Tuesday, 5 January 2016

From Curt - 28mm Modern German (SEK M) Special Forces Frogmen (25 Points)

I did mention in my intro post this morning that today's flight would be joined by our heroic(ally insane) Captain. 
Curt did ask me to hold off on posting this until later, so that other entries could take priority. However, as my brush-slaves seem to be holding out until the last minute to submit their draft posts, I'm posting it now while it's quiet...

These five frogmen depict members of the Spezialisierte Einsatzkräfte Marine (SEK M) a German special forces unit which focuses on maritime operations.

The 28mm figures are from Lead Adventure Miniatures. They're bit off-the-beaten-path, but I thought they would be fun to do. While the sculpts themselves are fantastic, the only thing I find a bit odd about them is how they're armed. I believe units of this type are typically utilized for close-in assaults, ship-boarding, hostage rescues, stuff like that, so I think it would more likely that they would be armed with compact MP5 SMGs, or shortened HK416s, rather than the relatively hulking G36 seen here. Who knows, perhaps they are landing on some foreign shore where they may have to stand-off at medium range.


Being special forces frogmen, it would only stand to reason that they would be kitted out completely in black, so I had a merry time working with various shades of grey to prevent them from disappearing into the shadows completely. I also tried to create, with their bases, the sense that they are coming ashore and to add a bit more colour.  In the end they turned out alright, though I might go back and pick-out a few metallic edges on their assault rifles and give their Tag watches luminous dials. 

These should give me 25 points for my 'Modern Mayhem' duel with Byron and Kyle.
Excellent work Curt. I particularly like the water effect on the bases - you can almost hear the waves gently lapping the seashore. Great work on the black frogsuits and on the goggles.

From TeemuL - 28mm Pair of Elves (10 points)

It is the first regular deadline of this challenge and I'm ready. The weather is cold here in Finland, but luckily there is some snow and sun shines a little bit, so the environment for photographing is rather nice.

You might remember these elves from the last challenge. I have more than I need, in fact, but these spear armed are always a good addition to the force, because they can help others. Shield gives a nice bonus for defending. What I actually need for my elves, are the bannermen or the standard bearers. I have one, but two more would be nice. I think I need to convert them somehow from the broken warriors. I have an idea in my head, but I don't know how it will work out...

Anyway, these are are two spear armed high elves from the GW Lord of the Rings (the hit game of the last challenge;)). I really like the colors of these (based on the studio armies) and they are quite easy to paint. That's why I'm painting more of them than I really need... The combination of rich blue and dark gold look very nice to me, it has an ancient royalty or something in it - something very suitable for the elves of Middle Earth.

Two 28 mm figures give me 10 more points, which means I gain one position in the ranking!

Very nice work on these elves Teemu. I do like the highlights on the cloaks and the robes. A well earned 10 points.  

My Name is TamsinP and I'll Be Your Minion Today

Good morning all! And welcome to flight AHPC-VI from London to the stratosphere. I will be your attendant for today and every Tuesday until the final week of the Challenge.

We are currently cruising at 6739 points with a target altitude of 68,950 points.

For those in need of medication, Nurse Docherty will be along tomorrow. My duties today are to keep some of the rabble entrants in order. Please bear with me in case of any mistakes.

We will be joined later on today by our Captain, Mr Campbell, so please ensure you are on your best behaviour.