Tuesday, 19 February 2019

From PeterA - Getting Back In The Saddle with some WW2 Germans (76 Points)

Well the last couple of weeks have largely been a write-off due to illness - some horrible combination of flu/chest infection/consumption/the plague has meant even thinking about painting sent me off on a coughing fit, and it has only been this weekend that I have managed to summon up the energy to pick up the brushes (obviously not made of the same stern stuff as Tamsin!).

Anyway, I thought it was time to notch up another squirrel point, so decided to make a start on some WW2 Germans that have been languishing deep in the lead pile. They are AB Figures - beautiful sculpts but to be honest I did not think I could do them justice. In addition, wanting to have a go at various patterns of SS camo was even more intimidating, so they have sat untouched for a long time. However, an article in a Too Fat Lardies Special not only gave some fairly easy to follow guidance, but it was illustrated with pictures of AB Figures, so I thought I'd give it a go; this is the Painting Challenge after all!

This first squad is in a mixture of Oak Leaf Autumn and Oakleaf Spring pattern and I decided to do the bases with autumn clump foliage to distinguish them from ordinary Wehrmacht figures, who will be based with a more summery flock/clump foliage blend, like on the MG team below. The figures themselves are actually from the Wehrmacht range, but I was inspired by an old post on The Guild forum (now sadly defunct) which painted Wehrmacht as SS. As AB only do two squad packs of SS, this gives me a lot more variety.

First up are the 5-man rifle team. These will be for gaming Operation Market-Garden, and reading the excellent 'It Never Snows In September' there is a mention of SS troops arming themselves with Sten guns, so the figure on the left is carrying a captured British SMG (the figure is by Battlefield/Blitz).

Next we have a three-man MG42 team.

For a change of pace I also did a PAK 40 - AB crew and a Grubby/Britannia gun. 

Finally, some Wehrmacht fire support in the shape of a tripod mounted MG 42, done largely to give me from a break painting little camo dots! I am doing a Wehrmacht section to accompany them and that might get finished for later today.

So one Squirrel point and 48 points (I think - not sure if you count the figures on top of the 16 points for the guns, so I didn't) for the Germans.

Sorry to hear you've been ill, nothing kills productivity like manflu! Seriously though, its hard to motivate yourself when all you want to do it crawl under a blanket and sleep it off. This is a great bunch of figures to get back in the groove. For Crew served weapons the crew are scored as well as the gun so you've sold yourself a bit short on the points. 15 infantry and two guns will earn you a tidy 76 points. 

From TamsinP: In The Clearing Stands A Boxer (10 points)

And he's not the only one!

Just a very small post from me this week. I spent far too much time working on that dirty old tramp, then got hit by a virus over the weekend which left me feeling over-tired. In combination that meant that I wasn't going to finish the larger project I am working on in time for this week's submission. However, it does mean that I will have quite a large submission for you next week.

But on with this week's figures:

These two pugilists are from the "Pugsy Flanagan Goes Down In d'Third" pack from Pulp Figures. The pack also includes a referee, cornerman and manager but I wasn't going to be able to finish them today. I might paint them up for next week.

For scoring, there are two 28mm foot figures, so that should give me a knockout 10 points this week!

I'm shocked! No fifteen mil in sight!! Splendid work on these two pugilists. Skin tones can often be difficult, especially darker tones. Slightly off and it can look completely wrong. Your guys are magnificent though. I certainly wouldn't want to get in front of either of them (its me glass jaw, guv).

From KenR : 28mm Italian Wars Stradiots 2 and Command (83 Points)

It wouldn't be a Tuesday without a Cavalry unit would it. My personal side challenge within the challenge itself was to complete at least one a week, only just made it with a Pike Block on the go but here we are.

Earlier in the challenge I did a unit of bow armed Stradiots using Perrys 28mm Miniatures with a officer / standard base but have decided to up the light Cavalry to 12 figures a unit, I bought some extra bow armed troops at York and will add them to the 6 already done. I also got another six Stradiots with Lance so now have a unit of 12 of those to do.

I also took the opportunity to het another Command Stand done, as the other ones this is on a 80mm round base and has two figures from the Perry's Light Cavalry with another one of Petes Flags. I haven't identified the flag but it looks Venetian and fits nicely with the flag on the bow armed unit.

Here's a pic with the other six figures I did and this will form a unit of Bow armed Light Cavalry.

So points wise it's 60 for the 6 new Stradiots, 20 for the two mounted command and one for the flag making 81 points for both the main total and the Renaissance Side Duel.

Today's entries will have taken me over my initial Challenge Target which is pretty good considering we are about 2/3 of the way through. Things will slow down quite a bit for me in the final third of the challenge, I am back to work this week after an extended period of time away (unplanned due to injury) so there will be no sitting around painting all day !

The challenge for me now will be to get a unit of Cavalry done each week till the end, the airbrush compressor is warming up in the back ground as my stock of painted horses is running low.

Works gain will be our loss, but I'll be happy to see more cavalry from you in the coming weeks. I'm running out of complimentary adjectives to use when describing your work! Once again you are inspiring us all with this sensational project. 

I'm going to add a couple of extra points for the eye candy quality, it would be a crime not to! 

From MartinC - Sorry Lee,again, late (130 points)

Mad busy, Feb and March and Sept are mad months at work so only a small post this week

1st up some Victrix Theban hoplites

Got these from Pete in my club. They were a bugger to paint and I have more to do.

2nd up we are putting on a Pulp South Sea island game at Hammerhead in a couple of weeks, come along and play if you are there - there will be blood. Need more jungle and I had kept these sections of wood from when I pruned my clematis

They are beautifully twisted, wish I'd kept more.

20x28mm infantry = 100
Jungle 1.5 boxes = 30 pts

Today you it was a quick one. Back to watching the football and painting Russians - more next week on that. 

Finally Google+ is dying so I've moved my blog over to blogger only (massive ludite so no clue what I'm doing) If you were a google+ follower of my blog can you refollow using the blogger stuff. If you weren't WHY NOT!!!! 

Love and kisses

A day early is hardly late my friend...and for these, it would be worth the wait anyhow. I'm intrigued, what did you find so hard about the Hoplites...was it those pesky spears? I bet they drew blood as you worked on them! Nice work on the Jungle terrain, always good to see some creative recycling being used.

As for Google+ it isn't dying, its murder, plain and simple. Thankfully I don't use it as a platform for my Blog (I already use Blogger) but there must be plenty like you that found themselves having to make hard decisions.  I'm more than a little dismayed at the rather offhand way its demise was  announced and fear they will do the same with other products they own (like Blogger!). 

Back to the entry...Your bang on with the scores for these. A nice addition to your existing tally. 

From KenR : A 28mm Borgia Pike Block (250 Points)

This week I have added a second pike block to the one I did earlier in the challenge but there are quite a few differences between this one and the earlier entry.

Where as all of the foot figures I have used so far are from the Perry's these are from a Company called The Assault Group or TAG as they are more commonly known. Still 28mm and similar in proportion to the Perry figures they are slightly smaller and a lot "cleaner" (there is a comparison at the end of the post).

I have to be honest and say that while I was painting these I really wasn't very sure how they would come out, no criticism of the figures but the flatter less contoured sculpts of the TAG line don't really fit well with my painting style and I wasn't sure on the faces either. However when I came to photograph them this morning I was more than pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

The pike on the rear ranks are quite upright and the figures have a bit more armour on than I would like for this far back in the Block but I'm nit picking. 8 figures per base on 60mm x 50mm mdf. Flags are Petes a Borgia Crest in white and the Papal Cross Keys in Red.

Middle ranks have a slightly lowered poke and we have another Borgia Papal flag this time in Red and then a Family Flag. The eagle eyed will notice I have placed the flags in the rear at the top of pike and then reduced the size of the flag pole in the middle ranks so that all four flags are visible from the front.

Front ranks on the extended bases I used on the other block although TAG don't do levelled pike figures these are around 45 degrees. I have been quite loose with the clothing in the Block using mostly Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White as per the flags.

Points wise I have 48 28mm figures at 5pts each for 240 with 4 flags making 244 points for both the main total and the Renaissance Side Duel. This is definitely my last pike block of the challenge and with the one I had from before that now makes three for my Italian Wars project. I haven't got an accompanying Shot unit yet.

Here's a pic of the challenge blocks side by side, I am posting this on Sunday and hope to have a Cavalry unit done for Tuesday as well.

Jaw dropping work Ken. The first Pike block you did was awesome but doing another is just mind blowing.  It can be tricky moving from one manufacturer to another. Aside from the inevitable scale creep, there's usually a difference in style of sculpting that can stand out. These don't look too bad together in that comparison shot.  

As before I'm awarding some bonus points both for the quality of this entry and the shear audacity of it! Along with the points for the flags that brings this entry up to 250 points. 

From JamesM: 15mm Morris Bofors Tractors (62 points)

Hi folks,

Yes, I am still here, and I am still painting green.

Many different items on the desk at different stages of completion have lead to me not actually getting anything finished of late. However, Obergruppenführer Lee has been cracking the whip, and it is clear I have been letting the Tuesday club down through failure to provide adequate green painted motorised transport.

Because who doesn't want more WW2 trucks, right?

This weeks entry there for consists of 6 x Morris CDSW Bofors Gun Tractors. These will bear a striking similarity to the wrecker truck I finished a while ago, as they are the same chassis.

These are 15mm models from Battlefront and as far as £££ per unit goes, this is a pretty expensive batch of trucks that will probably never see the table! Each one has a driver figure, and they are now marked up for the 40th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - part of 51st Highland Division (in Normandy). Vehicles have been tarted up a little by the addition of some stowage in the rear cargo area.

I say now marked up, as my first picture made me realise that I had the wrong AoS markings on them for some reason. This gross error had to be corrected, hence one of the decals looks a little unweathered. One of those mistakes I have no idea how I made - I suspect I used an armoured regiments AA unit's AoS numbers...

Anyway - the purpose of these trucks was to tow the 40mm Bofors guns of the regiment. My battery is now complete (as per the picture), as per the v3 rules (for v4 of the rules, the command team and jeep are now surplus).

Total for this post would be 6 x 15mm vehicles = 48, 6 x 15mm figure = 12, for a total of 60 points.

Who told you about my whip?!?! Nice to see you back in the fold, James. This is a nice troop of workmanlike vehicles you have for us. I have to agree on the price of the Battlefront stuff, some of their army lists must require a second mortgage! (I should know, been there and done that!!). Having said that the quality of these models is excellent and you have made an excellent job of painting them up. And Kudos to the attention to detail adding more stowage and changing the decals. I'm throwing in a couple of bonus points for that, bringing this lot up to a tidy 62 points. 

From RayR - Baron's War London Slingers (120 Points)

I should have entered the Squirrel Duel with all the different periods I'm painting up!!!
Postie asked for a muted palette, so that's what he got!

These 24 figures are the London Slingers who were in the army of Simon de Montfort, during 
the Barons Wars was fought in 1264-65.

The Slingers fought at the Battle of Lewes in 1264.

The figures are from Essex Miniatures and could be used for any English 
Medieval army.

There are 24 figure in this post making a very nice 120 points!
Nice and early Lee, any bonus points???

Postie is working you hard! I wonder what he has for you next... he must have hundreds of boxes of unpainted lead in that Aladin's Cave he calls a house!! A nice bunch of slinger's that I'm sure will see service in several games (coming to a shed near you?). In fact, given my recent performance, these guys will probably be used in my inevitable downfall in some future game. So thanks for that!!

From FranL: 15mm Weyland Yutani Corporation.........(333 points)

..........making the galaxy human!

This is my terraforming company project "Weyland Yutani", this is the human face of the company promoting and making things better across the galaxy for mankind.....at a small price!

These are a mixture of many companies especially Tesco and Smyths toy store but there are a host of the usual suspects.......

Tesco for the price of one 15mm vehicle from a sci-fi company .....

Smyths toys and just 6 euros, need to get more......

Brigade Models with stowage....

GZG exploration vehicles.......

Construction Heavy Mechs.......

The crew......


Casual workers.....

Workers in vacc-suits.......

Military Yutani protector bots.....

Military Yutani vehicle.....

Military Yutani peacemakers.....

These are a 28mm addition to my "Devils Rejects" forces, they are GW terminators and are being used as light mechs.......

15 15mm vehicles: 120 pts
93 15mm figures: 186 pts
5 28mm figures: 25 pts

331 points I believe Lee and early too as requested, any bonus points?

Excellent work mate. I love the fact you have used shop bought vehicles and found a use for them. It just goes to show what can be found on the highstreet instead of in the games shop. Years ago I realised the only way to survive being dragged around the shops by the wife was to turn every trip into a hunt for unusual hobby related materials. It forced me to think 'outside the box' (horrible phrase) and it means that even on the most mundane shopping trip I don't come home empty handed. I think a couple of bonus points for ingenuity are definately heading your way.