Sunday, 7 April 2019

From EvanH - The Challenge IX Wrap-Up, or "I Coulda Been A Contender!"

Well, Challengers and Challenge Fans, it was a roller-coaster of an event this year, and I didn't exactly cover myself with glory. I fell short of my target - proper preparation next time!

As in previous years, my output fits comfortably in the frame of a single photo. I'll be the first to admit, I'm no Stakhanovite. I'm more of an artisanal figlimner.

There were some standout entries from my own point of view. There were figures I'd kept unpainted for nearly 20 years;

The unquiet ghosts of bare metal figures have at last been put to rest!
Some decidedly odd detours;

And an actual ranked-up unit of troops;

And here is my body of work for Challenge IX, as well as the body of me, which is (for some reason) a requirement set down by Our Esteemed Host, Mr Curtis Campbell Esq, in the fine print.

Portrait of the Artist as an Overweight Middle-Aged Man

Next time round, I'm going to get organised, dammit! Because here's what I was working on when the final bell sounded. Missed it by that much!

I only painted one figure between Challenges VIII and IX, so here's hoping I can do a bit better than that this year.

It's been an honour and a privilege to have taken part in the Painting Challenge, and to have enjoyed my first outing as a Minion. Thanks to Curt for entrusting me with this very important duty; I hope I was able to repay your confidence in me! Thanks also go out to the Wednesday Warriors, for being all-round good blokes and extra patient with a newbie minion. It's been grand!

So, will I be able to get it together for next year? Stay tuned...