Monday, 12 February 2018

Happy Monday, Challengers!! It's Valentine's Week!!

Good Monday morning, Challengers! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and you're all ready for another rollercoaster week in Challenge VIII! This week, by my calendar, is week 8 in the Challenge, and things are hotting up despite (for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers) the cold, freezing temperatures.

It's also.....VALENTINE'S WEEK....

... which is, of course, a time for romance, red coloured, heart-shaped balloons and love-themed chocolates all over the world.  Without getting all slushy on 'ya, Challengers (for us Brush Pilots are notoriously level-headed folk), I'll be particularly looking out for any romantically themed entries during this week.

Some love-besotted romantic medieval knights, perhaps...?

Some sonnet-composing Primarchs and Terminators, maybe....?

Some romantically-entwined Napoleonic hussars, no doubt....?

Who knows what this wonderful week will bring..... except that we have another stunning selection of great Monday Challengers' entries here on the blog today.  So sit back, open that box of Valentine chocolates a few days early, and feast your senses on this wonderful selection of painting prowess.