Monday, 26 March 2018

Side Duels and Challenges Final Results

Hi All,

I've posted the final points update and results for the Side Duels and Challenges. Here's the summary:

Parent Duel (SD1)
AdamC reached his target first on 20/02/2018.

Age of Black Powder Duel (SD2)
No surprises here with KentG smashing it with a total of 4,089 points.

Renaissance Duel (SD3)
SidneyR finished top with 693 points.

Washington vs Cornwallis (SD4)
MilesR came out on top with 17 votes to MartinC's 12 votes.

One Hump or Two Camel Challenge (SD5)
DaveD nicked this one with 12 votes to Sander's 11 votes.

Fantasy Challenge (SD6)
Iannick nicked this one at the post with a final 151 point entry.

1/1200 Napoleonic Naval Duel (SD7)
Apathy won this one with no entries at all from either MilesR or PaulO'G as far as I'm aware.

Well done to everyone involved. You're ALL winners. Well, except the "participants" in SD7 who need to have a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror!

Thanks everyone for your support and friendly emails over the course. This is a complicated beast to keep track of with all the weird and wonderful rules plus people's submissions coming in all the time. Hopefully I've got everything right!

Millsy The Duels Wallah

From SanderS: What I Did During Challenge VIII (1048 points)

Hoi there folks!

And so we open our eyes and the Challenge is all but over.. For me this is a dreaded moment, the end-review of my accomplishments during the Challenge. Dreaded? Yes dreaded because it's basically the End of the Challenge and that is usually followed by a Hobby-depression on my part. Sure Curt is still going to publish the Prize Ceremony and stuff but this will be last post we as mere mortal Challengers are allowed to put up on the blog and as such it's over and done.

Last week has seen my family come down with a very nasty case of the flu (first the boys and more recently my wife and myself) so I have been in omission as far as replying to all your excellent recap posts is concerned, save to say: a great big congrats to you all for making this year's Challenge such a feast of figure frenzy yet again!

I have made two rather crappy pictures of what both Arthur and I have painted up curing the Challenge and here they are.

A few miniatures are missing in my picture since they were for pupils of the schoolclub and they have now taken possession of them.

Arthur's picture has a figure missing as well as his Mum has taken the Elf he has done for her along to work to sit on her desk.

Oh and for the mugshot I will go with the picture Curt himself made of us, while we met at Crisis in Antwerp:

I am not going to bore you with a Challenge Evaluation here, I might do that on my own blog or not as it happens. What I will say is this: until this Challenge I really never did understand what the Minions, Miles as spreadsheet Guru and Curt himself, have to do to keep this Colossus moving and I can now say: it's not a small feat! So here's a big and well meant


To all of you for doing your best and perhaps till next year!

Cheers Sander

From IainW: End of Challenge Review

It's the end of the challenge so here is my review

I have been much more productive than my previous challenge  I guess that WW2 soviets are easier to paint than gendarmes? I've also been a bit better organised which helps. I'm most pleased  about producing a viable  bolt action force I also seem to have produced more British civil war figures than I remembered!

Thanks a lot Curt for a great challenge and of course to the minions, especially Sidney for leading all the Monday mob, and congratulations to Sidney on winning the Renaissance duel, suitable floppy hatted figures are being sourced and thanks to all my fellow challengers for their comments and good cheer which makes this the splendidly supportive experience that it is!

All the best Iain

From AdamC: Challenge Review

Thanks Curt, Minions and all for another excellent challenge.  I don't have a true group shot I just didn't like the look so I've done group shots. 

The Footsore collection(and one Bones Viking) 66 miniatures Odin stands a bit of place among the Irish and Norse Gaels. 

An close up image of Brian Boru and the other Irish leaders on Boru's hill.  The Curt Geld miniature didn't sell so I have made a donation to Exta-Life on my own. 
The musicians and the tea party another 9 miniatures from Eureka miniatures.
The three Bones Ogre and Oni.
The 5 Bones Lycanthropes.
The 4  wild west version of the Wizard of Oz also by bones.
Bones Monsters, hero's and heroic monsters.  All together I painted a total of 94 25/28 mm figures

The final piece a scratch built 15mm World War II anti-tank bunker the only 15mm scale miniatures I painted this year.  I hit most of my painting goals this challenge.  I didn't get the Bones Mausoleum completed but it was started.  I accumulated 699 points a low total compared to previous years but this year had new challenges (a baby and home ownership). I'm planning to be back next year thanks for another great experience.  One thing I regret about the challenge is I didn't get to look at and comment on as many of my fellow challengers painting.