Sunday, 10 March 2019

The 'Fellowship' Theme Results are In!

Hi Everyone!

The votes are in for our final them round, 'Fellowship'! For our last hurrah we were treated to all manner of parties, friends and companions. Thanks to all the participants for their wonderful entries.


First up, for our Honorary Mentions, we have:

Ken's 'My Name is Inigo Montoya'

Dave's 'Downed Luftwaffe Aircrew'

Barks' 'Nine Adventurers'

Michael's 'Hoth Fellowship'

Tamsin's 'Once in Every Lifetime'

Great work you people! 

In Third position, for 25 bonus points, we have:

StephenS' bumblingly funny 'Guards! Guards!'

In Second place for 50 bonus points:

Nick's elegantly poignant 'Last Rites'.

And, in First Place, for 75 bonus points and a gift certificate from Diplomatist Books, we have Stefan's whacky-yet-so-stunning 'The Unicorn Club'.



Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to all our participants for making this theme round a great success. Wonderful work folks!

If you're interested in seeing the voting results, they can be found here.


Now, it's the final push to the green fields beyond (and Spring!), so give your brushes a flourish, open your paint pots and let's cross the finish line in style!



From Curt: NATO Scuba Assault Team (40 Points)

I thought I'd squeak in another small entry before I make the announcements for the 'Fellowship' theme round.

Here is a contemporary scuba assault team with their fast attack boat all ready to take down targets like a hijacked freighter, a terrorist controlled oil platform, or perhaps even a suspicious water skier.

This set is from Eureka Miniatures. I thought it would nicely compliment the German special forces frogmen I did a few years ago.

I kept the three kneeling poses on their stock bases so they would still fit in the assault boat. The other three's bases were trimmed so I could put them on clear acrylic like some of my other skirmish figures.

As you can imagine these were pretty simple to knock out: black with increasing highlights of P3 Gravedigger Denim for the scuba suits and gear. Then black again with a VMC Blue Grey highlight for their weapons and metal bits. I find the trick to blending dark tones is to use a few thin coats of Liquitex Statin Varnish (which has an added bonus of providing a nice slick look to the wetsuits). I quite like the effect and may try this with some other figures (I think it would look pretty bang-on for Sisters or Imperial Sardaukar troopers from Dune).

The six figures will give me 30 points and I figure the assault boat is worth no more than 10.

Thanks a bunch for dropping in. I'll catch up with you in a few hours when we round-up the results of the voting for our 'Fellowship' round.