Monday, 17 June 2019

Better Late Than Never

One of the greatest Challenges of the Painting Challenge for me is that it is held in my busiest time of the year. While it's great to be all tucked up and painting your way through the frankly silly low temperatures of the Canadian winter, down here at the other end of the planet we melt at Challenge time. Plus our biggest wargames show is held at the end of January (Cancon) and I get sucked into the vortex of Making A Living for pretty much all of January and February. Adding in a long overseas trip for all of March, I basically was pulled off the Challenge just before Cancon.

Happy with my result
In fact, today is the first day I have picked up a brush (other than to pack one into a customer's order) since January. Naturally, this lead me to looking at my Challenge output. Although I didn't achieve my hoped for point goal, I did achieve a Personal Best. Isn't that we're supposed to strive for these days?

With the encouragement of Dux, Man Cave Paul and the other friends from Odin's Night Games Club I had a great time facing the Challenge. Our Hobby Day get togethers really helped me power through and not get distracted by the mundane.

I love the Challenge, thanks again for organizing Curt and I hope to participate next year, aiming for a new PB.

They may be small but they're perfectly formed
Oh, and I won The Vertically Challenged Side Duel. I guess no-one else is as devoted to plumbing the depths of the dwarven and goblin deep as I am. (You may notice in my photo above that I am working on more gobbos today).