Monday, 6 February 2017

AdamC- Sleepy Hollow and Frostgrave (101 points)

First up this week is the Sleepy Hollow Militia or so the box called them.  They are another 25 MM Vampire Wars box I picked up at my local store in the bargain bin.  A friend of mine and I have been lookin for armed civilians for a game based on the Deerfield raid of 1704 and I thought these guys might work nicely.
Their costume is obviously more 1804 than 1704 but armed civilians for the that period that are hard to fine.
My favorite of this first group is the fellow with the lantern.   He really does look like he's up in the middle of the night because his wife heard some thing make a ruckus in the barn.
Five more militia figures, I tried to get a good mix of colors with shads of brown dominating.  I am especially fond of the guy with the shoulder cape and side burns.
Hopefully my friend Dave thinks these guys are workable for his scenario, even if they are not the still should get me a nice 40 points.
Nest we have the Ice Toad a must have for Frostgrave players.  This was part of my Secret Santa Gift and I was very pleased to get it and the snow leopard that came with it.
My painting inspiration came from tropical poison arrow frogs and I think it cam out pretty well.
I like the rock that was part of the base of the figure, it helped me to get this based quickly.
More Secret Santa goodness from the Undead encounters pack from Mantic for Frostgrave.  I painted the four standing figures in the same red and Purple I used for many of my skellies last year.  I now have enough in this color for a nice Undead unit it Dragon rampant.  The Skeletal giant rat is a favorite and its fun to have two of them now.  The skeleton bursting from the grave his handy as a marker for traps and or spells in Frostgrave.
Another of Ray's flags appears as the banner.  I think I may try to give it a more tattered appearance at ta later date.  The raven flag was an obvious choice since the carrier is being nibble on by a raven.
For the rest I tried to get a mix of colors but tried to make use of the colors I had in the palate at the time.  These guys might need an extra hit of wash now that I look at them again but they are table ready.
Between these fellow and the guys I painted last year I have enough for two units of 12 skeletons for Dragon Rampant when I want to run a necromancer war band.  Points: Every thing is 25 MM,  there are 8 Militia, 10 full sized skeletons, and one toad; those seem straight forward enough 19 25 MM figures = 95 points (There is the banner and 10 hand painted shields but I don't wish to presume). The rat might count as a full 25 MM Figure or it might not, the skeleton bursting out of this grave probably counts as half points like a prone figure.  I'm going to guess at a total of about 100 points with the possibility that our beneficent Monday leader may see fit to award a few more.

(Monday from RodF) Huntmaster Farhop and Whisper (READY)

There very few who can claim to know all the paths of Cool Dip Swamp better than Hedger Farhop, the Royal Huntmaster.  There are even fewer who can claim to be able to name the species all the creatures that inhabit the swamp.  But none can claim to know the life patterns, migrations, feeding habits of all its creatures as well as Hedger Farhop.  A point he takes an extreme amount of pride in, especially after downing a few Muckfly Ales.

The Huntmaster can almost always be seen accompanied by his faithful companion, Whisper, the wasp.  Their work is well coordinated but often neither will mutter a sound, and yet when you see them at work it is almost as if they can read each other's minds.

He is a very quiet man frog who tends to keep to himself.  And would prefer to spend most of his time alone in the swamps instead of social gatherings.

But, when it comes to organizing and leading the hunt, he does come out of his quiet shell and excels at his work.  It is said that there  has never been a better and more skillful Master of the Hunt.

That's 1 28mm frog from Darksword Miniatures.  [Although all these frogs a bit bigger...]

Another small output from me this week as I got a bit absorbed in this current bonus round. So far the Monday crew hasn't kicked me off their team yet, but I know I'm killing their output average!


MilesR: - A wonderful mini.  The details are amazing - very nicely done!

From NickJ - Gor Beastmen (Furry)

Once upon a Fur pelt...

Well I made it back to the UK from Upstate New York (where blizzards happen at the drop of a hat) and my models had not painted themselves whilst I was away. This was somewhat disappointing and a set back as my plan relied heavily on this.

Despite this set back I have finally completed the start of the next Penta for my Army - The Beastmen shall step in to the light.

Don't be shy...

I said...

Oh right. Helps if I turn on the light...

You're looking at 10 Gors, the basic infantry beastie of the, erm, Beastmen. 

Lots and lots of fur. Seems fitting as they as beasts right??

Had a few discussions with myself about the shield colours. They were brown until two nights ago!

Then they went blue as shown in the Beastmen do the Beatles impression below.

Pictures now take on a slightly yellowish hue as I seem to have messed up the lighting! Damn it Jim I'm a gamer not a photographer!! The 3 lovely fellows below are the Command section. You'll note the horn is made of ivory. Yes not only am I attempting to upset PETA with the abundance of fur I'm also going after the Ivory business as well.

And a shot of the banner bearer showing that he knows how to walk off in to a sunset.
The banner is also painted in the same colour scheme as the one from last time so in theory there will be at least some uniformity across the army.

Next up I have to speed paint something ready for next weekend when the crew are heading off on a pilgrimage to Nottingham and GW HQ. Gaming, drinking and probably not painting are in order.

See you on the other side!

MilesR: - wow those Beastmen are really very nicely painted - most impressive.  Looks like we're both traveling to the UK on business but yours seems much more interesting than mine!

From TamsinP - SYW Russian Infantry, Artillery and Wagons (260 points)

Following on from the horse grenadiers which missed the (slightly earlier) deadline for last Monday, here are some more SYW Russian goodies for you with lots of pics!

For this entry, I'll kick off with four infantry regiments - there will be another four along before the end of this Challenge if I don't get distracted.

All four regiments:

Nevskiy Regiment:

Pskovskiy Regiment:

Riazanskiy Regiment:

Sankt-Peterburgskiy Regiment:

Close-Ups of Flags:

As always, the sculpted-on flags have been impressionistically hand painted.

And some artillery:

Up to now, I haven't added any of the integral fusiliers to the artillery bases, but I have this time (one way to use up spare figures!). The guns are left loose rather than glued to the bases, as it allows me to represent them as limbered, like so:


When the Observation Corps was disbanded in 1760, those troops who weren't integrated into the artillery were formed into fusilier regiments and allocated to escorting the artillery supply train. The uniforms I've painted them in here are taken from Kronoskaf and certainly make a refreshing change from the rest of the army.

To assist our resident mathemagical minion with his calculation of points:

72 infantry @ 2 points = 144
4 hand-painted flags @ 1 point = 4
6 gun crew @ 2 points = 12
2 artillery fusiliers* @ 2 points = 4
2 guns @ 4 points = 8
2 limbers @ 4 points = 8 (if scored as crew-served weapons)
20 horses @ 2 points = 40
8 (ex Observation Corps) fusiliers* @ 2 points = 16
4 wagons @ 6 points = 24 (if scored as vehicles)
Total = 252 points

* 2 of the artillery and 4 of the ex Observation Corps fusiliers were painted before the Challenge so don't count for points.

I'll let Miles do his sums, in case he decides to assign different points for the limbers and wagons.

Figures, as always are 15mm from Essex Miniatures. the tufts on the artillery and wagon bases were home-made (I used some of the ones from my practice/test batches) - I may end up replacing a couple on the gun bases as they are slightly too big for the guns to sit properly.

MilesR: I'll go with the very well laid out maths for Tamsin, but I get 260 points - I'm going a little batty with all the points bombs going off this Monday.  I can say these figures are just superbly painted.  I am very impressed

Medieval Archers by JohnSe (

I've had some plastic 5th edition Brettonian archers knocking around my lead pile for 20 years, but didn't have a reason to get them onto the table until I started playing Lion Rampant. I've been working on English army circa 1250-1315 and they desperately needed a missile contingent, but the monopose Brettonians didn't quite match the more dynamic modern Firefroge figures that made up my the bulk of my army.

Doing some research over the Summer I found that Front Rank's figures seemed to be the best match to Games Workshops old sculpting style, and had a variety of poses and equipment that would help break up the ranks of identical plastic Brettonians. I've had these figures primed and ready to go since then, just waiting for the Painting Challenge!

My English army uses a variety of red and yellow liveries for the knights and all of the troops they would have mustered. I don't believe soldiers would be fielding identical uniforms, as each was responsible for providing their own gear, so I'm depicting a rag tag look to these units, with some figures sporting more formal livery, while others making do with something vaguely red or yellow colored from their own meager clothing collection.

To help identify the units on the table I've grouped together figures into a red unit, a yellow unit and a neutral unit. Some of these figures are individually based so I can always mix the colors up if necessary, but in the end these are game pieces we need to keep track of on the table.

Red Unit

Yellow Unit

Neutral Earth Tones Unit

Three 16 man units give me 48 figures, which should give me a total of 240 points.

MilesR: great looking Archers and yet another points bomb on a Monday!