Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Season X Duels!

Hail to the Esteemed Challengers of AHPC Season X!

Seasoned campaigners will be aware that side duels and challenges, along with the associated smack talk and ribbings, are all part of the AHPC fun.

In past years, a minion was been allocated to manage the gambling, track progress, declare winners and make an attempt to wipe up some of the blood afterwards. This year, that will not be the case. Just as submissions will be in a "free fire approach", so too will side duels be entirely free fire and unregulated.

The Duels Wallah is no more!

Instead, participants are encouraged to issue challenges and initiate side duels as they wish (as a comment to this thread or elsewhere as desired) and then track progress and brag as required in your submissions. This will bring challenges more mainstream rather than in a side page that only those interested frequent.

Good luck and let the proclamations and challenges commence!

So... who is up for a race to the X at the centre of Challenge Island?...   :-)