Thursday, 23 February 2017

From SimonM: "Black Tree Design" Sutekh The Destroyer (5 Points)

"It was a deliberate attempt to block my cytronic control."
This 28mm metal model of Sutekh is manufactured by “Black Tree Design” and can be bought as code DW412 from their "Doctor Who" range. An Osiran "who planned to destroy all life in the Universe, this extra-terrestrial was eventually defeated by his brother Horus and, having been imprisoned beneath an Egyptian pyramid was first seen in the October 1975 BBC Television science fiction serial "The Pyramids Of Mars".

Before painting this miniature I decided to invest a little time and money constructing an Egyptian-flavoured base for the figure, and resultantly super-glued Gabriel Woolf's character onto the (hollowed out) metal throne which accompanies him. I then placed the model upon one of the thin 50mm round plastic bases I use for my larger objective markers, and used two 40mm square "Lord Of The Sand" resin bases as an improvised backdrop. Unfortunately, it was only once I had started painting Sutekh that I realised what an unwise decision I had made...
"All life shall perish under the reign of Sutekh the Destroyer!"
To begin with both the immobile Osiran and his basalt chair were painted with two coats of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, whilst the carved wall behind him was primed with "Vallejo" Iraqi Sand. I then dry-brushed Nephthys' husband with "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal and gave him a wash of "Citadel" Nuln Oil. His throne was repeated with more Abaddon Black in order to make it stand out from the seated figure.

The relief sculpture was subsequently washed with "The Army Painter" Strong Tone Quickshade and dry-brushed with more "Vallejo" Iraqi Sand. I did consider picking out some of the characters on the wall with blue, red and gold. However, I felt this would detract from the central all-black figure and draw the eye away from where I wanted it to go. I therefore left the sandstone backdrop alone.
Sutekh WIPs - The Osiran was undercoated with "Citadel" Abaddon Black
It was at this point that I encountered my error in super-gluing the Typhonian Beast in place, as it meant I could no longer get my brush-tip behind the miniature and 'pick out' some of his red piping. This led to my colour scheme taking a couple of departures away from the 'official' televised version, as I could only paint the hands, arms and face of Sutekh with a combination of "Vallejo" Heavy Red and "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson; thereby missing out the piping around the waist and on the neck.

For all the issues, he does make an impressive objective piece. I quite know the pain of building before painting. On the one hand I find it easier to paint GW marines and most multi-part kits in sub-assemblies. The con would be losing components in the pile-o-lead before completion. He still looks initimidating although you weren't able to hit a few areas though. I like the addition of the slabs behind his throne. They enhance the stage further!

From PeterD Seven Years' War Camp Scenes (40 points))

This week I have two posts, both for my on going SYW Sharp Practice project.  First up is this set of 8 figures from Camp Scene with a couple of personality and leader figures.

Group shot, blurry but shows the whole gang

Heinz is trying to get in Katerina's good books by being helpful around the campfire.
Most of the these figures come from a Perry AWI camp set.  It says much about my Challenge Progress that these were originally set as a "Home" theme entry and then as a "West" theme entry (as in Westfalia).  I am picturing this as a camp shared by Hanoverian Jaegers and British Light Dragoons.  The AWI uniforms are spot on for the Jaegers (in green waistcoats) and close enough for the Light Dragoons in red.  The dragoons have changed their riding boots for more comfy footwear, the Hessians have taken off their coats and gaiters and some non-regulation head gear has appeared.
He's tempted by what she's got cooking, and supper smells good too!

Franz is explaining that Handel is vastly over-rated and that Bach is the true musical genius of his generation.  Joseph doesn't look convinced.

I am pretty sure that we've all had this conversation with Franz at some point in our lives 

While Schmidt scans the horizon, Herr Mueller is more interested in his book.
 These two figures came in a command pack of Hessian infantry at rest.  The fellow on the left was a quick conversion to a civilian.  I cut out the gorget and added a ruffle with paint.   I picture using him as a physician, clergy man or spy.  The fellow on the right has been painted as a Hessian artillery officer to act as a junior leader for my Hessian gun crew.
From the rear.  These were lovely sculpts to paint.

The other dragoons are very jealous of Thomas for winning fair Sophia.  The colour of Sophia's dress has absolutely nothing to do with a still from Emma Watson in the live action Beauty and the Beast.

This scene reminds rather of "historical" pictorials in certain magazines that I read as a teenager during the Carter era.

Back side view of the campers.
Points wise that's 8 28mm foot figures.  For the record one figure (Franz) is seated and Joseph and Thomas are recumbent, if that affects point scores.  All three figures are quite complete but I'll leave that to the minion's judgement.  Also I'll note that the presence of Katerina and Sophie mean that this is a potential entrant for Sarah's challenge. 

HMMM, I dunno, Peter. I think that with Katerina's posture, she seems to be seconds from smacking Heinz with her ladle( I KNOW that body posture well thanks to my wife!) As for music, Beethoven is the master, but not yet as he is almost a decade away from birth! ;)
I like this camp set quite a bit and they will dress up the table quite well. you just need some stacks of firewood, carts, wagons, some tents, a barn, you'll also need a borrowed manor house as we know full well the senior oficers just get grumpy if they have to sleep on the ground! I think my favorite part of this group is incorporating a few of the fellows into your painted regiments. That simple bit of brushwork really ties them into your force.

Yet More 15mm Trucks - JamesM (50 points)

Hi Folks,

I'm afraid yet more Russian Uniform painted vehicles from yours truly. This time the remaining battery vehicles I didn't quite finish in time for Sunday.

This entry consists of 4 x Battlefront 15mm CMP 15cwt trucks and 1 x Battlefront 15mm 4WD Heavy Utility vehicle - along with 7 x 15mm Battlefront infantry figures. For a total of 5 vehicles and 7 infantry.

Sticking to the same idea as before, each of the bases has a theme.

For my 79th Medium Regiment, 4AGRA guys, I went with a 'packing/unpacking' theme. The troops are carrying boxes, cable reels and a knapsack, while being directed somewhere by a helpful NCO. Meanwhile an officer and sentry watch them.

For my Polish battery vehicles, I went with some poor sod having to change a truck tyre, while his two mates (who are supposed to be helping him) look for an opportunity to go search the locality for some 'Ouefs' or 'Vino'. Perhaps as Poles they have a better grasp of French that their Scottish allies!

The Poles are totally finished, other than some magnetic basing required. The 79th Medium vehicles are lacking the formation badge decal (with the Arm of Service marking hand painted, I would like to switch it for something better in the future). No one makes what I need, so I'm investigating other options.

Onto the next batch of vehicles for my artillery (*sigh*) this time consisting of a load of Matador trucks for the 5.5" guns. In the meantime, here's some pics of the finished (during the challenge) since January Polish and Medium batteries!

I really like the weathering and vignette application on your bases. Often support is overlooked in games(and real life) although the trucks and men of the support teams are vital especially for artillery units, the model choices do range in vanilla. Offloading trucks, changing tires, pouring over battlemaps; all this really captures a story and ties them in to the unit. They are definitely not vanilla anymore and are very much part of the action. Excellent work, James!

From Ethan M - Sertorius and Swedes - (134 points)

Hello again everyone. This week brings about the last of the Sertorian Romans, as well as the conclusion of a totally different project. First, we have three mounted generals.

First up, we have a mounted Roman general.

Next, one of the local Spanish nobility in the Roman style but a much more colourful blue.

And finally, a surly-looking and balding Roman dignitary; in fact, this is none other than Marcus Perpenna Vento, the man who would ultimately betray Quintus Sertorius to his death.

Switching gears, last fall I participated in a project among some of the local Hoosier gamers for the Great Northern War. As such, I painted an army of 15mm Swedes for the campaign. To add to the points tally this week I decided to throw together a pair of cavalry brigades to add to the forces destined to repulse the Russian savages and treacherous Saxons from the Baltic.

A close up of a German dragoon brigade fighting beneath the banner of Charles XII.

As well as a shot of the South Scanian Cavalry Brigade. Classified as Horse, consider them unarmoured Cuirassiers.

Last, a shot of the standard bearer from the South Scanian brigade from behind. I do like their heraldry.

Currently, I'm working on the finishing touches of the Spanish Scutarri and preparing for some Celtiberians to join Sertorius' forces. There may be additional Swedes joining the roster in the future. These two brigades bring my GNW army to 6 brigades of foot, 2 of horse, and 3 of dragoons.

A total of 27 cavalry this week, 24 in 15mm and 3 in 25mm. Hopefully next week will be a bit more productive. Until next time!

The commanders of your Sertorius Legion look really fine in officer finery. I quite like your Spanish officer in blue.
The Northern war Germanic cavalry look very striking too. I'd imagine that your infantry will be able to advance comfortably against the Russians with these fellows guarding the flanks! I'd really like to see them arrayed with your infantry as well. The banners are very fine too! 

From BenitoM: More Dashing Hussars (40 points)

A long abscence but here I am again, with the four final models of my Napoleonic French Hussars unit. This time the command group (officer and trumpet) plus two troopers.

You may remember I opted for the 3rd Hussar's Regiment livery, wearing a faded grey-blue uniform with red pippings. The trumpet, as ususal in these units, wore reverse colours (red uniform and blue pipping) and mounted a white stallion.

Some close shots...

...and now the full unit, ready to charge any British or Spanish unit in the Peninsular soil. I hope they'll make a magnificent view on the war table!!

I still have to undertake the painful task of putting some LBM transfers in the sabretaches. I now add 40 points to my general score and also to my Sharp Practice duel score.

My next target is a second Hussars unit, this time in campaign dress. Most likely I will paint in the unifrom of the 1st Hussar Regiment, which also saw action in Spain. My painting schedule nonetheless is uncertain, as my wife is just about to begin a breast cancer treatment, following two successful surgery intervention over the past 3 weeks. Although you can never be too assertivewith this disease, the prognosis looks good at this stage.

There is no finer cavalry unit of the Napoleonic Era than Hussars IMHO. With the pelisse flashing behind them and all the bling, they do seem to strike as great in pagentry as they do on the charge...providing no highlanders are forming square in front of them! ;) This particular unit is very flashy in the subdued blue grey and red. very fine work, Benito!
I will pray that all turns out well for your family, and you will be able to enjoy a fine spring and summer with your little one once this passes.

From PeterD SYW Light Dragoons (40 points)

I am contining to grind away at the 15th Light Dragoons, with another 4 figures for this post.  There are 4 28mm cavalrymen for 40 points, a typical week for me recently or the output from a MilesR coffee break.  As with the previous Light Dragoons these are Perry Miniatures from the AWI range.

Front view
My challenge progress has been slow of late.  A busy work schedule and a bug of some sort.  However, it's break week at Uni so some staycation time is allowing me to catch up on marking, sleep and painting.

Back view

Once more from the front.
I hope you recover from your bug before your time off concludes,Peter! It is entirely unfair to be strickened with germs while having free time!
I quite like these dragoons and it's nice to see the 15th are getting further reinforcements. I also quite like these Perry sculpts. It's a shame they don't fit too well in my theatre of operations, as I'd like to steal those horses! :)   

Thirsty Thursday, not to be confused with Taco Tuesday

Finally it is Thursday! 
It was my long work week and I'm looking forward to hitting the brushes and relaxing just a touch. 
Peter has a couple of posts ready, as does Benito with some Lace Wars goodies. James has a convoy of trucks and Ethan has some more Romans and a drastic departure from dress wearing Italians. 
I'd autoprogram all of them, but that would be too lazy!
I will be up in a few hours to deliver the kids to school and will begin to parade all the Thursday eyecandy with a nice cup of coffee. I will be sure to spread em out a bit so be sure to check back often.
I'm going to pace myself as I am obligated to splatter the walls with paint and leave a few chipped coffee cups and scatter a few empty beer bottles with a fine detritus of pizza crusts. 
If I don't leave a slovenly mess, Tamsin won't be able to grouse! ;) 

Usually I prefer some relaxing chords from the Ramones or even soothing vocals from most any Heavy Metal band, but it's been a long rough week and some Supertramp would make a better reset. ; )