amount for someone who is new the the event and/or has a busy work/life schedule. Remember, many points can be secured by participating in the Bonus Rounds (more on this below).

Also, many folks have a lot of fun issuing 'duels' to other participants in order to race to meet a declared target, paint the most figures for a specific period, etc. I leave this to the participants to organize, but I'm more than happy to log the duels and keep track of the points.

Vo Nguen Giap
Challenger Target Thresholds & Prizes

There will be six point thresholds set out for the Challenge. Each time a participant reaches a Point Threshold his/her name will be entered for the prize drawn for that level. So, the more points you accumulate the more prizes you will be eligible for. We have many generous prize sponsors who I will introduce in a following post. The Threshold prizes will be drawn at the end of the Challenge.
Threshold I: 500 points
Threshold II: 750 points 
Threshold III: 1000 points 
Threshold IV: 1500 points 
Threshold V: 2000 points 
Threshold VI: 2500 points
Gebhard Lebrecht Blucher
The Fortnight Theme Bonus Rounds
Same as previous years, we will have a series of thematic Bonus Rounds. Each Bonus Round asks Challengers to enter a submission that illustrates a particular theme. The Bonus Rounds are not mandatory, they are just a little bit of fun to pace out the the Challenge and allow people to gain some points and fame through presenting vignettes and specific single figures.
Those Challengers who manage to submit an entry for a 'Fortnight Theme Bonus Round' will receive an extra 50 points on top of the regular entry tally. No scales less than 15mm will be eligible for the Theme Bonus Rounds but they can be of a historical or fictional subject.
The seven Bonus Themes along with their submission deadlines are:
  • January 3rd: Nostalgia 
  • January 17th: Epic Fail 
  • January 31st : Defensive Terrain 
  • February 14th: L'amour 
  • February 28th: Nautical 
  • March 13th: Gambler/Risk-Taker
The theme submissions are to be sent in by 12:01 am (CST) on the specified date (Sundays for all).
For each bonus round I'll post a poll listing all the round's entries so visitors can vote for their favourite. 
Neil Armstrong
Tipping the Croupier

As in previous Challenges, I ask for a small memento from each Challenger. In keeping with this year's theme, the entrance 'fee' for this year's Challenge will be a single 28mm figure characterized as a risk-taker, daredevil or gambler. The figure will be supplied and painted by the entrant. This miniature can be submitted any time up until the end of the Challenge. Again, same as previous years, for each figure I receive I will donate $5 to the Saskatchewan branch of the Regina Humane Society.

Robert E. Lee
The Call

Please don't wait too long if you're interested - drop me a note below to get on the roster. I'll place notification in this space when all the participant slots for the Challenge have been filled.

Let the fun begin!