Tuesday, 24 March 2020

From Iain W: Challenge X Summing It Up

My aim going into this year's challenge was to paint a number of forces for Dux Bellorum,  I've painted 160 x 28mm figures for Dux so that's a success in my  book!

I also got past my (admittedly relatively low!) total which is also good, started a new army which is always a good thing (Early Imperial Roman), isn't it? Started a planned new army, Irish/ Flodden  Highlanders

Painted some GW figures for the first time in decades ( and actually really enjoyed doing it!)
Challenge island didn't figure prominently in my planning so I came to it late but it got me working on figures I probably wouldn't have got to otherwise and seemed to work better than the weekend bonus rounds ( I've still got figures prepped for lost bonus rounds of the past!)

Please excuse painting hoodie (outside  decorating now the good weather is here ). Toby is back, we're both a bit greyer around the muzzle! 

So I've had a really good challenge and enjoyed commenting on all the posts, there has been a super range of posts, scales, periods and interesting stories! Thanks to Curt, Sarah and all the minions it's been great!

All the best 

Adamc: Looking back on Challenge X (1,107 points)

Well it was another Highly successful challenge.  I mentioned going in that I hadn’t felt motivation to paint well the Challenge took care of that as I racked up 1,107 points 147% of my target goal of 750.   I decided to group my shots rather than do one single shot of everything. 
First up some terrain desert two buttes, a tell/berried ruin and a ruined house all should be most useful pieces. 
My for Joshua contribution which was not available for the final group shot as its already in the UK. 
Here we gave the rest of the figures I painted.  Twenty-Five 25mm figures and thirty-two 15mm figures.  I've got a lot of Jacobites to paint up as well as some ACW figures but those will be for isolation painting I guess. 
This was the year of Black Seas for me.  This project was the one I was most passionate about and the one that people seemed most engaged in. I have quite the little fleet now.  Five Frigates, 8 Brigs, a Corvette, a Sloop of war, a Schooner, a Cutter, a costal ship, 3-gun boats, and two scratch builds the Turtle and a Brigantine.  I also build two forts and decided my five victory ships belonged in this ship. 
I forgot to photo graph the camels but they should really go here too.
Obligatory Selfie with the fleet to bad there was no Navy duel this year I would have done well.   This was great fun please take care of yourselves I hope to see you all again in December of 2020. 

From TeemuL: Challenge X Collection

So the Challenge X has ended. From the beginning I knew, that my time would be limited, since the Challenge overlapped our home improvement project. I set a modest target of 500 points and hoped to paint something here and there. I managed to get over the target, and quite much actually. I was only 30 points away from being the best Finnish participant and the same amount of points kept me on the lower half on the scoreboard. When I was collecting all the miniatures for the group shot, I realized I had painted quite a lot. I thought I hadn't, but that was mainly because I wasn't painting what I had planned to paint (anyone else had the same?). I was supposed to grind through lots of LotR minis (4 in total) and Age of Sigmar as well (26 in total, though only 1 is actually AoS, other are WHFB on round bases). But yeah, I have my Chaos Space Marine Kill Team now, for example, so something went according to the plan.

Challenge Island was a nice idea and I thought I would be traveling here and there without much problems. Unfortunately I didn't plan it very well and chose Awdry's Atoll as my first site, which was very difficult to get away from. In the end it was just a balloon ride, but at that time I was busy painting models I "needed". I made it slowly to the Peak and after that run quickly through couple of locations hoping for to get 750 points, but I fell a bit short. Even if we would calculate my Prussian cavalry according to their correct scale instead of 15mm.

I was also hoping to create a piece of scenery for all the locations, that I visited, but time run out and only Awdry's Atoll, Mudry's Mesa and Sarah's Balloon got something (Sander's Sand Dunes as well, if we are thinking outside the box). The Mighty Empires map tiles might be used to represent the whole map, if needed, or only some locations.

Here's me on my painting desk. I have had a haircut, but I still seem to wear the same t-shirt as in previous Challenges...

I'm looking forward the Challenge XI (it surely must mean something football related (or soccer) or may be some amplifier technology). I'm also interested in the Pandemic Challenge, waiting to hear more from that.

I made most of my reading through phone this time and I was not able to make any comments with that (I was able to write new posts, though), so I made my rare comment when working on my laptop. I was hoping to make more comments, especially on the comments on my posts. Sorry for that.

Thank you Curt, minions, other participants and Lady Sarah! It was a nice Challenge during the dark winter (we had very little snow here in Finland).