Friday, 22 December 2017

From KentG - 28mm WWII German Tanks (33 Points)

These are a couple of old tanks that I undercoated again and repainted to fit in with my existing army.

I picked the stug up of Craig a friend of mine. I think this wee beast has a few layers of paint on it but I'm happy with how it came out.


Excellent looking German armour, Kent. The StuG is one of my all-time favorite tank designs as its just so wonderfully utilitarian (Point Tank. Shoot. Repeat.). 

These two panzers and the half-crewman will give you 33 points. Nice work, Mr. G!

From KyleC - Collection of Daemons and Cultists (264 Points)

A new year of the great Challenge is now underway, and this is always the highlight for me... more so this year as it is ( knock on wood ) the first year I won't be moving in the middle of it! But work is gearing up for some changes so if it's not one thing its another!

Well as always I need to come out of the gate hard and as heavy as I can to sustain me in this competition and take advantage of all the motivation that I will get from it!

So here is my opening salvo!

30 Plaguebearers for my ever growing Death Guard force that I started with the release of 8th edition and to coincide with the ongoing campaign happening at our local club!

This will join the other 20 that I have painted already for the forces. And I do like the color scheme of it that I plan to keep it up for the rest of the deamons that I will be adding ( mostly Princes atm ).

They are followed up by 2 easier to paint spawns that help with the flanks of my games..

Last game they did well to keep transports stuck but died quickly thereafter... more like mini speed bumps than anything useful :D

And finally 20 cultists to help bolster my Poxwalkers when using some of the new Death Guard stratagems.

A nice start of 50 28mm infantry and 2 mini monsters to kick things off! But more importantly some great reinforcements for my army in time for the last 2 mega games coming up in January. Now to paint up some more special units ( converted Possessed ) and the host of Deamon Princes... oh and then some building/converting some Titans :D


Aaand, the first Paint Bomb of Challenge VIII goes to KyleC - Well done, my good man!

This is astonishing output, especially considering the Challenge has only been on the rails for a little over 60 hours!

When looking at these closely, one can see how you managed to cut corners on painting and time by the clever use of coloured primer, single colour glazes/washes and controlled tonal highlights, BUT it's so masterfully done that it gives the impression of a motley ragtag unit. 

An impressive opening cannonade, Kyle! With this entry you've managed to bag 1/4 of your points target in one-go, amazing stuff. I look forward to seeing the upcoming Possessed, Daemon Princes and Titans (plural!).

From AdamC: WereBoar (7 Points)

Well I'm back to the challenge for a 4th time  and picking up brushes for the first time in our new house (we moved the end of October).  My first entry this year is a Wereboar one the Reaper Bones figures I got with my Bones III kick starter.  

 I felt this dynamic figure was a good place to start for this monster themed challenge.

Some of the bones sculpts lack detail but I think this one is top notch great musculature a great sense of the figure in motion I can't wait to use him as part of a monster army for a Dragon Rampant game I am Running in January. 

The face cam out particularly well though my photography may not have hit the mark.  I think I need to put some brown paint around the edge of his base. I looked like I had better coverage last night when I went to bed... not so much this morning.

This fellow looks ready to run straight at and through just about any one.   He's done in the 28mm scale but he's a bit large than that may 30mm.  I'll call him 5 points to get me started and leave it Curt to decided if he merits a slightly higher award. I hope to have part of an Irish army for you guys sometime over the weekend or next week.

Good luck every one (especially my fellow 'new' parent duellists) I promise I won't post a picture of Evelyn on every post (unless people want me to).


Wonderful looking mini, Adam, and the wereboar is pretty cool too! :)

Seriously, Evelyn looks every picture of a new baby: very happy and blissfully comfortable. Her Dr. Seuss trousers are tres chic!

As to the wereboar, I quite like his pink snout and ferocious tusks. He looks more like 40mm to me, so I'm going to give you 7 points. Well done and welcome back to the Challenge, Adam!

Challenge Tunes

G'day All,

Whilst twirling the brushes since the Challenge began I've also had a the PC pumping out good vibes, keeping me occupied in mind and ear as well as hand and eye. It occurred to me that the vast majority of Challengers would likely do the same and it set me to wondering what others listen to when they are painting.

Enter "Challenge Tunes", where you get to tell the world what floats your auditory boat! It's totally optional and just a bit of extra fun but why not give it a whirl?

Here's how it works
When you post an entry:

  1. Include a section at the bottom, listing the artists / albums / etc you were listening to when painting. If you've been using a streaming service like Spotify then note that too so others can partake of your playlist.
  2. Include the Challenge Tunes image so it's easy for the rest of use to identify the info from the rest of your post.

Including the Challenge Tunes image
To ensure we don't clog the Challenge with copy after copy of the image, please follow these steps to include the image:

  1. Click the icon just like adding any other image to a post
  2. Change the source to "From URL"
  3. Paste in the Challenge Tunes Image URL below
  4. Click OK

Challenge Tunes Image URL

Keep it Simple:
Please DON'T do any of the following:

  1. Use the "Post Settings" Labels to identify your tunes. Those are to be used exclusively for modelling and painting related content. Using them for Challenge Tunes will just clog up the list and make it harder to find proper Challenge content.
  2. Use any naughty words, even if a song title or artist includes them in their name. Kids can and do visit here. Just mask out the naughty works with asterisks instead.

Imagine I'm DaveD. Or maybe don't, cause that's actually kinda weird.
Anyway, here's a sample of what my Challenge Tunes might look like:

Artist: Nana Mouskouri

Album: Greatest Hits and B Sides

I really, really, really like Nana Mouskouri. It's all I play. Ever.

So there you go, Challenge Tunes. ROCK ON!

DJ Gimp

From KentG: 28mm Napoleonic French Commanders (80 Points)

These chaps are a mix of makers i know there are some Victrix and some Perry figures, i forgot how much i enjoyed painting Napoleonic figures.

There are 8 x 28mm figures

So now i have commanders it will be time to start on the troops

This one above is my favorite figure


Wow, such stunning work in such a short amount of time. Absolutely amazing, Kent. I always admire how controlled and clean your brushwork is. A great inspiration.

I look forward to seeing the rank & file poilu emerge over the coming weeks.

Miles, Dave, Alex... I think we have someone who will put you three through your paces this year. :)