Friday, 20 January 2017

From KeithS: Hobgoblins and Guardsmen (135 points)

Continuing with my trip down memory lane, I followed up my old Heritage Orcs with an even dozen of their Hobgoblins, in 25mm.  I still have a set of these painted by my dad around 1981, and thought I'd try my hand at making a small force of them.  They really have a lot of personality, with their huge mouths and teeth and bow-legged stances.  There are four different poses and a good level of detail on them.

The group shot:

The line-up.  The shields are made to look like snatches of hide sewn over wood.  I tried making them a bit haphazard in construction with differing shades of brown.  Over that, I painted a fairly simple red spiky morningstar to make them look properly menacing.

From the back. Like all the Heritage Dungeon Dweller series I've seen, these figures have a lot of little details to make them interesting - bags, secondary weapons, etc.

Next we turn to a group of 15 human soldiers.  I am not sure of the manufacturer or line on these guys.  They are pretty big for 25mm and closer to 28mm, to my mind.  I have no idea when or where I got them!  There are ten armed with polearms of varying types, and five archers.  Somehow I got it in my head that they would make a good city guard, so I was sure to paint them to match, though they really vary quite a bit in details.

A closer-up.  Most have padded or studded leather armor over mail.  But what I really liked about them was the beautiful polearms!  So many styles and variants - Gary Gygax would swoon.  The sole unhelmeted guy I decided was their captain.  Why?  I guess because he stands out a bit.

The level of detail on these guys is fantastic.  They are very well made and painted up great.  If anyone knows who made them, let me know!  I may have to track down some more!

A couple more of the lads.

They were pretty rich in smaller details - studs on armor, little targe shields, sacks, daggers, etc.

Well,  it is inauguration day here in the DC area. What does that mean for me?  I am staying in my house and not leaving - its a crazy mess outside.  More time for painting!

I agree Keith, those hobgoblins still have some charm still for such venerable sculpts, and nice that you've tied them together with the red theme. The city guard sculpts are excellent, nice details but not over-fussy. They've come out rally well, and look like they were a joy to paint. 
They might not be uniformly dressed, but they still make a fine City Guard. Perhaps a citizen's militia rather than a professional force? Hopefully one of the Challengers can identify the manufacturer. 
Twenty seven 28mm miniatures makes 135 more points and a good boost to your your dungeon-crawling adventures.


From VictorK: Ancient Iberians in 15mm (100 pts)

Okay, as I've promised a week ago, here are some Iberian allies (again allies!) for roman forces. Minis are 15mm Forged in Battle. There are many different sculpts in the pack, I must just say, they are awesome, but it was really hard to paint them after Gauls - more details, also, I've never painted linothorax, this is quite a difficult task.

First is the group photo, 3 units of 16 guys.

And unit-by-unit pictures.

So, again, I went for different shield designs (lots of thanks for you guys, your kind words were really nice to read!), but this time there were less colours - I want to make Iberians look as more "regular" and disciplined force, than Gauls, but not like Romans or Hellenistic forces.

There are 48 15mm foot, so 96 points for this time.

Next to go are either some 28mm space-pirates-and-soldiers, or 15mm Iberian cavalry, I'll see, how it goes.

Oh wow Victor, I liked your Gauls last week a lot, but these are stonking. Really fine work, in such a simple colour scheme. The shield designs really bring these fierce Iberian warriors to life. I've heard lots of people raving about how good Forged in Battle miniatures are, and you've really done these justice. 
96 base points, but let's round that up to reflect the extra work from the shield designs. 

From SteveM: 15mm Japanese Type 92 70mm guns (68 Points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : jp560, jp560
Material : metal and resin

Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Windsor &Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 4 guns, 26 infantry

Time to switch to the Pacific Theater of WW2 for some Japanese gun teams.  I thought about holding this up a couple days for the East theme day but with submitting this one it forces me to do something else in the next few days for the theme entry.

Closer in on one of the platoons


Holy smokes, Steve, these aren't a). German or b). tanks. Which makes a nice change to round off your submissions this week. I don't think I've seen much of the Pacific theatre offerings from Battlefront, and you've done a great job on these cute little howitzers. Four guns and 26 infantrymen, for a fine 68 points. 

From SteveM: 15mm German Tiger platoon (30 Points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : gbx15
Material : metal and resin
Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Winsor & Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 5 tanks

Time for some Tiger tanks in three color camo.


It's still Friday morning, so here's SteveM treating us all to even more classic German armour in three-colour camo. Great stuff once again Steve. 

30 points, bringing your total German armour submissions this morning to an amazing  to 120 points - bravo!


From MikeA - First post - Cutting it close to the deadline! (26 Points)

My first entries in the painting challenge. I apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the pictures.

First up, Old Crow 15mm APC. I have a bunch of their stuff. Hopefully get it all finished during the challenge.

Next is a Daemonhost from Games Workshop. The newly released Imperial Agents codex has motivated me to finish off a bunch of older models.

Callidus Assassin from Games Workshop.


 A pair of old Games Workshop Servitors.

So that is one 15mm vehicle and four 28mm infantry for 26 points.  Not a great start, but a start.

Good afternoon Mike, really glad you could join us with your first entry. Cutting it close? Nah, you had a couple of days to spare! Are we on course for a full house before the cut, I wonder? These are some classic GW sculpts from the era when I played a lot of 40K. The Servitors look suitably dour for (mostly) mindless thralls, and Callidus assassin looks great, but is there a reason she's based differently to the others? And that Old Crow APC looks nice - what 15mm force will it be joining?  
With your pictures, have you tried a plain backdrop - just a sheet of plain paper works fine, and light from a couple of sources? It would be great if you could get some close ups for future entries. 
Welcome to the challenge, I look forward to seeing more!

From IanW: Back to 6mm Napoleonic's Friday (62 Points)

With my 6mm Ancients being the main focus in this scale I have not done much in the way of Napoleonic's, worse still I have not done any fine detail work and some of these need this.

But first I offer you some very interesting miniatures, these are MDF 6mm figures by Commission Miniatures and you get 36 figures for £2. This pack is the light cavalry in shako and to show the versatility I have painted two units up as Polish Hussars and two as French Chasseur's. The detail is light enough to paint over where required and good enough to tease more detail out if you wish and have the skill.

Polish 10th Hussars have a fairly plain uniform (for Hussars) and the pelisse is the same colour as the jacket. Maybe I should have considered this when I choose the regiments to paint up.

Look a bit off straight on
The 13th is a bit more colourful but only the trumpeter has a different colour pelisse! Still they give you a bit of an idea.

The Chasseur's are even more basic with the hunters green clothing. I was able to paint up each pair of regiments in a couple of hours and that's the biggest strength of these figures, they paint up really quickly. I have seen a full game using these figures and it looked really good. I would not swap over to these but I see the attraction.

Real close up you can actually see such details such as the bridles but very hard to see in the flesh.

All five regiments.
Next up is three regiments of cuirassiers for my Prussian's, these by Adler. The figures could not be more different, but again they really should not be judged against each other as the limitations of MDF make this unfair.

I already have two regiments I can not use for Waterloo and meant to paint up one with white coats to represent the Guard cavalry of the Prussian army of 1815 but as I was painting them at 3am Thursday morning I forgot and ended up with an extra standard regiment. Since Napoleon had limited Prussia to four regiments plus the guard regiment I can only use the extra regiment in games before Prussia was forced to disband the other regiments. As an aside I can't use these in a true 1815 campaign either unless the second Prussian army is brought into play as none of the  cuirassiers were with Blucher's army. 

I am fairly pleased how the Adler minis came out, I have six battalions of Russo-Prussian infantry sitting on my table hoping to be painted up in time for submission in two weeks so that will test my skills a little more.

So six regiments of nine figures and a seventh with just eight all add up to 62 points. Nothing like the bombs others have been dropping but I will take them.

Good stuff Ian. Your 6mm Adler look great as always, the neatness you get on these teensy cavalry, and great groundwork really seals the look. Those MDF 'flats' are cute too. Theybdont make the grade for me as 'real' wargaming miniatures, but I do reckon they'd have a charm of their on en masse. 

From SteveM: 15mm German Konigstiger Platoon Two Tanks (12 Points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : gbx14, gbx14
Material : metal and resin
Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Winsor &Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 2 tanks

Next up are some King Tigers. Cleaner that the other ones I did. These were painted for for a couple kids I know who received some tanks for Christmas. They asked nicely. :)  They wanted both turret types, the Henschel and the Porsche, so I did up both of them.  Hope they like them.

 These ones I skipped the oil paint dot method on the camo and went straight to washes.

REQUEST.....If someone wants to do assembly and cleaning (maybe basecoat?) any miniature and send it to me for the CurtGeld entry fee let me know as I'm looking for someone to partner up with. I'd do willing to do the rest of the painting and basing.  The miniature can be any scale and genre.


Hi again Steve, and thanks once again for treating us this Friday morning with another lovely pair of King Tigers. I've no doubt the recipients will be delighted with them.
I'm not good on my weathering lingo - could you share what the "oil paint dot method" is? 

From SteveM: 15mm German Kingtiger with replacement barrel (6 Points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : gbx14
Material : metal and resin
Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Winsor & Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 1 tank

During assembly of this tank the barrel was glued in with the wrong orientation for the muzzle break.  When I removed it and reglued it I thought it would be cool to give it the factory primer color.


Nice way of adding some variety on this one! And I like that he looks much cleaner, compared to the grubby Konigstiger from earlier today like he just rolled out of the factory from his repairs. 
Six more points for you Steve, and three more posts to come. Shall we guess what else you've got for us?