Thursday, 30 March 2017

ByronM - What I did this winter!

When people find out you are from Winnipeg, and that it normally gets down to -40 for at least part of the winter, the inevitable question becomes "What the hell do you do when it gets that cold?". 

Here is my answer, "This year I stay inside and do this...."

I aimed to get 1000 points done this year, but over achieved by quite a lot, ending with around 1600 points, so quite a lot!

Funny enough as well, I view myself as mainly a 28mm wargammer, but looking at what I did this year, most of it is NOT 28mm, or at least it seems that way.

I now run into another issue...  Last year I re-did my man cave and put in a bunch of cabinets to hold and display things.  As you can see, I have one tiny opening left, and all this stuff to put in it.  Hmmm, first world issues....

Also, last weekend was the Manitoba Model Soldier Society painting competition, so I took a few pieces from this year out to it, a gang I painted just before the challenge, and some tanks from last years challenge (that I forgot to take last year) and came away with some hardware!

Bronze in Wargame Unit Category

Bronze in Historical Ordinance Category

Bronze in Historical Category (Hence me not including the scorpion!)
Silver in Fantasy Category

So four entries and four metals (3x Bronze and a Silver)!  Not too shabby, given the quality of painting around here.

With that, another year's challenge is done and over with.  Thank you once again for running this Curt and trying to keep us all on track and giving us something to do over the winter.