Tuesday, 7 March 2017

From Curt: Spanish Civil War Moroccan Regulares Command Team (15 points)

Another small post from me this week. After reading the Monday Minion's braggadocio I thought that, in the interest of Commonwealth solidarity, I would make my submission with our Antipodean friends (and unlike a certain head-of-state, not 'hang-up' in the middle of the post). :)

This time it's a quartet of Moroccan Regulares: an NCO, a rifleman, their officer and his banner bearer. 

These 28mm castings are from the excellent Empress Miniatures SCW range, sculpted by the talented (and astonishingly prolific) Paul Hicks

For ease of identification on the tabletop, I use hex bases for officers, squares for NCOs and rounds for the foot-sloggers.

The NCO and Rifleman were started before the Challenge, so only the officer and flag bearer above are eligible for scoring.

These four will join the rest of my hard-bitten veterans in the cabinet.

Thanks for visiting folks and keep up the painting!

Paul & Alan - Team Tuesday is honoured by your presence amongst us oh mighty Snow Lord!  Lovely additions to your growing SCW collection and hard bitten chaps they appear to be too.  A great job on some lovely sculpts.  That collection of veterans is looking rather formidable!

Thats 15 points for the two eligible figures with a bonus for both the flag and as a donation toward the wall you guys are building along your southern border...  :-)

From BrendonW: Red and Black Light Cavalry (60 points)

6 x Perry Miniatures 28mm Light Cavalry charging into the rear of this painting challenge.

It's hard to believe that we have traveled through time to reach this point in this challenge. It's freaking March already! Well done everybody.

I found myself unexpectedly with more time on my hands the past week so managed to get these 6 completed. The nice fine detail on these miniatures means they can take me longer to paint than many other miniatures.
Form a line!
Three go right!
The other way!
Copy the other three and go left!
I meant right!!
now..... RUN AWAY!...RUN AWAY!

This weeks weather was interesting with a Cyclone form near by but it sort of skimmed past us and was only a Category 1. One of the hazards of living in the tropics.
Hope you are enjoying your painting. Cheers from the Top End of Australia.

Paul & Alan: Lovely job Brendon - I love the individuality of the figures, who come together nicely as a unit.  The time you spent detailing them was well worth it!  A handy 60 points has been added to your total.

From Aled: The Curtgeld (25 points)

Here is my model for the Curtgeld, to be combined with the others from our group. Basing not done as Alan has offered to do that so that they all are consistent.

He seems to have taken his jacket off, so not as colourful as the average Landsneckt.
I really liked painting this model, so much going on. At some point whilst painting him I got it in my head that he might be somebody's dogsbody or offside man because he doesn't have any picture, or chest of gold, or woman for himself. Instead, he is stuck carrying the stolen food, important to do but without many thanks. It doesn't help he seems a bit sad.

"Gee Billy, why does your mum let you have a Roast Chook AND and Barrel of beer?"
But because of this, I kept imagining him saying silly things in the manner of Baldrick from the Blackadder series, following the others in the looting party on the inevitable "cunning plans".

A nice chunk of meat on this side.
I am quite pleased with the way he came out and I hope you like him, Curt.

Attempted Peacock Feathers, he has to have looted something of value.

From Paul: An excellent addition to our growing party of looters Aled!  He does indeed look a little like King Arthur's batman Patsy, just not banging two halves of a coconut together...

25 points for you Sir!

ChrisH: still painting but no points dump (127 points)

Time keeps ticking away and my diverse range of interests (butterfly effect) means you have the chance to see a really odd mix of miniatures. I have a huge board of undercoated or part painted miniatures that I just can't get to finish. Some I only just purchased, others are pretty old but are seeing the light of day for the first time in years but now on with the photos, some of these are pretty old too. We recently found an old camera and I wanted to see if worked still. Thus the images are a bit smaller than usual as when I altered the original down to 72dpi it really shrank the photo. Best part about this is that I and you can't see all the errors.
2 Airfix Cromwells at 1/76 scale with an AB commander please note that I had a couple of decals for this lot.
Knight, the first of many for a Lion Rampant force I am putting together, this is an old original Citadel Miniature that I think Foundry now produce. I am pretty sure the Perry's sculpted these 20 years ago?
Matchbox Krupp Protz another blast from the past

Second Hand Reaper Lich that I just loved, I forgot to take a photo of the back that shows nice a dirty cloak bottom.

Airfix Clam shell US Halftrack, the price on the clam shell was 79c Australian or around 40 pence UK. Gosh I hang on to so old gems (or as my loving wife says "Gosh you hand on to some C..P!")

Nice Nomads for the Infinity game. I think most of these are out of production now but they still hold up as great miniatures. Not as old as the halftrack above.

ESCI or Italieri SDKFZ 251 1/72

PSC Sdkfz 250/9 again in 1/72 scale, this was a free sprue that PSC kindly sent with a preorder of their re-done rule book for Battlegroup. Really looking forward to playing with this one. (Rules and Halftrack)
Yu Jing Ninja Sniper for Infinity following the basing scheme that I used in the last painting challenge.
Different angle, at 40 points or so in the game it is hard to justify but as it is a Ninja hey what is not to love about it!
Last lot for this post, some foundry Cavemen. I also picked these up second hand and a quick coat of Army Painter barbarian flesh and a night of insomnia and ta da a hunting party from 30,000BC

What is rather nice is that my miniatures span 32175 years of history. Cavemen to the near future of 175 hence.

Points wise 11 X 28mm Minis at 5 points each and 6 X 20mm Vehicles at 12 Points each thus 127 points if my maths still serves me.

By Paul: What a wonderfully eclectic mix of goodness this submission is Chris - I love it!

Your Maths does indeed serve you well - watch out that Miles doesn't corrupt you to the dar side too the spreadsheet...!

From GregB: Epic 30k Titans (80 Points)

Epic 30k Titans from loyalist and rebel factions...the galaxy will burn!
It's been neat diving into new periods (ancient/medieval) and new rules (SAGA and Hail Caesar) during this Challenge, but I still have a 30k side duel on my mind as we enter the closing stretch. During this edition of the Challenge I have been particularly pleased to see a number of others becoming interested in Epic 30k.  Byron, Iannick and John have all done some great stuff, and I've been humbled to be part of their inspiration - although this is often referred to as "corruption", but anyway...I think we might have Jamie hooked too...

I haven't painted much Epic 30k myself this Challenge, and that didn't seem right to me, so I approached the vast pending pile here at home last week and present to you some Titans - the penultimate war machines of the 30th Millenium!
Legio Mortis titans, with a some 6mm Space Marines to give a perspective on the size of the models
These models launched the whole Epic game set in the first place at GW, when they issued the game "Adeptus Titanicus".  While you can absolutely play a very fun and engaging game without any Titans on the table, their presence does add an entirely new dimension to the fun.  I mean, just look at these bonkers things...
Legio Gryphonicus engines with same Space Marines, again for size perspective...
As with the Space Marines, the fighting formations of the Titans in the 30k setting are also organized into Legions. Where the Space Marine Legions are pledged to the Emperor (or, they were initially, at any rate, LOL), the Titan Legions were pledged to the Mechanicum (a sort of parallel empire of technological knowledge based from Mars, an IT department from Hell) and the Forge World planet of their own founding.  As the Space Marine Legions divided during Horus' rebellion, so it was with the Titan Legions, with many opting to follow the glorious Warmaster.
Warhound class from the War Griffons, sporting Vulcan Mega Bolter and Plasma Blastgun
The specifics of the weapons are boring - bottom line, they wreck sh!t
I have painted Titans from opposing loyalist and rebel Legions so we can have Titan scraps here with the group.  The purple Titans are from the Legio Mortis, the so-called "Death Heads", one of the largest Titan Legions in service, they had been attached to Horus' expeditionary fleet for a long time and had no concerns joining him for his plans to Make Terra Great Again. The Death Heads rolled with Horus all the way to the siege of Terra, and smashed through the gates of the Imperial Palace itself during the great assault.
Reaver class titan of the War Griffons
Sporting a gatling cannon, a volcano cannon and apocalypse launcher (on top)
A bit of weathering on the feet...all that dust from the march, no matter how big you are...
The grey and yellow engines are from Legio Gryphonicus, known as the "War Griffons".  As Horus didn't trust this bunch to go along with his vision, he used his authority as Warmaster to ensure the War Griffons were spread out into smaller attachments throughout the Imperium. The opening phases of the Horus Heresy tended to be a series Pearl-Harbour type encounters where these small groups fell in glorious final defence of various doomed outposts and positions.  Ultimately the remnants of the Legio would gather together and even many scores once the assault on Terra had been repelled.
Reaver class titan from the Death Heads
The smaller walkers are "Warhound" class - "scout" (!) titans, an utterly hilarious concept given the size of the things, but they are, relatively speaking, faster and less heavily armed than the larger classes. Of the larger classes, there are several, but the ones you see here are "Reaver" class - "medium" (!!) battle titans.  These are frontline engines of war for the Titan Legions.
The beast is sporting a volcano cannon, turbo lasers and the ubiquitous apocalypse launcher (most common feature of this variant of titan)

There are four Titans shown in this submission, but only three were painted during the Challenge.  The Warhound for Legio Mortis was painted last summer.  I don't know what they will count for points-wise.  I suppose they are 6mm vehicles, but they are really damn big 6mm vehicles.  Paul and Alan will sort it out...

These models will see action during an Epic 30k demonstration game here in Winnipeg in a couple of weeks.  I'm looking forward to taking the Horus Heresy to "epic" levels - and I hope the other fans of Epic 30k continue with their own outstanding projects! Keep it up guys, it's great to see.

By Paul: Oh I do love me an epic scale Titan and have more than a few in a box.   Its quite fun to see a bunch of them duelling on the battlefield, completely ignoring the masses of infantry, tanks and artillery scuttling about them.  I once had half an army wiped out when a critical hit on a Titan triggered a nuclear meltdown, with rather disastrous consequences to all the Imperial Guard infantry arrayed around it! 

Great job Greg.  Noting their size, I've scored these as 40mm figures - I wish them well in their perpetual fight in the service of the dark Gods!

From Barks- Stormtrooper specialists (30 points)

This is my last Star Wars Tuesday, as I have run out of Imperial Assault stuff to paint! These are Jet Troopers,  'cause Stormtroopers really need to shoot stuff one handed whilst flying.

From the invaluable 501st Legion, I found that these are based on a Disney Star Tours attraction! I'm not a big fan of colour on Stormtroopers, but I can live with the monochrome grey piping. Follow the link for pics of 'the real thing'.

Finally, I found two old ISB Infiltrators I had yet to paint. And now my IA pile is empty!

By Paul: Well at least shooting stuff one handed whilst flying wont effect their accuracy any!
They look great regardless - nice job and well done on the awesome achievement of running out of figures to paint for a gaming system.

6 figs will net you a further 30 points and well done on upping your target to 1150 points!

By JamesL: Stuh 42 with infantry support (18 points)

Been a while since I have made my weekly submission, but thought I would escalate the cuteness challenge started by PaulOG and his lovely photobombing beagle pup, with these shots of our 2 week old ducklings providing (amphibious) infantry support to a Warlords 28mm Stuh 42.
This Stuh has been sitting around undercoated for a long time in my collection, and I finally thought it was time to bring it into action.
Around the same time we had 4 ducklings hatch from a collection of duck eggs we had inherited from a friend, and upon which we sat our broody duck to hatch them. We decided to hand rear these ones as there were other older ducklings who were showing signs of jealousy and safety could not be assured.
This one is training to be an Assault Gun rider, although more practice required.... The Stuh itself was painted with an Army Painter spray then Vallejo paints and wash for the rest. No ducklings were hurt in the making of this post, although I did have to clean duck poo off the tank commander afterwards.....

By Paul.  Unfortunately, you've chosen the wrong week to try and out-cute my puppy photobombs.  Hell hath no fury like a Minion scorned! -100 points :-)

By Sean M: Aaaaaarrrrrrr! (35 points)

Just a little post to show some figs I did for a local WarMachine tournament.

So here are some of the Privateer Sea Dog figures: First Mate Hawk, Lord Rockbottom and the Deck Gun Crew.

The Deck Gun Crew is pretty generic, and probably could be used with any 28mm pirate themed army. Just a normal batch of pirate-y, mismatched clothes for a non-unified appearance. This is one of the few gun models I've seen with the carriage pegged into the ground for recoil. The Deck Gun in game is sub-par to it's larger cousin, the Commodore Cannon, but this sub-par player likes his sub-par models.

There's nothing outlandish about First Mate Hawk, except that she is a lady sea dog (not using the technical term), and there's none of Privateer's egregious steam punk design elements involved. Rule wise, her crew adores/lusts for her, and will take a bullet for her, and to quote Dr P. Venkman, "She's a nimble little minx." In the fluff, she wears a lot of pink, but that was unappealing to my sensibilities.

Lord Rockbottom is a proper pirate dwarf, peg leg (check), bicorne (check), shabby-chic frock coat (check) - unlike GW's pirate slayers. He has an unfeasibly long cutlass, and a fire spouting blunderbuss; because a fire based weapon is something you should employ a hundred leagues from shore... He's the ship's paymaster, so he can use "coins" to boost a model's game performance. However, as the Deck Gun is the only Sea Dogs unit I have, his current utility is limited.

So just a little snippet whilst I push on to the bitter end of the Challenge. I spent a good part of Sunday bashing out another large unit while listening to podcasts. On that note, I highly recommend "The Fall of Rome" and "The Battle of Verdun" podcasts.


By Paul: What an outstanding group of scabrous sea dogs! Splice the mainbrace me hearty!
Thats 4 figures, a cannon and some extra points for a wonderfully nautical submission and outrageously oversized bicorne. Yarrrr :-)

Tuesday time !!!

Yes, its Tuesday once again - time for the Dynamic Duo from Down Under to minion up and present the latest submissions from the awesomely high performing Team Tuesday*

* Verified with the highest percentage of target completion, as measured by Miles. No cats were lubricated or harmed in generating these statistics...allegedly.

Meanwhile, it has been proven that these two individuals are NOT part of Team Tuesday.  Monday perhaps...
Two weeks to go.  No bonus rounds left...

Which is lucky, because the challenge is only against yourself!