Wednesday, 31 January 2018

From JamesM: 15mm buildings 30 points

Hi folks,

I got a bit tied up organising some terrain for a big game I've got planned for mid Feb. As I've not managed to get a new unit finished, I thought I'd get some buildings done.

These two I managed to paint from scratch/basecoat during the challenge:

Each building is roughly 6" by 3" by 4".

I've also finished off two buildings I had been working on for a while (so won't count for points) - but I'm glad to get them done, complete with removeable rubble. I think these might be Sarrisa models - I use chopped up building sprue and cork bits for the rubble inside.

That's it for this week, hopefully I'll have a few different things for next week!

From Ray

Crackin' work James  on all 4 buildings. Shame I can only give you points for 2 of them though. I do like the row of terraced houses the best, they remind me of the road I used to live in as a lad, like yours, all the house were identical except for all the different coloured doors and windows. 
Once again I've had to go to his nibs Curt for some help in scoring the buildings.
I must be doing something right because Curt thought I was right (it doesn't happen that often!)

15mm buildings should and do earn 15 points each! For a total of 30 points!

From AdamC - Anti-Tank bunker (5 Points)

 So this is what I had intended to use as my other BFG.  Assembly took longer than I had expected and life got in the way of painting.  I built this from scratch.  The bunker is made form three plastic bases and some balsa wood. The flank guard barrier is from pressed from core.  Sand bags are putty.

 The door at the back is left over schurzen form an old StuG kit it looks bit like a steel reinforced door (though I see now that the black wash needs to be toned down a bit) the ventilation pipe is was an extra from a Panther kit.

 The Gun barrel is from an old StuG box set that gave you both 75mm and 105mm barrel option.  This is a 75mm barrel. All the bits are from Battlefront kits

  I'm providing measurements here the full bases is about 5x4

The height is a bit less than an inch.  If Ray wants to work out the scoring for this as a terrain piece he may.  I think the simpler approach would be to score this as a 15mm artillery piece plus what ever extra a scratch build (and cheekiness) is worth in they minions generous gaze.

From Ray

Gawd you guys are really testing me today with all these buildings!!!
That's a great bit of kit Adam! Its excellent that its made from old bits and bobs you've got left over from different projects, well done!
I do like the points idea, it sounds good to me, so therefore you'll get 4 points, but I'll add an extra 1 point for the ingenuity of it!

From ScottM: Numidian Cavalry (122 points)

My submission this week is a group of four bases of 28mm Numidian Cavalry. These figures are plastic figures from Victrix.  They went together very nicely and were a breeze to paint. I've based them up for element based games like Impetus and Sword & Spear.

Normally I struggle with painting horses, but I found a channel on Youtube called Loki Greathall and he had a number of horse painting tutorials. Most of them turned out pretty good. Now if only I could take good pictures . . .

So that's 12 - 28mm cavalry figures, should be 120 points.

From Ray

Great looking figures Scott, nothing wrong with the photos either. I've not had any experience with Victrix figures they look pretty cool. I'm not sure I could put them together though???
I'm gonna give you an extra 2 points just for the fact that you had to glue them all together beforehand, so that's 122 points!

From RoyW: Star Trek Attack Wing - Star Trek Enterprise-era ships 13pts

This post shows some of my Star Trek Attack Wing repaints (though the white starship is actually belonging Star Wars Armada, if we're concerned with the facts).

2 NX-class ships and an unidentified (alien) craft
I plan on using the (white) spaceship as a light freighter in my games. It does still require a card base to be fabricated and coloured, to match the rest of the official ships.

Enterprise NX-01, United Earth's Starfleet
The first of the two NX-class starships, I've painted in a darker tone to represent it being the older of the sister ships. Having spent more time in space and exposed to 'weathering' from interstellar travel I've left the hull faded and the registration none too clear. The lights are also dimmer, in comparison to the other NX ship, possibly showing a difference in each ship's shift rotations and day/night hours.

Independence NX-08, United Earth's Starfleet
Independence NX-08 is a complete fabrication of my own imagination, the NX-class ships only running from zero-one through zero-seven in Star Trek fiction. Here's the blurb I wrote for the ship:

"NX-08 Independence

The last of the NX-class Warp-5 Starships, Independence was formerly a test vessel carrying out improvements and modifications at Earth spacedock. She was fully commissioned and brought into service at the end of the Earth-Romulan War, where she was used as a diplomatic cruiser and stellar cartography vessel.

Independence has the distinction of being a space trial vessel for new Starfleet equipment or procedures, meaning that command of the ship brings about it a level of non-conformity to other Starfleet vessels or United Earth institutions. As can be seen, in practice, through the crews use of trial uniforms and personal phaser weapons, added by the inclusion of several cases of Coalition Planet and Federation Interspecies Officer Exchange commissions into the ship's predominantly Human crew."

[the reference to the crew's uniform is due to my plans for playing 28mm skirmish games with miniatures sculpted wearing Star Trek: The Original Series uniforms - the ship models shown belonging to the chronologically earlier Star Trek: Enterprise.]

underside of Independence
Points-wise, I've no idea what these will score. To be honest, I'm not that concerned with the points. I just wanted to show what I've painted, then include the photos on my blog. Star Trek Attack Wing models vary in scale/size from model to model, so it isn't really possible to label them as one set thing.

From Ray

Excellent work Roy, I've always had a rather large soft spot for all things Star Trek, although I've never owned any figures for it myself, apart from some Star Trek action men when I was a kid. My little sod of a brother bit off Spock's nose, I never forgiven him!!
Great looking models though and I love the blurb on the Independence.
Now I've gotta admit I too am stumped for the points, but I'm gonna class the 2 larger ships as 28mm  infantry (although they're clearly not) and award you 5 points for each model. With the smaller earning 3 points.

Making a total of 13 points!

From TomM: 28mm Protectors of the Pretzel (192 points)

After painting up the Alpine Gnomes crossbows and mage earlier in this challenge, I managed to complete my full Kickstarter bundle, adding to the ranks.

Now, the models aren`t perfect, like the elongated arm here and there to accomodate their weapons, but as they paint up very well this tends to "blend in".  However, the Halberdiers are another matter, standing a full head taller then the rest of the models in the deal... so I better put them far apart on the battlefield (think of the difference between a 28m and a 32mm heroic to get an idea).

The set consists of two combat regiments, in the form of 15 spearmen and 10 halberdiers.

Accompanying them are three heroes, of which the female hero is a truly magnificent model in my opinion.  The others are a loose champion and the battle standard bearer.

Also in this set are civilians and a casualty, stretch goals from the campaign.  I especially like the partying gnomes, with the one being held off by the not so impressed lady.

Though perhaps the hardest part was drawing and painting some banners to go in the force...

As with the rest of my Empire army, the models have been based in the Plane of Fire style, making them run around on the lavaplains of Aqshy.

This was a fun Kickstarter from OS Models as such, and adds a nice little (pun intended) variety to my forces...

All in all, this is 38 infantry models, at 5 points each as they are 28mm scale, this makes a nice 190 points extra and putting me really close to reaching the 750 goal I had set myself for this painting challenge, huzzah!

From Ray

Great work Tom, perhaps the Halbardiers figures are Gnome Grenadiers, being the tallest and strongest of their clan???
I do like the civilian Gnomes though, especially the poor chap carrying the books and the poor chap laying down, is he dead or just dead drunk?
Good to see some handrawn banners too!
These Bad boys will earn you 190 points and I'll give you an extra 2 points for the handrawn banners!

From DaveD - 6mm Soviets and Allies - 150 points

Well after battling with the complications of tartan , this week it was time for something quick and easy to keep the score tally moving. I also found I was 2 bases short for another project - darn it, so they are getting sorted.

So here are the reinforcements for my Soviets and some odds and sods for Czech and East German units - I picked up the T80's and BTR60's from Magister Militum in the UK recently.

A mix of T80's , BTR60's, MT-LB prime movers , BMD3, T72's , 3 trucks , and some WARPAC allied OT64 and OT65

All are GHQ models - some have been in the lead pile for for nigh on 30 years - i just need to find the last box of stuff stashed somewhere.(should be more wheeled APC's and more Hinds )

All together 75 vehicles - so 150 points.. just about keeps me on track

From Ray

I think you certainly did need an easier paint job than all that luvverly tartan from last week! And why not go for 6mm vehicles, I'm not sure you'll earn 150 points as easy again Dave. Makes me wish I had some 6mm vehicles to paint up? Actually I have, I've some 6mm Viking and Saxon Longships somewhere???
I shall look forward to seeing these in another of your batreps Comrade!

From LeeH: British Colonial Infantry Marching (50 Points)

The first British units I have painted are six companies of British infantry marching. I'm planing on painting the same six companies three times; first marching; then in a formed firing line; and last as an extended skirmish line. The idea is this will give me some tactical options on the tabletop... that is if I ever settle on a set of rules!! Once I have these completed I plan on painting some artillery and if I have time, cavalry. This project will keep me going long after the challenge ends as there are such a wide range of units available, including lots of Boer irregulars, Natal Native Contingent and other specialist companies.

Six companies in march formation

Needless to say painting British colonial infantry is a 'bit' more challenging than painting Zulu's. Fortunately they come in smaller units so I was able to lavish more detail and time on these figures. I have opted for buff coloured field helmets, not the bright white ones seen in the movies. However I stuck with parade ground white belts and pouches. I also remembered (at the last moment) to include white straps on the Martini-Henry rifles.

Marching in column

Front, Side and Rear view

From behind, Martini-Henry rifles ready for action

I haven't labelled these bases although I probably will when I paint up the formed companies. I found these a daunting challenge but now that I have finished my first set I feel the next lot will progress a lot easier so expect to see more British Infantry in coming weeks. 

Six bases each containing 16 infantry figures equals 96 figures or 48 points. Not as many as the large Zulu units I have been working on until now, but a lot more detailed!

From Ray

Excellent brushwork Mr H! You've got some great detail in there, I can hardly focus on the photo's let alone the actual figures!!
So let me get this right......Your painting the same regt again twice in 2 different poses? And Curt call's me mad!?!
I shall look forward not only to getting a game with these, but also to see there fellow selves in different poses being painted and posted in the Challenge!
I'm feeling kinda generous even after your text the other night! So I'll add an extra 2 points to your total making it a 50 point post, just for adding the white strap on the rifles. I think I may have left that out of the paint job.

It's that time of the week once again.....

Yes its Wednesday!!
Which means Moanian Ray time!!!
As you can see below, I'm feeling rather more sprightly and energetic this morning.
I've finished my exercises and am nearly ready for another days work trying to 
sell beer & cider in the South East of England.

Its still quite early, but we've got 6 entries in so far, so look out throughout the day
for them popping on your screen!

Apologies if the pic put you off your Cornflakes!

Not really!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

From: SebastianR - Dogs! (35 points)

So here are those dogs I promised. Look its been a busy time ok?

Turns out I'm better at identifying dog breeds than I thought.

This, I believe is an Irish Wolfhound.

It might be worth noting that some of these were sold to me as 30mm. I thought there wouldn't be much of difference but I was wrong. I had to clip bases back to the minimum to get these to fit on 25mm bases. Even so this one seemed rather oversized and *one google search later* bloody hell those things are big!

I'm well aware of the internet's penchant of paring particularly large animals with particularly small women, but even by those standards these dogs are massive. 

Speaking of massive dogs, the next breed is a Baskerville hound. That's a real thing right?

It was giant and ornery so it looked like it deserved to be a giant black predator hunting fictional detectives across the moors of Victorian England.

It's original colour scheme was so black that none of the highlighting showed up on the photo... or at distance for that matter... so I added some less subtle highlighting to compensate. I'm not entirely sure it's an improvement. Have I mentioned that I hate painting animals? Actually, any large smooth surface, flesh in particular.

I am, however, happy with the outcome on this wee guy.

I'm note sure what breed it is (but I'm sure you can enlighten me ad nauseum in the comments). It looks like some cross between a chihuahua and a miniature German Shepherd.

I've never tried blending, and I'm not sure if that's what I've done here, but I think I got the colours to blend really well.

Here's group shot of them all

That's 7 28mmish dogs for a total of 35pts if I am correct.

I was hoping to get a wastelander done to play with them but he'll have to wait for another time.

Instead - as a bonus for you - I finally chose a flock style for my early war French, so here's my BFG entry with some nice happy basing (why yes I did bloodily rip off was inspired by JamesM!)
 Who let the dogs out? WHO WHO WHO?! Well Sebastian obviously! Great to see you make up on your promise and show us these lovely doggies. Personally I think you've nailed the breeds down very well so I will not comment on those. I share your aversion of painting animals. I never seem to get the texture right, you did exceedingly well with yours though! I can see this pack roaming the Post-Apocalypse landscape or ranging through Fellstad or something like that. 35 points will be added to your doghouse this evening.

From: BrettM - Walking Dead Expansions, Part 1

Finally got around to painting the extras from the Walking Dead miniatures game I got from the kick starter Mantic did.

This is about 1/3 of the minis from 3 expansions that they had with the kickstarter.

 Only know I think one character out of all these that I painted. Haven't kept up with the show and never did read the comics. Would be nice to one day though.

 I jumped on this kickstarter when they launched it due to my love of walking dead at the time and well of course Zombie things. Have still yet to even try the game out.

The guy in the middle is Glen from the show and comics.

The guy in the middle on this pic is Tyreese? I think?? Had to get something out to boost him up for the camera. Good looking mini when seen in person. Didn't take to much time on these guys. Just base coats and some army painter washes. I think they turned out pretty well though. Seeing how they are just board game type minis. I have 15 of them at 28mm for a total points of 75

Now Brett, don't sell yourself short "just base coats and army painter washes" they really look good to me! Sometimes we need figures done quick to get them on the table and yes that means putting less detail on them than we would like, but from these I would not be able to see you do so, I like them a lot. I am more a Van Helsing (both movie and series) guy rather than Walking Dead but it's iconic status will not have escaped anyone out there. Are you planning to do a game soon? Will you brief us as to your findings on playing it and perhaps some shots with these guys in action?

Anyway, yes 75 points will be added to your Z-kill ratio this evening ;-)

From: MartinC - The Tale of the Numidian Warriors and the Massive Beaver (255 points)

These Numdians fought today,  lost badly.  Not their fault, I blame the General. I bought them in the Northstar Christmas sale (75p each - Bargain)

I was playing the Republican Romans using KoW and they get a single throw pilum so I needed some markers - no idea how many points 1/2 each sounds OK

My 2nd elephant, Northstar safari collection. I cast the bodies and legs from a Numidian cavalryman

This Numidian Cavalryman

Finally the massive Beaver

Mr Lee 40mm Beaver.Very cool fig,not as good as the Gorilla King but a good fig

Tale of the tape

40 28mm infantry = 200pts
1x 28mm elephant= 30pts
1x28mm cavalry = 10
8xmarkers = 4pts?
1x40mm beaver = 7

Total 251pts

Martin, those Numidians are very good indeed! They really look the part, with very nice shields and great basing to finish them of in grand style. That beaver is a lot of fun and I like the details like the gnawed on logs on the base. I will not be called a miser and will award you 1 point each for the markers, novel idea by the way ;-) all in all a very nice entry for today.