Tuesday, 9 April 2019

From TeemuL: Things you do for love

The original idea for this Challenge was to paint vast armies for the re-released Lord of the Rings (or Middle-Earth) Strategy Battle Game. Then I decided to join the Squirrel side challenge. Then Urban Conquest was released for WH40K and I decided to really get back in to that game after 10+ year pause and start a new army...

I did manage to accomplish my personal goals, I hit the target of 900 points, I participated all Theme Rounds and I posted something each week. I managed to paint 11 Squirrels (but I didn't remember to report them in time to Duels Wallah). Above you can see all the painted minis (expect the forgotten ones) and below you can see the same minis and me.

It wasn't the hobbits this year, which I forgot, it was the Hoplites. I took a quick picture of them separately to get them to join this post.

All in all, again an excellent event, very well organized, lots of nice entries (too many to comment - or even read properly) and lots of progress on my armies. In fact, at the moment I own almost 100 unpainted miniatures less than I had 1st January!