Tuesday, 24 December 2019

From BenitoM: Gaul Archer Skirmish Unit (30 points)

My second entry to the X Challenge is this unit of Gaul archers, made of six models. As in the previous entry, this will be part of a Barbarian warband for the incoming Infamy! Infamy! Rules by Too Fat Lardies.

Archers and slingers only play as skirmishers in the rules, they cannot form in any type of formation, and for this reason I have used round bases instead of square.

I hope the colour palette chosen for the unit is more “natural” than the strident oranges and purple used in the first attempt to paint the models in the 80s.  

The models are old (very old!) Wargames Foundry metal models and could not find in the websote (probably out of production by now). These are true 25 mm scale and when compared to some of the current ranges in the market (particularly Victrix and Warlord), they look like dwarves!! (in the photo below one of the WF side by side with a Victrix Roman Auxilia model).

I hope the colour palette chosen for the unit is more “natural” than the strident oranges and purple used in the first attempt to paint the models in the 80s.   
With this entry I score additional 30 points (6 models x 5 point each) to this year’s Challenge.
Next in the painting queue, I’m planning my landing in the Challenge Island using the Path of History, therefore some “red” must come in over the next days.


Even though these archers may be a bit diminutive by modern standards they still look the business, Benito. I really like the natural earth tone palette you've used for them, it seems spot-on for the period. This all being said, I think you should keep one of your original 'orange fellas' to be the veteran leader of the unit. He can wax poetic to the young recruits about how vibrant and citrus things were in the Old Days. :)

30 point for you Benito. Well done and Merry Christmas!

AdamC: Cooke's Crevase Desert Buttes (36 Points)

These two buttes started life as packing material.  The shapes suggested rock formation of the American southwest to me.

They just needed some filling of holes with card board and then some paint.  I decided to us texture paint for the first time.  The results seem satisfactory.  

A quick wash and some highlights and I have couple of pieces for high ground to use on desert table.  The dimension are 4 x 3 x 2.75 inches which comes to about 1/7th of a 6" Cube so 3 points each 6 points in total  plus the extra 30...  

That said despite my best efforts I don't think I have ever gotten the terrain points right so I'll take anything!

Now we shall turn to Docherty's Dock to secure a port before moving on the Islands interior. 


Excellent work Adam, and a creative approach to designing tabletop buttes. Well done!

36 points it is. Now, lets see what you come up with for Docherty's Dock. :)

From AlexS: Awdry's Atoll Exploration (35 Points)

Hello everybody. In our country there are several traditions in the manufacture of terrain. The slogan of one of the schools is "do it from clay and branches", that is, using the material that is at hand or in the nearest garbage can. I like this school because it provides an opportunity to show imagination and ingenuity. In addition, this direction is focused on the speed and simplicity of terrane production.When I read mr Awdry's assignment, I decided that it was interesting and could be a challenge for me. And, in addition, a tribute to the skill and imagination of mr Awdry. At one time, he made a predatory plant from walnut, which is described in the story of a classic of world literature. I decided to use walnuts too.

I took a walnut shell, a disk and a tree bark.

 Made the basis.

Using a hot glue gun, he worked on the shells.

Then he primed and painted it all.

It seems to me that I got a very interesting way to create the eggs of some monsters (for example, an alien). At least I hope it looks like this. True? At least my traveler and his dog think so ...

Thanks to Mr. Awdry for an interesting task, I hope that you will like the results of my work ...

for piece of terrain 12x12x6cm - a think 5 pts?
bonus points -30
total 35 pst


This is just terrific Alex! The bark I could get my head around, but I was a bit stumped what you'd do with the walnut shells... Well, I never guessed alien spore pods! The effect works brilliantly and your paintjob really gives the whole scene an otherworldly aspect.  Just wonderful!

35 points it is for your creative efforts - well done, Alex!

From MartinC - Landfall (and drumroll) at Sanders Sand Dunes (55 Points)

Thanks to my excellent crew (Captain Pugwash, Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy - fake names from the eponymous TV series of my youth) , you don't think I could do all this painting on my own do you, we have made landfall at Sanders Sandbanks before Christmas. We unloaded the Taiko Drum and Hibeki announced our arrival.

I have a 3ft by 4ft space in my painting room that I am setting up a 16th Century Japanese village so that i can play skirmishes when ever the mood takes me. This will the village drummer and alarm system. The drum is from AW Miniatures, a new range to me and it's a very nice set. The platform I've had for ages and it used to be brown but that doesn't go with the village so I painted it grey.

The text on the drum says "DRUM" and Hibeki means sound, let's not over complicate things and maybe even learn some Japanese words.

Right, so this is an island entry with a single 28mm figure with a massive drum and a platform that is 60mm by 80mm by 20mm (ish). So that is, well actually I've no clue how many points that is.

If Curt gets time to post this before Christmas then I hope you and yours have a fantastic time. If it's post Christmas then I hope you and yours had a fantastic time.


Haha! This is fabulous, Martin, I love it. That stone platform looks like it was made with the drum in mind. Will you be treating us with more entries for this Japanese project? I hope so. If you're still casting about for a set of good rules I can heartily recommend 'Daisho' from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare. 

We'll treat the drum and platform as a 28mm vehicle, so that puts us at 55 points, including the bonus for Sander's Sand Dunes. Great work Martin and welcome to Challenge Island!