Saturday, 16 March 2019

From LeeH - Kung Foo Panda (5 points)

Today's entry is just a small one and is just a little bit of whimsey. I came across this model last year and couldn't resist buying it, just for fun. The Panda is 19mm tall (including the hat) and is made by Bombshell Miniatures. I've not heard of them before but a quick look at their website shows an interesting and eclectic mix of fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk miniatures in various scales. The handful of points I'll get for this figure isn't going to rock my final score by any massive amount, but it was great fun to put together and paint.

The blossom-covered tree I found in a local model shop and all it needed was some filler (and a dab of paint) to turn the wireframe into something better resembling a knarled wood trunk. I also knew I had some suitable bases I could probably use and sure enough, I found this one. Its resin but that's about all I can tell you. I have no idea when or where I bought it, I'm just glad that it has finally found a use.

In order to fix the Panda to the base, I had to cut away and file down the integral base. With the bottom of the feet now flat I inserted a pin in one of the legs so that I could get a strong bond with the new resin base. A tiny dab of fast setting epoxy was then used to bind the two together in what I hope is a strong bond.

I have a couple more entries that I am trying to finish for the end of the challenge, so I'm heading back to my painting desk to crack on with those.


Now, that is an unexpectedly cute little entry Lee and a welcome break from nasty puppies, little beardy guys and such like. And the sandbag is a nice nod to Challenge traditions.

Given that you had to do extra work with the tree (and the panda), I'm going to score them together as a 28mm foot figure. Hopefully that will teach you not to try diddling yourself out of points! Hah!

From Curt: LotR Warg Riders (20 Points)

Just a short post before we head out the door to visit me ma. 

Here are two Lord of the Rings Warg Riders. These are metal castings from the early releases and were a real joy to work on. 

Funny enough, I've had these two bad lads done since the first few weeks of the Challenge, but I wanted to bulk them out with a few more models to make a more substantial force. Anyway, I made the mistake of picking up a box of the newish plastic ones and, well, what can I say but: Ewww.  

It's not that the plastic models are that bad, but after working on the earlier, crisply sculpted metal guys the new ones really suffer in comparison. So much so that they're still sitting 75% done on my desk.  Sigh. I know I won't be able to muster the will to get them done before the end of the Challenge, so I figure I'd best run with these guys for now. 

I had a bit of fun with the fur coats on these two wargs, making them a little more punchy and hyena-like than in the drab beasts in the movies.

Maybe later this spring I'll get the other six done to join up with these, but they'll have to wait for now as I have a couple other entries I want to get done before we call it a wrap next Wednesday.  

Okay, these chaps should give me 20 more points for my painful climb to my 1200 point goal...

Tamsin, thanks for scoring me in and being the Trolly Dolly today - much appreciated. See you folks in a couple of days. Have a great weekend and paint hard!




Look, Captain Campbell, there's absolutely no reason for you to have popped back into the cockpit. As you can see, I'm completely in control of this flight. What do you mean "But, we're upside down!"? Tsh!

Magnificent work on the wargs and riders. The beasties look quite ferocious, as do the puppies they are riding.

20 points you say? Hmm, that's divisible by 5...

Tell you what, I'll deduct a point from each for disturbing me in the cockpit and then add 2 bonus points back to make it divisible by 5 again. Now, for the last time, flying upside down is perfectly normal and safe, so you can go on your little road trip in the full knowledge that we'll be here when you return.

From PaulO'G: Lupi Feroces (60 points)

My last scheduled Saturday submission (sat that 3 times!) is a final addition to my Orci Invicti army aka Romanised Orcs.  Roman Legions predominantly used Auxilia to deliver scouting and cavalry forces.  I have chosen to deliver these effects to my army not through mounted forces but trained wolves: the Lupi Feroces.

The 11 wolves are directed by a Beast Master (not scored for this submission)

These are Northstar figures from their Frostgrave range. I have based them in the same frozen ash style as the rest of my Romanised Orc army, using the 3-2-1 method for Dragon Rampant.  I intend to use them as a lesser warbeast unit.

Hungry like the Wolf indeed!
This unit completes the Orci Invicti force - Army pics to follow :-)

I enjoyed doing the different colours to make them all unique, giving the pack a mixed look
Eleven 28mm figs totals 55 points (the Orc predates AHPC and doesn't count) - which should take me to just over a grand total of 1300 points for AHPC IX.  That's likely my last submission for this season and gives me great new PB to finish on. Thanks for all the fun!


I hear the call of the wild. No, hold up. It was just the neighbour. Phew!

Those wolves look great Paul and will be an excellent addition to your Orcii Romanii. I do like the winter basing, so will add a couple of bonus points. And then a few more for five-divisibility. Take 60 points and begone with you!

From Dave D - Sudan, Bengal Lancer camel troop (80 points)

Yes dear readers it camel time! It seemed only right for this to be the post that takes me over my challenge target.

I picked up a copy of Cassels War in the Soudan a few years ago published in the 1880s which had a line drawing of Indian troops with turban , with a lance, mounted on a camel. The 9th Indian light cavalry known as Hodkins Horse were deployed to the Sudan and were sabre and carbine armed. However the mahdists habit of lieing on he floor and striking with thier swords at the horses caused the cavalry to reuse some of the mahdists spears to get at em ... turning into using lances. Anyway i figure it seemed a natural progression to use a mount more suited to Sudan so with a limited bit of reference I decided to form a troop of these to add the rest of the regiment .

These are a marriage of Connoisuer Bengal Lancer figure with camels from the same range. These are original Peter Gilder sculpts that inspired the collection . The camels at at least 40 years old sculpts but are still my favourite camels from all the ranges out there.

I did my usual of soldering in the piano-wire lances to the hands . I had to make a bit of pommel for front of a saddle from milliput. Over very pleased with them

So 8 mounted = 80 points ... and that is me over my challenge target with a couple of days to go...and unless Millsy has a mega sandbag in play the honours in our duel...

I may have one more submission up my sleeve .. we will see


I wondered if we'd see some more hairy-smelly-spitty things, and here you are bringing us eight of them. And their camels riders!

Great work Dave, but only eight of them? Surely there must be more to come?

Anyway, I've already abused my minion-power once to round you off to a multiple of 5 and as you have conveniently let this lot's score be so divisible, I won't award any more bonuses.

From EvanH: I ATEN'T DEAD (40 points)

So I missed my last week as minion to the Wednesday Warriors owing to an episode of... well, let's just say that the laws of physics must have been broken at some point, because there's NO way a human body can expel that much at such high pressure in two directions at once over a 24-hour period.

Thankfully, Curt sent out the call, and Nurse Barks stepped into the breach to administer a course of treatment, ensuring the prompt delivery of the Wednesday submissions. Thank you Barks!

But I'm fine now, just a little dehydrated...

As we head into the last days of the Challenge, we're all rushing to finish the remaining figs on this year's lead pile. Here's my attempt to draw a line under at least one project;

Yep, it's the rest of the Blood Bowl team from the 'Sports' Bonus Theme Round. The Durinhold Tectonics can now field twelve players!

I love these characterful old Gary Morley sculpts, and it's great to see the entire team back together at last.

Second half of this last weekly submission for Challenge IX is a Reaper Bones Griffin.

This is a good monster to have in reserve to bolster up a fantasy army, or throw into a wilderness adventure in an RPG.

Its folkloric and mythical antecedents date back to the Classical Era, when Greek historian and travel writer Herodotus spoke of "the gold-guarding gryphons" which lived in Central Asia.

The figure is based on a 60mm Warbases MDF round, which was textured using Vallejo White Pumice Paste. This was painted and decorated with Tajima Tufts, the best in the biz for my money. For those of you playing at home, the tufts in question are Flowers, Wild Grass, and Leafy Shrub.

Scoring-wise, we have five 28mm Dwarves at five points each, and a monster who will likely come in at 10 points (based on my manticore), so that's 35 points this Saturday.

Hope I can meet my target, I'm a bit behind the eight ball thanks to the week's events.

And there's still the matter of Curtgeld as well!

Stay tuned...



Ahhh, the joys of high velocity projectile illness...

Those dwarves do look jolly good and that phoenix is awesomesauce. I won't disagree with your suggested scoring, which ends in a 5...

Ev, you horrible, horrible man! I can't abuse my minion power to award you extra rounding up points if you are already divisible by 5. curses! I'll just have to score that mythical beast as three 15mm mounted. and add 3 bonus points to make the score divisible by 5! So, go stick that in one of your dwarves' pipes and smoke it!

From DaveD - Aircraft , Boulton Paul Defiant, Fairey Battle ,P38 Lightning (55 points)

My last aircraft entry of the challenge . First up 4 1/200th aircraft for my 1940 RAF collection.  These are by Dave at Armaments in Miniatures - and are great little resin casts. I have also now sourced a host of acrylic propeller spinners and have started adding these to planes in the collection.

A pair of Boulton Paul Defiants -- oh i am so looking forward to taking on the me109's at the front .. NOT

Plus a couple of Fairey Battles

Next up is a die cast 1/44th  P38 from the bring & buy at Hammerhead  i picked up for pennies - it just needed a bit of TLC with some fresh paint , highlights and invasion stripes adding .  This time it had a olive drab base colour so I went with that as a base and tarted it up from there . so about 4 points for this one.

I have really enjoyed doing the aircraft this challenge - its a boyhood model making love rekindled!


I've enjoyed seeing all your kites flying off your paint desk Dave. I've had to look back at previous entries for the scoring, and think you might have diddled yourself out of a few points, It seems that your Dorniers were scored as 15mm vehicles, so that's what I've gone with for the Faireys and Defiants; for the Lightning I've gone with 28mm vehicle as it is 1/44 scale. that comes out as 52 points, but to continue my theme of power abuse (it must be the altitude making me light-headed), I'll throw in some extras to round it off at 55. And don't you go running off to Curt complaining!

From Barks: Curtgeld and other madness (95 points)

My Curtgeld this year is Tolkien's go-to monster: a giant spider. I did the beady eyes gloss, but it doesn't really show as well as I would like. This is a metal Reaper miniature on a 60mm base. I've left the base simple for Curt's flocking pleasure.

I'm also happy to have knocked out some more figures for Mansions of Madness:

Spy, jazz musician, sailor, waitress


Dimensional Shamblers

The Formless Spawn is supposed to be a protoplasmic tarry black blob. I painted it dark grey with a rattle can overspray in grey and white, then a black ink. I wasn't sure how to do the eyes, but they came out OK. I'm thinking about giving them a gloss coat. It is on an 80mm base.

Formless Spawn

I should also gloss coat these Deep Ones. They're a bit larger and on 30mm bases.

So, I'm claiming:

Spider 25 points incl. Curtgeld
Formless Spawn 12 points
Deep Ones 12 points
Everyone else 40 points

Total 89 points


Whewie! That's some great painting Barks! I love the black on those two warlocks.

Thanks for your suggested scoring, but we'll have to agree to disagree. I'm scoring the formless spawn as a 28mm vehicle and the deep ones as 40mm foot. Add on the Curtgeld points and that's 94 points, not 89. And because I don't like seeing totals indivisible by 5 I'll add another point. And I won't brook any dissent from you, so there!

From StefanK: ACW Union Troops (255 points)

Main part of my winter efforts were troops for our presentation game at Tactica in Hamburg in February. Namely ACW Union troops. Somehow I didn't manage to post the units step by step so I'll present them all in one go now.

For our game we needed several units of Union infantry. So I promised my friend Holger to deliver two 24 men units respectively four units of 12 figures. One of the units was painted before the Painting Challenge started but the other was to enter and leave the painting table around Christmas. Here it is:

The unit is made of 24 figures from the Perry Miniatures plastic boxes. Here obviously mainly skirmishing poses from box ACW120. Of course it's a bunch of work to clean and assemble all those parts but they deliver a wonderful variety of combinations to create unique units.

Two bases carry the colours. One the Union flag and one the regimental flag. They are by top-notch flag maker GMB Designs who delivers some of the best flags on the market. I decided to split the colours to have them truely in the centre of the unit when fielding all six bases. When using two 12 men units then each of them keeps one flag. To my mind that looks better than having two flags in a smallish unit of three bases.

The whole unit is based with for figures per 40mm x 40mm base. Somehow that took root as our standard basing for Blackpowder games.

Every infantry brigade need a certain amount of artillery support. Thus I prepared three guns and four crew men per piece.

Two of the guns were based properly and with its crew properly attached to the base. The figures and guns are again by Perry Miniatures and come from their excellent plastic box. It contains enough parts to build three guns, three limbers and 18 crew. It is also versatile enough to produce either Union or Confederate artillery.

With the describtion from the leavlet it's possible to build figures according to the ACW artillery drill which I did more or less.

The third battery is kind of unfinished. The gun itself is painted as the other pieces are but the crew is kind of substitute. All four figures are completely painted but actually they are the remaining crewmen of the first two guns. They are meant to operate the limbers but in this time of dearth they were ordered to handle the third gun. Thus they haven't been based yet...

Command Vignettes
Those reliable Yanks needed some commanding officers of course. For our game I had the honour and pleasure to deliver a brigade commander and a divisional commander. The first one was made from the plastic sprue that the Perrys deliver when ordering Blackpowder 2 from them:

Actually I wanted to give him a standard bearer aside but then I noticed that this plastic figure is significantly smaller then the metal cavalry figures. Thus he had to stay on his own and I mounted him on a rund 40mm base. Nevertheless it's a wonderful frame. It has enough parts to build a Union or Confederate officer and has a large variety of options. Additionally it's compatible with the plastic boxes delivering even more options. For this very special incarnation of a Union colonel I used the plastic figure as a base, assembled another head and made shoulder straps and collar from greenstuff. Actually the figure comes with seperate plastic shoulder straps but I cut them when I tried to loosen them from the sprue so I had to sculpt new ones.

However our division needed a commander so I made another base representing this honourable officer:

Here we have three mounted soldiers. All by Perry Miniatures as well: One mounted general, a standard bearer and a trumpeter. The officer comes from one of the mounted generals sets while the soldiers are actually cavalrymen in sack coates. From my humble point suitable enough for an escort.

This time the flag isn't by GMB. It's rather a product of yours truely himself because he forgot to order the correct standard and didn't realise it until it was too late. Thus there was no other way then printing the flag by himself. Anyway I'm rather satisfied with the result.

Well that's it. In addition to the priorly painted unit all the stuff I brought to Tactica and main project this winter:
  • 24 men unit of infantry. Flags by GMB only glued to shape and edges repainted. Whole unit based on 40mm x 40mm bases with four figures per base.
  • 3 artillery pieces and 12 crewmen. Two guns with crew based on scenic bases, one gun and four crewmen unbased.
  • 1 mounted brigade commander. Based on 40mm round base. Multi-part plastic figure with converted head. Collar and rank insignia resculpted with greenstuff.
  • 3 men divisional command vignette. Three mounted figures. Standard self-made. Based on an oval base of 100mm x 50mm
Having finished those in time really made me happy and maybe kind of proud. Although my club fellows brought more figures by far, it was the largest amount of figures I provided to a presentation game until now. We'll set up ACW for another small convention in Germany again and I'm looking forward to seeing my Yanks on the field again. In Hamburg they earned their stripes and helped to win the day twice.


Top notch work on these blue-bellies Stefan. Those command vignettes are definitely the biz.

I make that 250 points for the infantry, artillery crew, guns and mounted figures; another 3 points for the flags and then 2 more just so your score ends in a 5!

Tamsin Takes T'Reins

Well, passengers and fellow flight crew, it does seem as though we are on the approach to our final altitude. And it does look as though we may even exceed the target altitude. Well done to everyone. But don't stop turning those pedals just yet.

Captain Campbell is taking a break from the flight controls today and has left me in charge. Hopefully you will all remember the emergency instructions you were given before take off. Just as a little reminder, parachutes were an optional extra when you booked. What's that? You didn't think the £100,000 non-refundable charge was worth it? Well, that's not really my fault is it.

In-flight entertainment today is being provided (so far) by Stefan, Barks, Dave D, Ev and Dave D (again). You can expect to see bluebellies, arachnids, warplanes (no need to worry about the rat-a-tat sounds and holes in the fuselage and wings...), short beardie chaps and some hairy-smelly-spitty things!

Today's crayons are puce and ochre.

Nurses Barks and Docherty will be around with the medications at some point this morning.

A Saturday Special Guest Returns

Families can be funny sometimes.

Hi All!

I'm off to visit me ma in Saskatoon so Tamsin's kindly agreed to keep you all entertained until I get back. So behave and she just might just let you play with the emergency door levers. 

Back soon!