Saturday, 31 December 2016

From AnthonyO: Fantasy Foot Guard, Hanomags and a Lonely Dwarf (138 Points)

This is my third submission for the challenge as I needed to get a really solid base before going back to work in two days time where things will slow up considerably. This time I have continued with the Armies of Man theme and painted a Regimen of Foot Guard as well as starting my 15mm force with some German Hanomags and finally a solitary Dwarf, just because he was there and looked sad without colour.

Foot Guard

These guys are a mixture of 28mm GW and Fireforge plastics and includes 17 miniatures in total. This regiment will close with the enemy and hold them while units such as cavalry maneuver for flank attacks.


I have always liked the look of WWII forces in 15mm and this year I have decided to paint a force and start playing FoW with the release of V4. These Hanomags will support a Normandy force and provide some armoured cover and fire support for German Grenadiers.


This Scibor Dwarf was obtained in a trade and looked pretty sad unpainted. I quickly colored him in and will probably be a member of an adventuring group for D&D.


Absolutely lovely brushwork Anthony. 

The Foot Guards are lovely in their Renaissance-esque garb. There is one chap in there, who, by the looks of his sword, is compensating for something. I really like the spattered shields and dynamic poses.

I like the diffused cammo and weathering of your Hanomags.  FoW is okay (which is another way of saying I don't like it), but if you really want to try WWII gaming I strongly urge you to try Battlegroup or CoC as well. Good rules that give great games.

Scibor is getting a lot of attention these past few days in the Challenge and for good reason. This dwarf is terrific!  His face is wonderfully done and I like the texturing on his leather jerkin and axe-haft. 

138 points for your fine efforts, Anthony. Well done!

From Millsy: Christmas Allsorts Part II (106 Points)

My second entry this year is another rag-tag collection of items to finish off  projects.

First up is some Flames of War Mid-war Italian Bersaglieri weapons teams. These were required to build a legal Bersaglieri platoon after the release of the updated Mid-war books some time ago. As I only use the Bersaglieri in support of my DAK they've been sitting on the back-burner for ages now. I still need another two AT guns to finish this platoon off...

Next is a pair of Russian 45mm AT guns, also to top up a platoon after the updated books were released. Very easy to paint which is just as well as they are next to useless on the table unless you can ambush with them...

And finally a pair of Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Hounds to round out a set I've been collecting. These last two (Scorpion Tail and Undead) are quite hard to find compared to the rest and escaped me until just recently.

When I was painting Scorpion Tail my daughter asked why he was purple. My reply was "Because he's a chaos hound!" (duh!). She didn't seem in the slightest bit disturbed by the fact he's a dog with a scorpion tail though. Go figure...

Here's the rest of the pack and their handler from last year's Challenge...

All up that's 30 x 15mm infantry, 9 x 15mm guns and 2 x chaos hounds.
By my reckoning that's another 106 points for my tally.



I love that your daughter was more interested in the chaos hound's colour than the fact it had a scorpion's tail. Makes perfect sense to me (and it IS a lovely shade of purple)! 

The Soviet 45mm 'door knockers' are very nice (the crews actually look like they're praying not to be noticed), but I'm quite taken by your Bersegliere weapons teams. I really like seeing these oft-ignored forces being done. I'm curious, what is the black bits on the bases? Is that a type of dark foliage?

A great bit of cleanup here, Mr. Mills. 106 it is!

From JamesB: New Years Zombicide (250 Points)

So for my 40 Birthday I ask my wife for the game Zombicide and I was very surprised when the next weekend after I had invited my Daughter and her boyfriend round for Sunday roast and a game of Zombicide that my wife wanted to give the game a try.

Well our first run through did not go to well and most of us died except my Wife who finished the game striding down the road blasting zombies with twin usi sub machine guns, and she was hooked. Thus started our family love for the game and we can often be found slaying together in fact the last two boxing days have seen Zombicide games with my Family my Mum and Dad and my Sister and her kids so three generations. Since our first game three years ago its been a tradition that New Years eve afternoon is spent playing Zombicide followed by a Chinese banquet. this year we have moved on to season two and Prison Break that introduces the Berserk Zombies only snag with this is I had not painted them.

Action from the New Years Eve Game

My fully painted Survivors from Season 1&2 plus the Toxin expansion
While my survivors are painted in full detail my Zombies are monochrome with just a splash of colour, Basic Zombies have been black the Toxic one I painted green so the new ones were planned as red. I enjoyed painting these but in my rush to get them on the gaming table I tried to varnish them when it was not warm enough this morning leading to a bit of clouding on them it not terminal but annoying.

Along side these Zombies I painted a pack of Zombie dogs which did not get an outing today but will be used shortly.

So over the last week I have painted 29 Zombies and 20 Zombie Dogs. Pictures were taken after our game in which we were well beaten (does not often happen), but I am sure we will perform better next time.

I recommend Zombicide to everyone its a game simple to learn and complex enough for each game to feel different. It encourages team work as if you try and go it alone you will be swamped. 


Great stuff James! That sounds like a fun New Years Eve tradition you've got going there. We played through the 'Boomtown' campaign last year and enjoyed the linked missions. 

I like the glossy rancid red you've used for your zombies - they look very, um... icky. I've not tried the game with the dogs yet, but I want to after seeing your pups here. I'm sure they add some challenges for the Survivors.

I'm going to give you a few more points for the Fattys and the A-Bomb as they are quite large figures. Well done James!

KyleC: Rangers lead the way! (213 Points)

First big painting batch to be done here. My USMC forces from last year needed some reinforcements, and with the new Band of Brothers starter boxes I had a lot of Rangers kicking around waiting for paint!

Made them into 12 SMG models, 27 Rifles, 2 LMG/Bars, and a MMG team overall. I have a few more prone models so I might try for another MMG team or 2 to be made from it.

Coloring was to give them Brown Coats, Green Pants/Helmets, and olive boot coverings. Lots of washes, and drybrushing here for them.

Bases were simple sand and dirt, and then some bright green flock. I went this way this time as I wanted something different and to represent that they get to the field before it turns to full mud.

Really happy to have the reinforcements, and you can see some of the others in the background ready to be tackled. 100+ Germans, some weapon teams for them also. And a Frostgrave gang waiting since last years comp :) Might work on them next.. oh and the Ork Bloodbowl team but I am hesitant on that one atm due to not knowing what color to give them!

All told, 44 models painted up this time around, for 220 pts!


That is a great mob of Rangers, Kyle. I admire your work as you do a great job on a fairly minimalist colour palette.  A real skill there.

213 points to add for your total (including half points for prone figures). Tremendous work, Kyle!

EricM: First Post - More Pike than I want to see again for a longlongtime (480 Points)

Hello all.  This is my first post for this years Painting Challenge.  This was such a great experience for me last year I am back for another go around.   This year I am planning on painting the core of two armies.   I am doing Mithridatic Ponts and Caesarian era Romans.  

I decided to start with the Ponts.  They are a mixed bag of Macedonian style successors with a strong Asiatic and Persian influence.  My first entry is part of the pike block I am building for the 1st Mithridatic war.  Like most successor style armies the Ponts were centered around the pike block. These guys are fun to paint but the big 32 figure units tend to wear the fun pretty thin.

Since the start of the challenge I have been able to finish three pike units.   I had some issues with deciding how to base them but settled on a semi-arid looking theme.  At least I hope its semi-arid looking . 

The last 10 days was very educational for me.   I learned that is a huge pain in the rear to paint pike when the pike is already glued in the hands of the figure. There is an obscene amount of "travel time" when moving from one figure to another. 

I also learned that whoever came up with the idea of using steel rods to simulate pike is equal parts genius and sadist. Those dang things are really sharp but very durable.

By my count 3 units of 32 figures is 96 28mm figures which I believe is 480 points. I hope to finish the last three units in the next week or so.  

Here's the class photo. The pikeman on the far right was not very attractive so the photographer partially excluded him. 


A pike bomb for Eric's first entry! Welcome and Wowza! That is a HEAP of dudes with long pointy sticks.

I love massed pikes, and these look absolutely terrific, but painting 96 very similar poses over 11 days is a bit of a slog, holy cow.  The serried ranks of decorated shields look very impressive. Are the red and white ones decals or hand painted? They're great either way. I also like the yellowish spearshafts. They add a nice element of colour above the figures. Lovely.

Brillaint work Eric! Third place in the points standings on your first entry. Not bad for a new recruit! ;)

From JuanM: Sci-Fic Civilians (15 Points)


Here is my second entry and the last one for 2016.
I am painting the miniatures from Lead Adventure Miniatures´ Astropolis kickstarter and I can say these miniatures are really nice, crisp and with a lot of character.
The first one is a mechanical from the Engineering deck and the second, an off-duty tech:

I expect to use these figures mainly as NPC in my "Rogue Stars" games, but some of them are going to have a more prominent role...

Then, I have painted a Hasslefree Miniatures Space Goblin:

I think he is going to be a contractor, part of an escort detail for a landing party. Behind him is another Haslefree Miniatures figure I painted some years ago. With his new base, he is now a cyborg from a very dangerous band of cyber-bandits...

And this is all for now. Happy New Year for all of you!!!


Lovely work Juan! Lead Adventure figures are so characterful and you've done a wonderful job with your paintwork. I particularly like the faded blue coveralls on the Engineer - a very subtle, but convincing effect. The Goblin cyborg is eye-catching figure as well. His base is fantastic.

Well done! Now, I have to get a wiggle on with my next entry for our duel!

From EthanM: Quintus Sertorius and Legio IX (205 Points)

For my first submission for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I'd like to offer a few Republican Romans. Here we have Roman general and proconsul Quintus Sertorius, who revolted after the collapse of the power of the Populares and the ascension of Sulla and sought to establish an independent Roman republic in Lusitania and Hispania.

The native population was very fond of Sertorius, but he had no shortage of volunteers in the form of Marian loyalists who deserted en masse to his side. Legio IX was one such instance. Here we have the First Cohort as well as an additional cohort of Sertorian Romans.

Sertorius' relationship with his legions was not quite as warm as that he had with his people. He was often viewed as strict and taciturn. However, he was also recognized as possessing the capability to raise, train, and equip some of the finest fighting men in the Republic.

All in all a fun beginning to the rebels' side of the Sertorian War. I expect three additional cohorts will; (with luck) be joining their defector brothers in fighting the tyrant Sulla, as well as his somewhat less venerated student Pompey Magnus.

By my count that should be 41 Sertorian Romans: 24 in the First Cohort, 16 in the second, and the proconsul himself. At five points a figure in 25mm I believe that would tally at 205 points?

Very excited to put the first few marks towards my goal.


Lovely work Ethan and welcome aboard. 

I enjoyed the nice little bit of history you offered, it helps place the figures into context and it takes me back to my beloved Classical History classes that I took in university. 

I've always liked the look of Republican Roman troops, with their curved shields, chain armour and long-plumed helmets - your painting really do the figures justice. Speaking of which, what are the make of these castings? Old Glory? 

These are two wonderful looking units, with a suitably taciturn proconsul to keep them in order. 205 points will place you in the top 10, for now. :) Well done, Ethan!

From GregB: Epic 30k Sons of Horus and Knights (25 points)

More Epic 30k fun!

My third submission stays with the 30k theme and setting, but switches scales.  These are for Epic, GW's excellent 6mm rules, a game so good the tools that run GW killed and then wondered why it died. The Epic game lives on thanks to the passion of the gamers who enjoyed it so much.  Hilariously, GW has announced it will supposedly "bring back" Epic, but the timeline for this alleged reappearance continues to stretch out in a management fashion that would make Dilbert blush.  GW may bring back the game, or some version of it, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Terminator officer brings his banner to battle, like any respectable officer would!
Anyway, the point is not to rant, but to share! So on with the submission. There are a few different bits here.  The bulk of it, painted green, are from the 16th Legion, the Warmasters' own Sons of Horus.  Participants from the last Painting Challenge will recall some of the early work on this force, and it continues to grow.

Love the oversized autocannons on the Terminator - there is also a deredeo dreadnought behind them
Horus for hope!
The infantry represent a Terminator detachment.  While the Terminators are next to useless in the large scale 30k/40k game, the Epic rules model these scary troops very well.  The Terminator detachment can arrive anywhere on the table and deliver a devastating blow, consistent with the fluff of their back story.

Deredeo class dreadnoughts - lots of cannons and missiles, fire support galore
Command APC in the front, and a trio of "Leviathan" dreadnoughts behind it - the Knights loom in the background
The green walkers are dreadnoughts of different varieties - the two smaller ones are "Deredeo" class, basically heavy weapon support platforms.  The trio of larger ones are "Leviathans", large dreadnought-class armour intended for even-heavier up close and personal support.

Sicaran tank, boasting a pair of deadly autocannons in the turret - I love this vehicle

There are three armoured vehicles - two Sicaran battle tanks and one command variant of a Rhino APC.  As Byron has described, the Sicaran tank is one of the nicest designs, looking very cool and aggressive.  The Rhino with the little radar dish will be a useful ride for the commanders in the Sons of Horus forces on the table.

A detachment of four Knights - deadly walkers, heavy fighting machines
There are four larger walkers in the submission as well - these are Knights.  Organized into "houses", the Knights hail from certain worlds in the Imperium and...have a back story so lame it isn't even worth summarizing.  They are groups of menacing walking machines. As with the Space Marine Legions, the Knight Households split during the Horus Heresy, some siding with the Warmaster and others remaining loyal to the Emperor.  There are many different configurations of these vehicles, with a wide assortment of weapons.  There are two "Knights Errant", sporting thermal cannons and two "Paladins", carrying battle cannons.

The machine on the right is an "Errant", equipped with a thermal cannons
The fellow on the left is a "Paladin", armed with a battle cannon

One of the knights and one stand of Terminators were painted pre-challenge as test models, so this submission overall includes 15 infantry, five "artillery pieces" and six vehicles, good for a modest little sum of 24.5 points.  Not much, but it all helps.  Having seen how Jamie and Iannick can paint - never mind Alex! - I need to scrape every point I can for our side duel...


Gorgeous work Greg! I really like both the Epic rules and its 6mm scale as I think they do such a great job reflecting the fury (and leathality) of the 30/40K universe. 

I am constantly amazed at what you can pull out in the details with these small scale figures - things like the lit viewports, vehicle markings, infantry standards and subtle weathering. It's all wonderful stuff.

What's not to like about the hulking Imperial Knights and Sicaran tanks, but I have to say that I'm quite taken with the 'Daredeo' and 'Leviathan' Dreadnoughts. They are relatively small models, but they look very nasty and I'm sure they have an impressive stat line in the game.

Let's round that up to 25, shall we? Excellent!