Wednesday, 11 February 2015

From JuanM - 28mm Cultist, Pulp Adventurer and SCW Anti-Tank Gun (40 Points)

Hello my friends.

Here I am with another small entry. This winter is being really cold here in the... sunny Spain, and I have had no will to stay in my painting hideout for too long. But here are some figures: 

A cultured mutant cultist from Scibor Miniatures in 28mm. Very nice miniature, really fine and very easy to paint. He is waiting for his master to begin the cult, I think.

Miss Samantha Newton, assistant and daughter of Dr Newton in his South Pacific adventures. This is another excellent 28mm miniature from Pulp Figures. Really good miniatures! I have painted, at last, all the figures for the "good boys" league/group. Now, for the "not to bad guys"...

And the last models for my SCW painting commission. At last I have finished it!!! Now, they are packed and ready to travel to Australia. These are 28mm figures and gun from Empress Miniatures. This has been a very interesting commission for me, and I have painted a lot of SCW figures, but I´m not a professional painter, so I´m unable to dedicate it all the necessary time to finish the work in a reasonable amount of time. But they are finished!!!!

This is all. I have a pair of models half finished on my painting table and, of course, some small surprises for the next weeks...

MartinC - ACW finished and no "ish" (151 Points)

Strange painting week this week. Had a delivery of a new army, Crusader Roman Republican Legion from the North Star sale, £77 for 80 infantry 10 cavalry and a mounted general. Figs are great with little flashing nor mould marks. So I've been basing and priming these for a couple of days. They have too many Triarii so I think a trip to the Aventine website was in order.

Haven't decided if I want to paint these for the challenge or finish off the odds and sods that make up the rest of the lead mountain plus 3 parcels I await.

Anyhow before I can start the next phase I had to finish the ACW. I had one unit of Rebs to complete and the dismounted cavalry units to paint.

I had discussed with AdamC interesting uniforms and based on this I picked the 8th Alabama, or more specifically the Irish Legion Company although I did paint the whole regiment as these.

They originally wore green jackets and swapped to grey with green trim when they moved into Virginia. So I painted both versions.

Next I had to paint the 2 units of dismounted cavalry, 17th Pennsylvania and the 35th Virginia. These were Perry figures and were bloody awful. The metal was rough, the flashing was horrendous and some of the detailing poor, definitely a Friday afternoon casting. If I didn't own a vast number of truly brilliant Perry figures I wouldn't buy them again. They were hateful to paint and to complete the effort I also photographed them badly.

I still have about 25 more figures to paint but I now have 2 balanced forces and the 2 storage boxes I have both hold the completed units perfectly, so for now they will stay unpainted and join the plastic mountain.

With this and the hot bonus round points I have now doubled my original planned points so I need a new target. Teaching week next week  (98 Masters students to be taught how to remediate contaminated land) and 2 full weekends of parties so almost no painting for most of the next 10 days. Lets go for a target of 2500