Monday, 28 January 2019

From AlanD - Whata Loada Tankas! (118 Points)

Fantastic to spend some time with about 10% of the AHPC crew in Canberra this weekend at CanCon. I fear it is likely Barks might put up some visual evidence of our meetup. [Too late! Barks]

This week I cleared some more 15mm WWII, destined for Battlegroup Fall of the Reich and Tobruk games.

Project Berlin continues with a couple of Battlefront ISU 122s. Blimey they are beasts!

On the other end of the visually imposing scale is a German RSO tractor with PaK 40 from PSC. I don't fancy their chances, so I painted a loader team for the gun in the hope they get an extra shot off before the inevitable.

From Berlin it's back to the desert, and a bunch of M3 Honeys. The ones with cast-on bases are Forged in Battle, the others are from Battlefront. One of the Battlefront tanks had a bit of a mishap in assembly, so I turned it into a knocked out objective marker.

12 vehicles, 7 figures and 8 half figures should total 118 points please!

Great to see you again at CanCon, Dux! A prodigious output again this week. Those Big Cat Killers look menacing, and I love your photography in the ruins of Berlin. Good luck to the RSO crew... I like the tracks in the rubble. Have a stingy few bonus points for the handpainted slogans and camo on the soldiers and tanks, to bring it to 120.


From ScottM: French Dragon Portes & Oxen?!? (120 points)

My submission for this week is composed of two parts. First up is this group of 28mm World War 2 French Dragon Portes. These metal figs are from Crusader Miniatures.

I'm not 100% on the uniform colours but they're done now! Overall they're typical great figs from Crusader.

Next up is a group of four oxen from Wizkids. Simple figs but they get the job done and were quick and easy to paint up.

That should be 20 - 28mm figs for 100 points and I'd guess 5 points for each oxen for a total of 120 points.

Nice work, Scott. Farm animals are always useful movable scenery and help to sell the scene. I like your work on the map! 120 points to your total.


From DaveX: Cruel Seas Japanese T-14 MTBs (55 points)

Sticking with the Japanuary theme, this week I have painted up 6 x Japanese T-14 MTBs for Cruel Seas.

They came out pretty nice and I would say the colours used are not exactly historical however I think they look nice.

I have added some scaled 1/300 flags.  They were a bit rushed as you can see but next time I apply some of these flags I will take my time and make them a bit less stiff looking.

I just got the Japanese Mine Sweeper to do to complete all the vessels in the Japanese Cruel Seas Fleet box set.  I am hoping to get it done for the challenge.

Thanks for stopping buy.

That's 6 x 1/300 Boats with 12 x Crew in total. I think I am doing nicely in the Naval Side duel too!

Hello Dave, good to meet you at CanCon last weekend. Japanuary has been strong for you. Each boat with crew is worth 9 points, plus 1 for the flags and to make it a pleasant 55. I do hope you get the mine sweeper done and I do want to see a final flotilla shot. I shall notify the Duels Wallah of your progress.


From SamuliS: Chaos Pact (45 points)

Bit of a break from submitting anything to the challenge, but I'm back! The last few weeks have mostly been spent on painting stuff I already started before the challenge so haven't really been able to claim points here. But I've been putting paint on a few Blood Bowl minis every now and then to have something for here as well and they are finally done! I originally actually planned to have them for the Sports round, but minis needed for games were a priority and sadly I couldn't get them done for that.

These are Willy Miniatures Chaos Pact players with the 9 basic Marauders. 8 would be the normal amount in a team, but I got these through their Kickstarter which included the extra Female Marauder as well as a KS special so she got some paint on as well. And judging my luck with playing the team online I will probably be needing all the Marauders I can bring as I have a habit of getting all my positionals killed way too often. Last time a darn Skaven Linerat managed to kill my Minotaur with my opponents first block of the game...

For the paint scheme I decided to go with something that is maybe not exactly one of the most common schemes around. I already have BB teams in red, yellow, blue and purple so wanted something completely different. Black might have been good for a chaos team, but I hate painting black. Looking through my paint collection I ended up picking some badly neglected paints in the form of a few different pink shades! Looks like they're a Slaaneshi team now! The pink did turn out a bit tricky to highlight and in the hindsight I probably didn't go far enough especially on the armor. Going to almost pure white in the highest spots might have looked better, but I just couldn't make the transition smooth enough and ended up dulling it down a lot to the level it is now.


The bases aren't completely finished as I will be building a small display set for them and will paint  the lines in the pitch on the bases as well. But that will have to wait until I actually get the team and all the supporting staff painted and their locations figured out on the board. Still they are good to game with and should give me another 45 points to my tally. I've still got about 20 more minis left to finish that I started before the challenge, but after that I can focus completely on newer projects!

Samuli! You bring me joy from Finland. Pink is a great colour because it is different and vibrant, not to mention hard to paint and highlight. You know I'm a bit of a Blood Bowl fan, and I'd love to meet your gorgeous team on the field and foul the snot out of them.

The Chaos Pact team was introduced to contemporary Blood Bowl in 2007 to allow coaches to build a 'legal' replica of the Chaos All-Stars, a legendary team from the original first edition in 1987.

See you on the pitch!


From Mike W: 28mm Various Figures (55 Points)

So the second post this week - but covering week 4 items I have painted....

This week it is a hodge-podge of different items off the workbench, some just to clear space, others to meet the need of games that are coming up and some just as experiments on new ways to paint figures!

I'll start with 5 x 28mm Warlord Games, plastic Spartan Hoplites. I've had a box of these plastic fellow under the workbench for a couple years, I even tried to paint some a while back but lost interest so I took out a frame this week determined to give them a fair crack!

Warlord Games Spartan Hoplite Frame.

Undercoated figures minus Shield arm!
These are the figures I decided to experiment with, having build 5 hoplites I left off the shields to paint these separately and allow access to the figure's body during paining.I undercoated the figure dark brown where ever there would be a bronze/brass finish and white elsewhere.

Separate Shield Arms...

On the back of the shied I then dry-brushed with a light leather  before picking out the arm in white.

I don't know how common red was for Spartan tunics, but that is what these guys got, and I also did their helmet plumes in red as well. Flesh was added and then leather work was added in before paining in the spear shafts.

I used Brass to do all the helmets shields and grieves, one figure had a metal back & breastplate that was also done in brass.

Here's where the experimenting began in earnest. Instead of using dark Tone Army dip as usual I decided t try and use different washes to brig out the colours in the figures. i used Flesh Ink to add depth to all body and brass fittings as well as to the spear shafts. I used Dark tone ink to cover all other areas - tunics, crests and body armour.

I'm quite please with the results!

Calculations: 5 x 28mm Infantry @ 5 Points each = 25 Points

Next up were 4 Medieval Archers from the Gripping Beast Plastics set,I have a bunch of these to do and they will likely appear in the coming weeks...

Gripping Beast Frames
Again the plan was to see if I could achieve good results using Dark Tone wash instead of the dip product. As much as I love the dip it has two problems - it smells as it is oil based and I always end up throwing out half a tin of it as it dries out before I can use all of it. I've tried mixing in white spirit or paint thinners - and that does help some - its still messy and the quality of the finish drops once it has been thinned.

Finished Medieval Archers
So painting was very straight forward, a white undercoat and then various
brown, green and ochre tones for the peasant clothing. Once dry the dark tone wash was added, i watered it down slightly to stop it being too overpowering and the wash was dry within 10 minutes - Job done!

I based the figures as usual on UK 2 pence pieces and gritted & flocked the bases to match the rest of the collection

Calculations: 4 x 28mm Infantry @ 5Points each = 20 Points

Final item was the painting of a Semi-Culven cannon for the 17th Century collection - I have several guns in the collection - each has separate crews and so this is another to round out the options.

This model is painted with a blue carriage with iron fittings and brass gun, all finished with a Dark Tone wash. The base is simple, with the addition of randomly cut wooden coffee stirrers to represent boarding and this is given a brown wash to add depth of colour. Base is the gritted and flocked.

Calculations: 1 x 28mm Artillery piece@ 10 Points each = 10 Points

Grand Total: 25 Points + 20 Points + 10 Points = 55 Points

Spoiler for next week - I spent time this week preparing a 28 man, 28mm 17th Century Infantry Regiment for painting, a Saxon Regiment to support their Austrian allies at the Siege of Vienna in 1683. Additionally I hope to get a couple of gun carriages and horses done to go with the above gun!

Spoiler Alert - 17th Century Saxon Infantry Regiment ready to go!
A double entry from Mike this week! I use the Army Painter washes a lot. I find the clean-up is easier and I can target it where I need it. I do paint a highlight step as well, most of the time. Dux is going to come over and watch to ensure you hand paint some icons on those shields!


From Mike W: 28mm 17th Century Brandenburg Dragoons (70 Points)

Week 3, saw me working away again for most of the week, resulting in little time to get any figure painting done. Hence a late post for the output for Week 3 and hopefully a second post at the end of the week with additional figures painted as I work to catch-up on my planned schedule!

Anyways,the subject matter this week is a Squadron of Brandenburg Dragoons in the service of Saxony, who were allied to Austria and this sent troops to help relieve the Siege of Vienna in 1683.

Raw metal Brandenburg Dragoons and Officer
Additionally there is a Brandenburg Officer to lead the contingent. All figures are 28mm, with the dragoons being from Essex Miniatures and the Officer from Riever Castings, albeit he is mounted on an Essex horse.

Once again the dragoon figures were sourced from an eBay lot, as was the Officer - which has actually been hanging around my workbench a couple of years waiting for a suitable unit to lead!

Starting state of Officer figure.
Unpainted horse,undercoated figure and detailed
hands & face (over-painted by myself)
Eagle-eyed readers will note that the officer was pre-undercoated, he did however have face & hands painted when I got him.

That said I over painted what was previously done on this figure to fit in with my painting style - so hopefully everyone will agree this previous painting also counts as an undercoat!

What I quite like about these figures is the squat, non thoroughbred look of the horses - as would befit a Dragoon unit that would have to make do with second rate nags to mount themselves, once the Cavalry units have creamed off the best horseflesh for themselves....

This unit has been painted up as a generic Dragoon unit, dressed all in blue. I used standard Ultramarine blue but added a little black to darken the tone, knowing that when the shading dip was added the colour would go even darker, befitting the dark blues preferred by the Brandenburgers.

The horses and figures were painted in my usual manner, so I will not repeat this description. However, I will talk a little about how I use Army Painter dip. Unlike the product description, I never dip the figures into the gloop!

Instead I get a good sized paintbrush and paint on the varnish, ensuring a generous covering and that it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the figure. I then set the figure aside and repeat the process on a couple more figures, before coming back to the first one.

This is usually just enough time for the dip to have 'drained' down the figure and gently pool around the base of the figure, whilst leaving the shading effects in the clothing folds and recesses of the miniature.

Where there is pooling in inappropriate areas or the pooling is too heavy - the dip is still wet enough to rework using the brush to lift off any excess dip and ensue a good smooth final result.

Set the figures aside overnight to dry.

Figures painted with Army Painter 'Dip', in their very shiny state, pre-matt varnish

Next day I base the figures by painting the MDF or plastic bases with emulsion brown paint which has had a healthy mix of PVA wood glue added to it in the pot. This ensures that he paint bonds to the base and dries hard after I have sprinkled fine sand on the wet paint to give the base texture.

Once the sand is well and truly stuck- usually about 2-3 hours, I add more paint and sprinkle over electro-static grass to give the base vegetation layer. Again another wait until all is dry and I add various coloured grass tufts and other vegetation & flower clumps to the base - as I see fit.

Finished Officer
Finally the whole unit is spray painted with Army painter matt varnish to eliminate the glossy dip finish and the any standards or flags are added to the models to complete the unit.

Dragoons with matt varnish applied and bases flocked
In this case the standard is again printed from something I put together basis internet images and descriptions, I have just changed form an inkjet to a laser jet printer (Xmas present to myself) and the finish quality of the standards is so much better!

Points Calculation: 7 x 28mm Mounted Figures @10 Points each. 70 Points

A lovely horse and musket unit! I think 'the dip' is a great time saver to give good, reproducible results, although I don't know anyone who actually 'dips'. The matt varnish is essential, and that's a lovely finish with the basing and the flag. 


Monday Rogues' Gallery

Australia's largest tabletop gaming convention, CanCon, was held last weekend. I caught up with a few bloggers and challengers:

I've got a few more pics and my loot over at my own blog.
It was a tad warm.

Today, we have a real variety show including ancients, horse and musket, WW2 in three theatres, and some dear-to-my-heart Blood Bowl!