Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Votes Are In for the "L'Amour' Theme Round!

I was a little anxious about how this theme would come off, but the participants rose to the occasion and made the 'L'amour' a wonderful success. The entries were  engaging, imaginative and even cringingly provocative (cough, Ray, cough).

In regards to the votes, it was a very tight race, with only a few points separating the majority of the participants. You can see the results here.

Running up to the podium positions we have:

Michael's hilarious 'Can't Help Loving You'

 Greg's wry 'It All Depends On The Caption'

and Ray's head-shaking entry, 'Tamsin O'Leary'

Fabulous work guys!

Okay, as I mentioned before, only five points separated the top three positions. In Third Place we have Sidney's courtly 'The Proposal' set in his charmingly fictional 17th century Flemish town of Laarden. 

In Second Place is Millsy's completely cracked monster masterpiece 'The Luncheon at the Swamp' 

In addition to be hung in 'The Loo' Mr. Mills will receive 50 additional points to add to his tally.

 Finally, in First Place we have Iannick's wonderfully whimsical 'The Princess and the Frog'.

Iannick will receive 75 bonus points and a gift certificate from the ever-industrious Byron's 'SG2 Creations'. Congratulations Iannick and thank you for submitting this wonderful vignette for our L'amour theme round.


Please join me in congratulating the winners and all the entrants! Well done!!

Next Sunday we have the 'Nautical' theme round, and I know we have some pretty impressive entries on tap for that. Remember, Saturday midnight is the deadline for submissions.

Okay, keep your brushes lashing and have a great week everyone!

From DaveD - Sudan - The Mahdi! (20 Points)

Its been a reasonably productive few weeks - with lots on the mostly done pile. These have finally been nudged over the line - so apologies to the Big Snowball, the SnowLord himself for stacking them up today.. but hey I will bank the 450 points for the week.

With all my focus back on the Sudan I thought it was time for the main protagonist to make his appearance so here is the Mahdi himself.

Well I say "The" Mahdi... But this is the second figure for the collection. Well you always need competing Mahdis don't you? ...well you do in my mad world. I also want some table top options to confuse the Imperial player as well. Always nice to confuse the wargamers helicopter view with a bit of the "fog of war" - is that where the Mahdi really is? Which is the the true Mahdi? Mind it sounds like a good way to start a civil or religious war too.

Stirring up a storm with the Beja
 28mm Perry Miniature with two helpers.

Ok, so 4 weeks to go - lets see what else we have in the tank eh..

That was a excellent Saturday gambit Dave. Five posts, with almost 500 points, and what a wonderful vignette to end it all with. Brilliant stuff.
I really like your idea of having more than one Mahdi to keep players on their toes. I can see this mechanic being used for other periods/scenarios as well - I'm filing that one away for future use, thank you.
Okay, next up will be the announcement of the winners of the L'amour Theme Round so stay tuned for that.