Thursday, 18 February 2016

From BrendonW - Mixed bag and a Monster (95 points)

This week the total is 10 foot, 3 mounted and 1 Monster (28mm).

Badly captured group photo below

First let's look at the big freaky monster. It's plastic and it's on a 50mm base that I added a whole bunch of rocks from the Garden. It is made by Wyrd Miniatures for the game Malifaux. I will use him as any number of monsters in the 'Kings of War' rules.

Fortunately the creature is controlled by magic of course by a Mongol shaman who is a conversion with bits from all over the place. Perhaps it isn't real at all, just an illusion he has created.

The snake creature (Razor Spine from memory) colours are a little inspired by the Frill Necked Lizards that live in the park across the road from our place. I glossed varnished the belly as some snakes here are very shiny. 

Next is some Dark Age dudes. Warlord games celts for Berserkers and Conquest Games for Normans with axes to break a shield wall and some bows to keep those heads down.

Next is 2 Scibor Dwarves that have been in my waiting room for a long time.
The large stone warhammer fella will be used as a Stone Priest and the Beer Barrel will count as an Army Standard inspiring the Dwarves in Kings of War games. 

Finally some more Mongols. 2 Axe throwing maniacs and a spear shaker ready to expand the Khans territory. The Mongol Shaman of course blesses them with the powers of the Eagle.

As previously some very rushed photography but you get the idea. Cheers and enjoy your painting.
This is a wonderfully painted and most eclectic collection Brendon! I was curious to see if you had any fantasy stuff in the locker and now it has appeared I can see it was worth the wait. There are so many things to like about this lot but for me it's all about the facial hair, both the shaman's awesome mo and the glorious dwarven beards. 
I'm scoring the spiky cobra beastie as a vehicle given it's size so all up you've earned yourself a solid 95 points with this effort. 250 points to go to your target! Well done indeed. Cheers, Millsy

From Barks - Star Wars Imperial Assault (45 points)

Some bits for Imperial Assault.

General Sorin.

HK Assassin droids. These are from the now-non-canon expanded universe, and new to me, and I grew to like their aesthetic and colouring.

Dengar the Bounty Hunter.

Rebel heroes: Verena the close-combat specialist, Loku the sniper and MHD-19 the creepy medical droid.

I confess I know next to nothing about Imperial Assault but I like what I see Barks! You've really captured the look and feel of the movies with these guys. I'm especially impressed by the skin tone and eyes on Loku the sniper. The minute I saw him I had an overwhelming urge to yell "It's a traaaaaap!" 
These fine fellows add a tidy 40 points to your total. Congrats! Cheers, Millsy