Monday, 16 February 2015

From AlanD - 6mm ECW Royalist Horse (54 Points)

Very unproductive week here at Casa Homunculorum. We're in that start of the school year time where most evenings are taken up with meeting and greeting new parents and other treats for the socially anxious. 

I did manage to get six bases of Royalist Horse finished for Man Cave Paul's army. Little 6mm horses are soooooooo cute. 

Not sure I've really nailed painting 6mm. I'm fine with the detail, but overall the figures don't seem to 'pop' as much as others (cough, Tamsin). Any hints? 

Anyway, here they are, ready to sell their lives dearly in defence of the precious values of birth, wealth and privilege. Note the scruffy battle line as they discard any semblance of discipline and order and charge at something that looks like it might be a fox. Oh, and that's 54 figures, which I think is 54 points?

From Curt:

Lovely work Dux! I like how you've based these in ragged lines as it gives a much more natural feel to the units. If there is one thing I can suggest for painting these little fellas is to amp-up the colours and lighten your palette as their smaller scale benefits from brighter colours. If you go 'too historical' in their colours they will have a tendency to blend into the groundwork. Just my two pfennigs. :)

From ByronM - Back to the Great War and My Painting Desk (95 Points)

Wow, it has been a while since my last post, other than the fortnight challenge pieces.  Sorry for the lack of output during the Challenge, work has been extremely busy and stressful, and its been hard to get motivated for more than the challenge pieces (which I have been having a lot of fun with).

Anyway, last year I started working on some Great War 28mm figures for both Canadian and German forces.  I finally got back on track and got 2 more rifle sections completed for the 10th Battalion force that I am working on.  Just 1 more section to go on them, hopefully to be done before the end of this Challenge.

Here they are, 2 sections each of 8 riflemen and a Big Man.  Also included is another command figure that I found sitting around for my 16th battalion, you can see him in the background with his glengarry hat.  The colours and uniforms are the same so I included him in this batch of painting, making a total of 19 models. 

Most of the figures are either Great War or Musketeer/Footsore, both of which are excellent quality, and almost exact matches for scale.

I haven't had time to create cards (or even research names for the officers) just yet, but will sometime soon so that they can be used in the Through the Mud and the Blood game.  These 19 figures should give me 95 points, and bring me a little closer to my goal, which I have been slacking on.

Also, since everyone has been showing off their painting areas, and asking others about them, I figured I would include mine here.

To try and keep everything organized, I initially made shelves for my paints, however over time I collected too many and they were 2-3 layers deep and I could never find anything.  So when I got the laser cutter last year, I decided to make some paint organizers that fit into the shelves and allowed me to see the paints and grab them easily.  Some are different sizes, as I was playing with the design a bit, but I just kept the test cuts anyway as I like the little space at the end of each row for other shaped bottles.

Also on the table is a pair of miniature stands I did up, to mount figures to instead of holding them by the base while painting them.  For years I have used dowel, but just rested them on the table, and a few times have had them fall over and chip figures.  Problem solved.

I also have a pair of oak drawer units that my dad made for me. They hold all my tools, decals, flocking, magnets, and more.  I even have two more tucked away in my miniature closet to keep other bits and pieces in that are not used that often.  They help keep everything organized and appeases my OCD.  He has even made a few for friends in the past.

And for Curt, who likes seeing whats coming up... This was taken while my Satan figure was in progress, as well as these Canadians.  However, if you look on the painting rack, there are a bunch of 28mm French Napoleonic figures in progress (although they haven't progressed much further).

Anyway, hope you all like the figures, and my painting space.

From Curt:

Wonderful stuff Byron! Those Great War Canadians look absolutely brilliant. Such clean lines and great shading - your typically excellent brushwork. I really look forward to seeing these fellows on the tabletop when I come out to visit next. 

Your painting desk is a thing of wonder as well. I have the same lights (Costco rocks) and can attest to their brilliance (literally). I also like your various organizational drawers and dowel holders. And I may have to get you to make me some of those paint dropper slot thingys - they're the absolute dog's dangles.

From AdamC - 15mm WWII Bazooka Teams (8 Points)

So these were painted for last week but I had not had the chance to finish the bases.

Nothing to fancy here just standard US uniforms mostly mid-war colors and gears. The Bazooka is the US AT weapon for infantry men and needs no introduction any one who plays us infantry or faces US infantry know there is no such thing as too many Bazooka Teams.

One of the guys has a leather jacket just to a slightly different look

I am racing to see if I can get my stuff for this week finished but it will be close.  Until then we have 4 15mm figures for 8 points. A true point spit-wad if ever there was one :)

From Curt:

Ah, but these 8 points were  just enough for you to pip past Ian for 8th place, so no mean victory there! Good job on these.

From DaveD - Sudan Campaign Field Hospital (30 Points)

Well after the predicted madness that has been February so far, things are easing off (I apologize to the other Challengers for my lack of comments over the few weeks as it has been epically manic), and I can start winding up some painting again.

That kind chap Millsy sent me a present in way of consolation for our last little challenge , some rather fine 6 man bell tents from Grand Manner. I decided to make these into the field hospital section. They are now complete and of course score zero points. To complete the field hospital we have the Ambulance camels (by Redoubt )and another Medical Officer tending a casually ( Empress Miniatures Zulu war set,that only needed the cuff detail removing). So minimal points,but the Man Cave is once more a hive of productivity.

 So its 1 28mm figures, 5 casualties, and two camels.

So Mrs Mills..2500 ... it was a mere flesh wound - "The Black Knight " never surrenders!! 3500 it shall be!

I will leave you to contemplate the strains of "Thin Lizzy".. The Boys are Back...

I am off to twirl my brushes..and do a stock up of bases and tufts - again!

From Curt:

Oh wow, those stretcher bearing camels are brilliant! Love em. Again, more wonderfully evocative terrain from Grand Manner - while his taste in music is questionable, that Millsy fellow is a fine chap indeed.

A 3500 point challenge?! Cripes, okay Mr. Mills are you in for a final dash to the finish?

From AnneO' - Two Bots are Better than One (10 Points)

Why are two bots better than one?  Because two bots earns me 10 Pulp points, whereas one bot would only earn me five.

These two bots were speed paints, which is something I've never done before. But with the Slump Monster lurking about, I had to act fast. Therefor I slammed these two out in one hour and didn't give a fig about how they turned out.

They are from Bombshell Miniatures, stand at 28mm and were sculpted by Patrick Keith.

As you've probably noticed the second bot is missing a hand. I suspect that Kitty Fang knocked it off the painting table. It's too cold for her to go out of doors so she is inside drinking my paint water, laying on my brush mat and generally making a nuisance of herself.

These figures are worth 10 points.  This gives me a total of 30 Pulp points. Now I don't know how many points I will earn for my last Themed entry, but I'm not counting bonus points for this duel.

From Curt:

These may have been fast Anne, but they still very good. I particularly like the teal/blue glowing panels on the lower bots 'ankles'. 

Hmm, so where are we at for our Pulp Points?  You have 30, I think I have 25,  how many does Simon have? Hmm, I sense I better get a wiggle on or I'm going to get completely smoked in this challenge!

From AaronH - 28mm Fireforge foot sergeants (66 Points)

As a change of pace, this next entry is 12 28mm Men-at-Arms from Fireforge Games.  I've painted these up for Lion Rampant, but with another eight models they'll work for Bretonnians for Warhammer as well.

Fireforge Games 28mm Foot Sergents.
These models come 48 to a box and can be made up as spears, hand weapons or crossbows.  There are several different poses, with both armored and gambesoned infantry.

Close up of the crouching body.
There are also several different head types.  I chose to build this unit with the same style, but even there you can see that there are four different versions of this helmet.  The faces have good character and detail.

The rear view.
There are no soft details on these models.  They are crisp and nice all the way around.  Since they are plastic there are a ton of different ways to build them.  If you add in bits from the other kits then your options really open up.

Good detail on both armor and gambeson.
I went with square bases because that works best for Warhammer but also because this unit can rank up into a schiltron in Lion Rampant and square bases just work better for that as well.

The shields are, obviously, hand painted.
There are two other styles of shields, including a kite shield.  There are enough in the box for all 48 models.  I hand painted different geometric shapes on these.  They will eventually get decals, once I figure out what symbol each retinue will have.

The rest of the shields.
I highly recommend this set.  Between this, their knights and a box of Perry Wars of the Roses infantry you could do two entire armies for Lion Rampant in plastic.  They are also perfect for Warhammer Bretonnians, allowing you to do most of the army out of affordable plastics.

From Curt:

Very nice work Aaron. I was just looking at these online the other day wondering if they could be used for the early medieval period (apologies as I'm no expert here). They look quite good and you've done them great service with your paintwork. Question: What are the other hand weapons that they provide? 48 figures in a box certainly seems to be good value. Thanks for the tip on these!

ClintB (Paint Monkey) - 15mm ACW (87 Points)

Well painting on behalf of a friend hence the "Paint Monkey" name tag. This day some 15mm American Civil War figures.

This time out some Berdan's Sharpshooters. Berdan's was a famous Union Regiment which served at Gettysburg as well as other battles. They wore a distinctive green uniform as opposed to the normal Union dark blue. All the bases are 30mm square (the 1/2 base is 30mm x15mm) and I have had to match my pals existing bases, which has not been as easy as doing my own thing. But his choice so what can you do. It is after all better to have an army that looks similar than one that has  come from several sources.

Here is a group of re-enactors portraying the unit. (No Curt I am not claiming points for the re-enactors). Just so you know they should be green and not blue and not that I have been taking EXTRA non prescribed medications!

Using the Peter Pig "Civil War Battles" rules we have 8.5 bases (yes the rules have 1/2 bases) for a total of 26 figures (one of which is laying down.) Including command stand with a paper flag attached. 

Additionally the rules require casualty markers, so here are 5 of those as well, including another laying down. The Casualty markers are "Peter Pig". and the troops on fighting stands are "Blue Moon". Just to make it more confusing the mounted figures are all Frei Korps .

Mounted we have a command stand for Hooker. One General, one Standard with paper flag again and one aide de camp.

And Lastly. a command stand for General McClellen. Again General, standard and aide de camp make up the command stand.

From Curt:

Very nice work Clint. I smiled when I first saw these. It reminded me of when I was doing ACW re-enacting there would often be a preponderance of Berdan Sharpshooters and Iron Brigade showing up at Eastern events, then followed by a smattering of 'meat and potato' line troops. It always made me laugh. It's like after the popularity of the Sharpe series you'd think the entire Napoleonic British Army was made up of nothing but Rifles and Highlanders. I guess that deep down, everyone just wants to be a special snowflake.  ;p

Clint, is this going to be a big project for you, or are you just adding a few units to your friend's collection? Nevertheless, he's a very lucky fellow to have these new additions to his force. Well done!