Thursday, 31 December 2015

From MartinC - They've Got a Good Bass section But No Top Tenors (120 Points)

Nearly finished. These are the uDuDuDu regiment (obviously the bass section).

I only have 28 left to do. I had to bin 20 because they were just too poor to use. I'll melt them down and turn them into Pathans or the such like.

The last 28 will be based individually to give me some variety of use.

Wonderful work! I like the black shields with the brown and white contrasting accents. The light must be at the end of the tunnel Martin - keep up the steam!

From AlexS - Mechanicum 30k & Venetian Foot Knights and Venetian Standard Bearer (209 Points)

My next work on miniatures. 

Firstly - the robots of the universe, the Horus Heresy, Mechanicum. I tried them Metallic paint using an airbrush. The effect was not like I wanted to, but on the table looks okay. I do not know how much to charge for them points, but I think my supervisor decides. They are about 40mm in size, but are designed for gaming system in 28mm (or rather, 32mm in 28mm favorite GW heroic size)

Then - once my army unit in Venice and the standard-bearer in the same army. I'm not very happy with how to get the squad, but very satisfied with his work on the standard-bearer. Yet work on the individual model brings more joy and get better. This unit (30 miniatures) as required to be displayed on the table of dismounted knights (Lancia spezzata) and heavy infantry to the Venetian two-handed weapon.

I must continue to work on, this is made easier as it is very cold and I don't feel like going outside. :)

Great work Alex! I really like the diverse models on display here. I've always enjoyed the design of those Mechanicum models and yours makes me want to give them a go. I also am enjoying seeing your Renaissance project come together (in leaps and bounds, no less). That mounted standard bearer is very nice indeed. Well done!

From PeterD - Renaissance Clergy (30 points)

With final exams and Christmas out of the way, I've finally been able to put paintbrush to figure for this year's Challenge.  First up for me is this set of 4 clergy for my 'Renaissance Men' Duel with Curt, using metal figures from the Perry's.  These are lovely figures with lots of character and detail, two mounted and two figures on foot.  The mounted figures are one piece castings. Interestingly while the priest gets a fine piece of horseflesh, the Cardinal gets a lowly mule to ride, albeit a very well dressed mule.

I had to do a bit of online research re costumes here, and hope I got things right.  I could have delved deeper into Catholic regalia but feared I might be drawn to the Darkside (mandatory snarky Anglican comment now out of the way).  Renaissance art is a great source of reference material, as were these guys.

I bet you didn't see that coming did you?

English parents have been scaring their kids to sleep with images like this since 1588!

YouPaint wise, the challenge was the rather unicolour clothing.  I wanted it to look like lush fabric with deep folds and went with multiple washes over a base coat, followed up by highlighting on the ridges.    For instance, the black robes have a base coat of Paynes Grey (actually a deep indigo blue, almost black), washed with Carbon Black.  The reds are scarlet washes first with Deep Red, then with Burnt Umber and the highlighted in scarlet.  I use Liquidtex acrylics, I am sure that there are GW paints named for bodily functions in similar hues.  I suggest that Arterial Bloodspray, Bloody Booger and Troll Poop should do the trick.

I expect that my army commanders will be happy to see the back of this lot!

Period images show the hood with and without the white fur lining, so I added it to the mounted figure.  It gave the Cardinal on foot too much of a Santa Claus look so I removed it.

You can't do Renaissance Italy without conniving Churchmen, and these four should come in handy for scenarios as messengers, objects for kidnapping, unwelcome "assistance" etc.

Very nice work Peter! Your reds are suitably sumptuous and I quite like the luxurious tack on the mule. These fellows look ready to harangue, cajole and/or excommunicate any Condottieri captains within earshot. 

The first volley in our 'Renaissance Men' duel goes to you my friend. I really must get a wiggle on...