Tuesday, 27 February 2018

From: NoelW - ECW (595 points)

Having seen Kent's amazing post last week, I was inspired to see how many points I could manage in a single week, if I focused on nothing else and gave up sleeping and eating. I wanted to finish enough ECW figures to give myself a game - which really meant something close to 100 figures.

Apologies again for my lack of photographic skills. There's some pretty poor offerings here.
Firstly, Scots cavalry (6 figs and a general):

And a block of infantry to support them (28 figures):

A white regiment (probably to be Newcastle's), (17 figures):

A purple regiment (17 figures):

The rest of a red regiment, begun in a previous post (10 figures):

Two guns with eight crew (in a lousy photo):

And finally dragoons - six mounted and nine on foot:

Together with the figures previously posted, I've pretty much painted two (small) ECW armies so far within the Challenge, which is a really pleasing achievement for me. There's more to paint, of course, but there's enough to give dragoons, generals, a gun, a dozen cavalry and five foot regiments per side - certainly a decent game there.

Figures are a mix of Warlord plastics and Perry metals. That's two guns, 13 mounted figures and 89 foot, making, if my maths is right, 15x10 and 89x5, for a total of 595 points. Not quite the 600 I was hoping for, but there are several figures almost complete which will go forward to next week, too. 

Sheesh Noel, what a whopper of a post today! You have been a busy little bee haven't you? Well I must say I really dig your ECW project and these figures are no exception. The colourful regiments of Foot and all those specialists like the Horse and the Guns are very nice indeed. The pictures are indeed a bit dark but they cannot hide that you have reached a very high level of painting and basing is excellent too. I hope to see many more of these lovely figures in the remaining two weeks. Cheers Sander

From: BrettM - British and Soviets WW2 (182 points)

First up we have some British vehicles.

This was from Monty's Hounds set. Still working on the troops from the set.

Nothing special on these guys. Tried to use Decals I have for Britain. However they must be too old as they kept tearing. So will need to add them whenever I get around to buying some more.

Nothing to crazy with the tanks either, I do like the brown on the turret of the tank.

Can't really see the tracks. Did what I have been doing on tank tracks lately. Painting Brown and using Nuln Oil twice on them.

Now onto the Soviets:

First time Painting Soviets for WW2. I painted some of the Team Yankee Soviets already. Not to much different with the uniforms from what I could tell. Could be totally off.

 Also first time using a Vallejo Texture for the Base. Took a bit more work like how it turned out though.

Nothing to crazy on these 15mm. Mainly only uniform and webbing have highlights on them. Rest was just a base colour. All together there is 12 vehicles at 72 points  and 55 infantry at 110 points for a total of 182 points.

Brett, your brushes must be glowing hot after painting so much eye-candy! Very nice indeed. The British armour must be my favourite; they look the part and like they are able to punch any enemy defensive line. There's nothing wrong with your Soviet's, they look perfectly authentic to me. The Valejo texture paint is an acquired taste: I use it a lot on buildings in smooth layers, but for basing I guess you need thicker spreads. That takes a while I suppose, anyway the time spent really does make the bases look good. All these fine miniatures will bring you 182 points closer to your target for sure! 

From: KentG - )28mm Napoleonic infantry, the imp,38mm Samurai, Carthaginian Elephants & 110mm Praetorian Behemoth, (420 points)

Hello everyone well this entry is quite a mixed bag of figures
covering a wide rage from ancients to sci-fi. It's been a busy painting week this week but a fun one so I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Ok first up we have 10 stands of French infantry 60 figures in total
and I must say I'm pleased to say that this is the end of the line infantry.
I've started the skirmishers so there will be more to come, but not line infantry yippee! One of my aims was to complete these figures in the challenge. 

Second up is the imp, this figure was part of the Goliath and imp boxset from the 
Warzone chronicles a nicely detailed figure and fun to paint

The next entry is once again from the Warzone collection
samurai these guys are 38mm so a little bigger than I'm used to but the detail on them is quite fine so probably harder to paint than the 28mm I've been doing.

 This next batch are part of the Carthaginian job that I started at the beginning 
of the competition and are the first two of four elephants that I have to do.
 I have learnt heaps as I did them and I'm looking forward to the next two.

And then we have the Praetorian Behemoth this chap is 110mm high
and I really enjoyed painting it. The client wants the skin grey instead of reddish 
and he wants all the bases bare as he isn't sure how he wants the collection based yet.

Now for the challenge of working out points, I'm going to need help I think
60 x 28mm French 300 pts
1x 28mm imp 5 pts
5x 38mm samurai i think 6 points each = 30 pts
not sure for the 2 x elephants i know three crew 30pts plus elephants ?
1 x 110mm Praetorian Behemoth 20 Points
Total of 420

That's right folks! Just when you think he cannot flabbergast you more, he just goes and does this: a few Frenchmen, an Imp, a couple of elephants and a BEHEMOTH?! While the French are superbly done I would like to have a closer look at the rest of the figures in the entry. The Imp is very well done, but that said Warzone surely have a different outlook on what I would call an Imp, to me it looks more like a ghoul or zombie. Not withstanding that the painting is very good mind you. The elephants usually go for 30 points with crew included, but for the extra detailing you've done on these I am going to reward you some bonus points.For the Samurai I am going with your estimate of 6 points each, they are after all somewhere in between the 28mm and 40mm range. The Behemoth is 110mm so pointswise he's the equivalent of 2 54mm figures i.e. 20 points. These will be added tonight. Cheers Sander

From: MartinC - A tale of a massive 1970s Martial Artist and a New Army (280 points)

So I'm currently on strike along with most of the academics in UK over plans to bugger up our pension, 2 days in and another 12 to go. It's my 1st ever strike in 51 years. So it's either freezing on a picket line or painting toy soldiers. 12 more planned strike days so I hope it ends soon or 2 things will happen; I will run out of paint and the Bank Manager will own my house.
So painting it is for now. First up the dregs of my ACW 28mm collection. I was 6 Confederates and 10 Union figures short of full regiments. I had some dodgy figures I could use

These are so 1970's No idea who made them 

The Union guys - bought more recently but horrible to paint

These are my 2 armies - all painted during challenges.

Next up the massive samurai. KyleC sent me a freebie with my last order from Mr Lee and it's a cracker. This 1970s martial artist is 80mm high and the biggest scale I've every painted. Its a brilliant figure but daunting to paint. 

Still not great with faces

Finally I've caught the Flames of War bug. This is due to James the Mad Tin Hatter laying on some fabulous games at the club. As I write this we've just played the next battle in Operation pomegranate with will be on my blog (https://28mmheroes.blogspot.co.uk/) by now. So  what do I get. I'm not a massive tank fan but  I wanted something kick ass. So I bought a British Para Company and support from the Plastic Soldier Company. They arrived Thursday, the 1st strike day, and I've painted the para company. 

3 para platoons with command and PIAT

Close up

Commander, 2iC, 3 sniper sections and 3 light mortar sections plus a pathfinder with his homing beacon thingy which a made from a nail and picture handling wire.
More to follow

The strikers

16x28mm infantry = 80
77 standing 15mm figs = 154
26 prone 15mm figs - 26
80mm fig = 14 points - a guess based on scaling up

Total = 274 pts

Long live the revolution

Hoi there Martin, on strike? Well if that gives you the opportunity to get so much col stuff done in relatively little time, I would love to be sympathetic and go on strike too ;-) But seriously, it's shameful how politicians think they can mishandle the educational branch and get away with it, good on you for striking against it! This entry of yours is just downright marvellous. If the 28mm ACW chaps weren't cool enough the big *ss  martial artist surely is ánd you've started an entirely new project as well! Let's focus on that 80mm figure for a minute okay? Not only is it one big, not to say HUGE figure, you've also done it up a treat at that. The pattern of the clothing and the skintones are just brilliant. I don't care what the Snowlord says, I am going to award you 20 points for it! This gives you a rather round 280 points tonight. I can't wait to see what you come up with next week!