Monday, 11 January 2016

From SimonM - 40mm Mindless Ones (20 Points)

These two brutish-looking 40mm tall plastic “Wizkids” models of a Mindless One are both miniature number 05 from the Marvel “Heroclix” Giant Size X-Men range. Summoned via magic to do the bidding of others, for they have no will of their own, these extra-dimensional beings have a rocky hide and no face except a single glowing eye. “Most often seen in the employ of Dormammu” the savage humanoids were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and made their first comic book appearance within the pages of Issue One Hundred and Twenty Seven of “Strange Tales” in December 1964.
Unsurprisingly, despite their girth, these figures required incredibly simple paint-jobs. But did give me the opportunity to try out my “Vallejo” USA Olive Drab as an undercoat. Once dry the models were heavily washed with “Citadel” Nuln Oil and had their cyclopean eye ‘picked out’ using a combination of “Vallejo” Heavy Red and the “Citadel” glaze, Bloodletter.

They do look imposing if mindless Simon.   I believe that the Heroclix figures are kinds 28mm and these monstrosities look about the size of a cavalry figure so I am counting them as 10 point each.  The mono colour can be problematic but the muscle details show well on your work.  And the "eyes" have a suitable sinister red glow.  

Barring any last minute posts that concludes our Monday programming so it's over to Tamsin for the Tuesday report.  Clint and PaulS seems to have been busy boys, but Ray looks to be AWOL.

From MilesR: 28mm British Napoleonic Artillery (90 points)

 My last submission today is a British Artillery battery in 28mm scale.  The figures are from the Victrix Miniatures box set that I've had for at least 5 years.

 The Victrix kit comes with a lot of options including caissons which I haven't built yet.  These plastics are true scale rather than the chunkier heroic scale you see for most figures.  The only real drawback is that long pointy things like rifles or cannon plungers are very thin and prone to breakage with normal tabletop wear and tear.

All three gunus used the 9 lbr barrel which means I've got some 6 lbr and howitzer barrels to use for scratch build - may be some new ships.

These will be used for my upcoming Historicon War of 1812 game.  The current British force has 12 infantry battalions, 2 calvary units and 6 artillery batteries.  They'll also have a few Canadian and even a Portuguese battalion.  Portuguese in a War of 1812 game?  I should probably mention it's a silly "what-if?" built around a French intervention during the War of 1812

I do recommend the box set for anyone looking to bulk out their British artillery

One really can't have too much artillery, can one?

I think the tally for this entry in 90 points 60 for 12 painted figures and 30 for the three guns.

Well done Miles, now lets see if you can use a calendar properly next week!  I like these guns and crew.  I find the Victrix figures a lot fussier than the Perry's and broke the rammer on one of my (as yet unfinished) figures.  Sounds like  truly loopy War of 1812 game, I am looking forward to seeing pictures.

From Ian W 6MM Companion Cavalry 37 points

I have not had the chance to varnish the figures so unfortunately they will be a bit shiny I just wanted to get these in with the Phalanx as they are related. The idea of this army is to use a larger figure count than my typical 6mm units. Obviously the biggest impact is the Phalanx but I also wanted the cavalry to have more presence. I am toying with the idea of making the Persian cavalry bases with even more figures but maybe I need a word with the financial controller first.

No chance for outdoors pictures as I leave for work before it's light enough and get back after dark. This is a 60x40mm base with eighteen mounted figures and one dead horse/rider combination from the casualty marker pack. Like the Phalanx these are Baccus figures and are rather nice and easy to work with.

You can't really see due to the light but the saddle cloths are a dark red and the cloaks are scarlet. I have so far painted up all the cavalry as red or blue based units with different shades to represent the cavalry. As the army grows I will add a few more colours. These two units will give me five units of companions which will do until I add the extra pike. This will probably be the end of March at Triples.

Each base gets to be a bit of a diorama and I strive to have the bases looking different to others though I will be adding a few more wedges in the next lot.

Close up of the dead horse and rider, my wife was not impressed LOL.

The second is the same number of figures but is for the blue wing. Whilst I am trying to keep as historical as I can I wanted a bit more punch than normal so I went brighter than normal and set colour groups rather than mixed colours. The exception is the nags, I used six different colours over the 18 figures.

Basing is the same style but quite sparse with the grass for that uncultivated near the desert kind of look we tend to aim for with Ancients.

Another dead 'un, I also added a few Tajima small tufts to the usual static grass to break up the edges of the bases. I really can't fault Tajima, fast delivery and great products and range.

Next up for the Ancients will be some more Saka Horse Archers, a Hoplite unit and a few peltasts but before any of these I am going to up scale to give my eyes a rest.

I am running out of wows Ian!  These are again just superb.  When I can look at a 6mm cavalry unit and instantly work out who they are you've hit the nail on the head.

From IanW 6mm Napoleonic Cavalry (Two Sides to Every Dragoon) 36 points

Following on from the Rifles The Boy wanted me to do some of his Heavy Dragoons so I dipped into the regular regiments. These are as you probably guessed are Baccus (I will get some Adler done at some point) and are for my sons Peninsular army.

We have the 1st Royal Dragoons and the 3rd Kings Own Dragoons, both sporting the Bicorn and not really looking that heavy when you stand them next to the French heavies but that's life in the British army of 18..

All my 6mm now are being fitted with dice holders, The Boy will gain the most benefit as almost all his units will be fitted out this way whilst most will have to do without. These were quite nice to paint and after so many helmets the bicorn made a nice change.

The next British will be Redcoats, I have plenty to paint for him though I am not sure how many will be done over the course of the challenge. I guess a lot depends on how well I get on with the other projects I have on the go.

Talking of other projects, Lee and I plan to do the whole 1812 Russia thing in the next year or so, as such I really need to get moving on some of the supporting cast. Here are two of the three Italian Guard Dragoon regiments I need to get done. Soon I will also be painting up the Italian Guard infantry, a nice change to the 80+ French and 70+ Prussians I did for Waterloo.

The front regiment is the Italian Guard Dragoons whilst those with Pink facings are the Queens Dragoons. I raised a few chuckles with the fact that I do paint facings for 6mm units, all I can say is that you should see my Prussians!

These are the old Baccus castings rather than the new ones. Slightly smaller than the new but the detail is really nice. I still have a few regiments worth of the Dragoons and some light cavalry so these again will be used for allied cavalry.

Only on adding the pictures have I noticed in my rush to finish I have missed off the white straps across the backs, I will add the detail before varnishing them Wednesday. Being green they will be able to stand in for French Dragoons if pushed but seeing as I already have rather a lot of French that probably won't be required.

So it's been a real busy week painting but don't expect the same again soon, I will go back to a little slower pace for a few weeks and get my wind back.

Wow Ian, facing colours in 6mm!  And a trumpeter in reversed colours!  Your eyes must be much younger than mine.  These are of course wonderful, and the Boy better be grateful about getting them.  I like the horses, I like the basing, I like the uniforms, I live the dice holders.  I like everything about them! 

From SimonM - 28mm "Frostgrave" Imp (5 Points)

This 28mm metal model of an Imp is made by “North Star Military Figures” and can be bought together with a somewhat larger Minor Demon as code FGV302 from their “Frostgrave” range. As I wanted this miniature to be similar in appearance and colour to the “spindly insect creature with vestigial wings” depicted upon the blister I initially undercoated him with some “Vallejo” Heavy Bluegrey and painted his legs with Heavy Red. I then washed the grey areas with “Citadel” Nuln Oil and the red areas with Carroburg Crimson.
As I wanted to make the creature to appear as if he was transforming from stone to demonic flesh, I dry-brushed the upper part of the model with more “Vallejo” Heavy Bluegrey, and allowed my work to just slightly encroach upon the legs and abdomen as well. I then further tried to merge the two dissimilar coloured areas together by dry-brushed Heavy Red over the adjoining areas as well. The creature’s toes, head-horn and wing-horns were ‘picked out’ using a combination of “Vallejo” White and “The Army Painter” Strong Tone Quickshade. Whilst his eyes were created using “Vallejo” Dark Vermillion and “Citadel” Carroburg Crimson.

Well I wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley!  Well done Simon.  I am a big wash and dry brush fan myself and I like the effects that you have achieved here.  The three before and after pics are great as they show how a simple wash technique really makes the details pop!  Good snow effects too.

From PatG - 25 mm An assortment of VSF Martians (400 points)

Next up we have a post from PatG.  This is Pat's first post for this year's challenge, and I believe first post ever.  So welcome aboard Pat!
All figures are from RAFM and primarily from their 25mm Space 1889 range. The Martians are larger than human sized and are about 32mm tall.

Martian Artillery With Native and Askari Crew
Four greek fire throwers masquerading as light cannon and 10 crew - the native figures are used to mark if a specific gun belongs to the courageous Martian freedom fighters rather than the loyal Askari of HRH Victoria. The two bolt throwers were found in my bits box while prepping for the challenge and pressed into service as artillery for less advanced Martian armies. The guns are small and easy to paint so I have counted them as figures rather than guns. (80 Points)

Askari with Mountain Guns

Martian Askari in British service with two ex-civil war 12 pounder howitzers. Again the guns are standalone so not full points.  I love these infantry sculpts. My painting style and skill does not do them the justice they deserve. (75 points)

Hill Martian Skirmishers
Like the caption says, bow armed skirmishers for the less technological Hill Martians. These will complement an existing musket armed unit. (50 points)

Canal Martian Light Infantry
Rifle musket armed civilians. The red and blue hat colours indicate two different factions in my campaign fluff (I have more red hats) and the bobbles indicate platoon and company commanders. (55 points)

Canal Martian Lancers
Martian heavy cavalry lancers. The riding lizards are significantly larger than horses and make an equally larger dent in the wallet. The steel wire lances are aftermarket 15mm pikes but scale very closely to Victorian british lances. (110 points)

That's 370 points towards my goal of 500 and I have more mounted to come.

Thanks to all for providing the push to get all these done.

Well done on breaking your duck Pat, that makes a pretty good sized point bomb.  This is a fine collection of figures from a rather goofy range that I had forgotten existed.  I have painted a lot of Rafm figures in my day, and there are some typical Rafm poses in the mix.  In fact I think I have some of the 1889 redcoats in my colonial forces.
 It is a pity that they don't do variants of some figures, like the rifle musket armed dudes who are all firing at a full run.  I like your use of colour on that group to provide variety and the hat colours to denote factions and commanders.   Your basing gives a good impression of a red, arid and rocky terrain which seems about right to me.  I also like your repurposing of the fire projectors and ballistas.

I have noted Tamsin's comment below and adjusted Pat's score to a nice round even 400. 

From AnneO'L-28mm WWII US Paratroopers (32 points)

Next up a real treat as we have a entry from Anne O'L.  Veteran Challenge junkies will know that Anne's work absolutely pops with colour and personality.  Grab your self a cup of coffee and nestle in to enjoy the show.

As some of you are aware I got into this hobby by following wargamers here on blogger.  After four years I have decided that it is time to begin painting some historical figures.  The decision on what period to paint was an easy one-WWII has long been a fascination for me.

When I was little I watched a lot of WWII films and built a lot of planes, which I hung from my bedroom ceiling on fishing wire.  Also my brother, cousin and I would use plastic figures to re-enact battles outside in the yard.  As it was usually raining, our battles took place in a great deal of mud. However, the dirt and the muck lent a peculiar reality to the carnage of our playtime. In painting these figures I am, in a way, revisiting some of my fondest memories.

For my first effort I chose to paint a US Airborne bazooka and 60mm light mortar team.  Figures are from Warlord and are 28mm.

I found the Warlord figures to be quite nice-few mold lines and no real flash to speak of. Also the expressions on their faces give them a dynamic feel.

Currently I have some British para's on the painting table and am slowly working my way through them.  They are more challenging than these and are taking me more time than I expected.  Because they matter to me, I will take my time with them so there may be a few single figures posted before I finish them and get them posted.

As these are 4 28mm figures they should be worth 20 points.

Ok these certainly do not disappoint.  You've managed to capture the muted tones perfectly while retaining the patented Anne glow.  Great job on the basing too.  I make this 4 figures plus a crewed weapon= 30 points plus a couple extra for the colours and basing.

From MilesR 28MM Japanese and Soviet Tanks (60 points)

 Next up we have MilesR with an early entry into next weeks Epic Fail Category.  Miles created this fancy spreadsheet that we Minions use to keep track of you all.  It tells us among other things, what day of the week each challenge participant is supposed to post.  But Miles couldn't read his own spreadsheet which clearly shows him as a Saturday poster and tried to post on Monday instead. 

Four 28mm WW2 tanks in this submission.  All of the vehicles are from Trenchworx's "Tanks in Manchuria" kickstarter.  As I've 
mentioned before, the models from Trenchworx are superb and just really fun to put together and Paint up.

 From left to right there is a Soviet OT-26 Flame tank, A Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha, a Type 95 Ha-Go and a second Chi-Ha
Close up of the Type 95 Ha-Go light tank
 The other side.  The camo pattern is loosely based on what the Japanese used in Burma.  I think it looks good.
 The first Ch-Ha medium tank.  Compared to allied tanks this was medium in name only.
 The second Chi-Ha.  I broker the metal arial piece when shaping to to match the turret so this tank has some "battle damage"
Lastly, a close up of the Soviet flame tank.

Four tanks at 15 points each should give me 60 points for this entry - one of three I'll be making today.

Ok teasing aside, these are four great little tanks Miles.  I have similar battle damaged figures to your hurt tankette.  The camo looks good to me and I have to say that these are very goofy little toys.  Well done.

From AdamC - 28mm Two Pandas and a Dragon (15 points)

Because of travel this weekend through Monday night I will only have one post this week.  I have lots of figures almost finished so look for lots of stuff next Monday.
 First up is a weary panda who has stopped on a a rock ledge to watch the sunset at the end of a weary day of travel.  I found the stone on one of my walks and knew it would be good for some project. Its naturally reddish but I gave it a wash and then used a red brown to pick out some details then did a little yellow and orange on the edged and a few raised surfaces to try to simulate sunlight on the cliff face.
 A few Army painter tufts to help break up the monotony of the rock.
 The Figure is from Dark Swords Critter Kingdom line and I didn't know what to do with it until inspiration for this rather artsy fantasy vignette came to my mind.
The smaller panda is also form Dark Sword and I got it in the same kick starter set. He's rather cute but I have no idea what I will do with him.  He might make a good "treasure token" for some game which is why kept the basing very simple. 
I had originally though I might use him with the adult Panda but they just didn't seem to go together readily.
  This figure is a Reaper miniatures special edition I got with some orders I placed before Xmas.  A young dragon slumbers guarding his holiday hoard.
 The rock is from the same source... I did it with a black was to darken the scene a bit. and I wish the camera let me fully captures the facial expression of this little guy.
 There is great detail on the spine and wings of this fellow... truly an neat piece that will be a holiday decoration in my hope for many years to come.
I did a little snow to suggest that side is the cave entrance and just a little snow form out side has drifted into the cave. I love the wing claws wrapped around the packages.

These are all technically 25mm scale figures but the big panda is a bit larger and the other two are actually a bit smaller I leave it to Peter to judge my point total and to decide if the custom basing should count for anything extra.

Well done Adam.  I especially like the adult panda who looks like he could fit into many adventures.  I also like the use of the rocks as bases.  IMHO modellers could find a lot of useful bits in Mother Natures spare parts bin.  I make this 3 25mm figures =15 points.

From IanW - 6mm Three Pike Phalanx's by Baccus 155 points

OK Challenge junkies, pay close attention to what Ian is about to describe.  We may have a new record benchmark in challenge madness.  I am (almost) speechless due to the task involved and the end result.
I actually started this project in last years Challenge and will be submitting a few more units before this challenge finishes. These three blocks brings my total phalanx's to eight, I now need to restock as I aim to paint up at least a total of twenty before I call them done.

Each block has at least 96 figures, that's eight deep and twelve across, I have added one mounted and one dismounted commander making a total of two hundred and eighty nine foot and one mounted for 147 points. Baccus supply their pike in four options, pike at advance, pike with two ranks at charge and two at advance.

Both these poses have the option to be open handed or pike included. Now anyone who has wargamed with pike troops knows the issues with lead pikes, imagine the issues in 6mm, so open handed is a good option.

Of course this means you have to add your own pikes, I toyed with the idea of pins but Dr. Mike convinced me to use bristles from brushes. These are great to work with as the bristles bend but bounce back and you have no worries about the paint coming off though it does take 30-40 minutes per block to glue the pikes in place.

Click on the image to see how well the pikes sit in the hands, Baccus have done a great job of sculpting them so as to make this possible.

The detail is very crisp and looks the part rather well. I have started to add die wells on the bases as it stops the dice falling of the bases when playing. Unfortunately on these units the well has to be at the front or else the pikes hang over the front of the base. Each unit is 60x60mm.

All eight blocks together, actual blocks were eight men deep so this formation would be something similar to what they would have looked like. So with these finished I make a two pronged attack on the 6mm and Bronze to Steel side Challenges. Next up some Companions and Napoleonic cavalry.
Ok Ian, you individually mounted pikes in 288 6mm figures?  And you specifically asked for open handed figures so that you could have this privilege when the 6mm figures with pikes in hand option was available.  That's absolutely mental, but I love the result!
This is one of the most stunning wargames armies that I have ever seen.  You can pick out individual helmets in the phalanx and the pikes just look so right.  I get to add in a few bonus points when I see fit and I am rounding up your score to 155.  Well done!