Monday, 23 January 2017

From DaveD - Sudan - Redcoats - Scots Guards (317 points)

Following on from last weeks red coated skirmish company the full battalion has now been mustered. These are made from the Perry Miniatures plastic infantry box set. It does give some real variation and life to the unit. Although I think the bayonets won't all survive the first contact with the enemy as they are very delicate. if they were metal and broke I could just solder a new one on, the plastic will be harder to replace - but thats a challenge for another time. However it gives such variety in poses its something worth living with. It took almost two boxes of figures to build the unit - and I still have one box worth left to build.

Wait for it!

Occasionally units were ordered to change into their traditional red frock coats from the khaki or blue/grey that was mainly used.  The battle of Ginnis in 1885 was the last time they were worn in battle. So I thought it would be nice to have a few battallion in the army wearing them.

Deployed in line these take up 45cm - 18 inches.

Another feature or lack of  it in the Sudan campaigns was the fact that British units no longer carried any standards in battle. I have followed this for the army overall - but I thought well perhaps just this one might be  nice to have. So I have done a standard bearer as seperate figure complete with dog. The army had also moved over to a smaller size flag at this time with changes in the early 1880's -  but hell if I am having one let's make it a big one. ... courtesy of a slightly earlier pattern Queens colour from my stash of GMB flags.

The Sands of the Sudan rules I am using allow for very big formations - having seen the amount of mahdists i have I guess you might have worked that out. The Guards battalion I have done as 60 figures strong unit, representing 1200 men . There are 5x12 figure companies, based in close order , plus a mounted officer.

so 1 mounted officer, 61 foot  and a dog all 28mm ..317 points.   Hmmm , I need to do some more ammo boxes I think.

As captured by our intrepid War Correspondant!
MilesR: BOOM!  That's the sound of a colonial points bomb to match the rather superb Nappy one we had earlier today.  These are really superb figures and you are tempting me to start a sudan themed force - you are a very bad man!

From RodF: Fantasy Figures, Big and Small (47 points)

Several months ago I started a Dwarf force for the game Warband.  I was trying to finish up my army just before the challenge started but my job interfered and then it was the holidays.  So finally this week I wrapped up my last stand of Dwarf Warriors.  At 10mm, they may be smaller than most Dwarven armies folks are used to playing games with, but I assure you that even though they may be smaller they still smell equally as bad of 28mm Dwarfs and continue to have the same Blood Alcohol Content.

Figures from Pendraken Miniatures.

I bought a separate pack of Pipers so each warrior stand could have one.

This is my second attempt at getting into 10mm, and I have to say that I've really enjoyed it this time around.  I love the look of massed troops on large bases.  I think I may be sold on this scale for big battles now.  As such, I went ahead and got a second army... Undead!  The first batch of troops are some Skeletal Cavalry.  These are also from Pendraken Miniatures.

More Undead are coming soon!


(Just when you thought I was done with Frogs!)

Bart Rallop, Royal Wizard and Keeper of the Generally Eternal Flame

Bart has served as the royal wizard and adviser to King Tribbit for as long as any frog in Cool Dip Swamp can remember. Not only is he the leading authority in flora and fauna of the swamp, but he has a vast library of spells at his disposal.  Among his duties is keeping the Generally*Eternal Flame lit and available to all to see.  It is the beacon of enlightenment to the frogs of Cool Dip Swamp, proving to all they are more than just mere amphibians, but grasped the use of tools and fire.

* - Note:  "Generally" is given here with the knowledge that all swamp creatures realize fires tend to fall to accidental extenquishment in areas with large bodies of water.

The frog wizard is from Dark Sword Miniatures.

18 - 10mm Dwarves
12 - 10mm Undead Cavalry

MilesR: Rod these nicely painted figures will net you a tidy 47 points.  I really hope you're not done with Frogs as I always like to see them.

AdamC- Frostgrave Ghouls and Zombies (35 Points)

 These were part of my Secret Santa Gift, I got the same set last year and was happy to get more.
 These are the Frostgrave Undead encounters set by Mantic.
 You have to love the nasty set of iron claws this fellow has... wouldn't want to run into some one with those
 This fellow has pouch of human feet his "rations" or souvenirs maybe?
 Ghoul #2 in tattered green that's a vicious looking spike

 Ghouls # 3 Red always seems like a good color on the undead and a duel wielding ghoul seems like especially bad news.

 Ghoul # 4 has bright colors because lots of people can be turned into the Undead the weapon was left over from the Gnoll set and looks quite good in the hands of the undead.

 Finally we have three zombies or they could be ghouls the undead are fairly interchangeable.
 You can see the sickly pink of their organs poking out in a few places
My favorite of these guys is the one holding a head its so creepy.   There are seven of these fellow all 25mm and that should net me 35 Points.

Loads more stuff - MartinC for Monday (165 points)

I've had another productive week so on with the show.
1st up some Gripping Beast Arabs. The first unit, called day in Arabic (see shields),

These come with archer support

Next their brother unit Night. These all have hidden faces and are entirely in black for those sneaky attacks. 

Only a couple of archers for these

Next up a unit of Pathans/Afghans/generic arabs from somewhere with winter. These are Old Glory and are really nice figs

And now for the random stuff.

Copplestone 1930's detective

And another - very Humphrey Bogart

Couple of Copplestone Yetis - these are really great figs and I painted them up using the colour scheme from the site - Andrea Blue works very well but who was Andrea and why was she sad.
Finally some Copplestone 1930's Chinese troops - light really weird with these as they were photographed 10 seconds after the Yetis 

Overall a great week and my mojo is returning.

Points wise that is 80 infantry inc 2 monsters and 27 hand painted shields if Miles is feeling generous

MilesR: Another eclectic post from Martin - The arabs are really very well done and those shields will get you another 5 points.  The Yeti's and Chinese troops are also very nicely done but they do remind me of the really bad third iteration of the Mummies movie franchise.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn't hold that against you too much...

From PeterM: Just a little bit Austrians;)

During these two weeks I have not painted as much as he wanted. A lot of work = (
I picked up a lot of infantry and Cuirassiers simultaneously.
But, it was very difficult for me ...

But I had a bit! 

Meet the base, angry Austrian moustached men - grenadiers !!!

They were the most powerful elite all Austrian infantry! Personally, I really like their triangular bearish caps (chair)!

And this is how they look with ordinary infantrymen (base painted in the last time - does not count)

 This is all I have today! 6 figures = 30 points
Next time, I hope - will have more;)

MilesR: There may be just 6 figures, but they are superbly painted so very well done.