Saturday, 6 April 2019

From DavidB: End of the Line

Another fantastic season of AHPC has come and passed. My output was diminished, but still pretty good considering all the training and family activities I had to do. Although I wish I had more time to devote to painting (and commenting), it was still quality time. A few cold dreary days were made much better by just viewing the content from my email.

A pretty good haul of painted minions was achieved which included finishing the contents of several GW games like First Strike and Execution Force. I made a substantial dent in Overkill too.

I still have lots of Imperial Assault to complete, but all Battle fleet Gothic ships are finished. I even have enough Scifi that is not Grimdark to venture into 5150

My daughter is mighty pleased with her colored fisherman guild and now has defeated me twice with them. I scored the farmers guild and decided I will keep that team for myself, perhaps with practise I'll be able to tally a win?!

With a freshly painted Huron force, I have plenty to play Flint and Feather. Warlord Games neglected to bring FIW forces to Adepticon, but I did get Blackpowder, Frostgrave, and Saga. I'll be reading those tomes for a bit, but it appears my ancestors will soon have lots of adventures!

I still have three traitor titans and three forces of marines to paint, but the Dark Angels turned out pretty good for an initial foray into Epic. The other loyalist chapter and traitor legions will wait for later.

I anticipated using the Deathwatch forces, but did not take them to Adepticon. I'll use them this summer to support the Cadian 7th in an apocalypse game....I really need some Knights and flyers!

I now have six WW1 figures, not enough for WW1 gaming, but when added to my modest pulp figures, I do have enough for some two fisted pulp gaming!

The Fenrisian wolves were probably my favorite unit painted in this period. They are massive, but will be used in several genres. I may actually use the 54mm Inquisitor figures for a game instead of decoration. The wolves do scale nicely with them.

So maybe not a massive amount of completed miniatures, but it is certainly enough to add to gaming options on wet summer days.

Adepticon also provided a nice haul of goodies to supplement my Christmas haul. Blackstone Fortress, ShadowSpear, Test of Honor, and I even got an incredible deal on Dreadball (two games 12 teams and more for $35!!!!) I even found a mint Eisenhorn which I promptly devalued by assembling!

Yup, getting older and no wiser! I still have a couple models to paint for a friend and Star Saga to complete, but it's nearly time to put the paints away for summer. A final thanks to all for this years challenge as well as Curt for shepherding us along and Sarah for allowing the indulgence. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I'll try to see you all again after the leaves fall!