Friday, 17 March 2017

From KeithS: Scots part 2 (84 points)

A wise man once said, if it's not Scottish, it's craaaap!  So, continuing the Scottish saga of Scots for Saga, here is a batch of 16 warriors.  All are from Gripping Beast in 28mm.  This project has been odd -- I had trouble finding much good information on authentic Dark Age Scottish attire and such.  And, I really wanted them to be distinct from my Viking and Saxon forces also used for Saga.  Thus, tartans and stripes were called for, even if they might not be 100% authentic (if I have to compromise between looking good and true authenticity, looks are probably going to win).

Here's the first four a little closer.  I went the easy route and did not hand paint the shields -- if I had, I doubt I'd have finished these for the challenge.  Plus, I wanted them a touch fancier looking than my skill would allow (and doing that on top of tartans would've broke me).

More designs.  I tried to give every figure something - tartans, stripes, checks, etc.

Most of this group have spears, though there's an axeman and swordsman in the mix.

For colors, I really did use the same as for the gobs of Vikings and Saxons I painted for last year's challenge.  However, the patterns make them quite distinct, and they should look good on a battlefield.

That's all - for now.  The last batch of Scots is nearing completion, but I could not quite find the time to finish them and post with these guys.  I have today (Friday) off, so I am hoping to slip them in before the end of the day, but they'll certainly be done by the end of the Challenge!

I'm glad you made one last Friday appearance Keith, I was a bit worried when I surveyed the drafts this morning. It wouldn't be the same Friday Crew without you, though I'm gutted there isn't even a single fantasy adventurer or monster here. These are some mighty fierce looking Scottish warriors, and I appreciate the extra work you've put in with the shield transfers and patterns - it's what makes this faction stand out from their other Dark Age brethren. 
16 figures for a base of 80 points, and I get one final little dusting of bonus points forth extra effort: 84 points to you sir. Which pushes you over the 1,500 points mark, well past your 1,000 target - congratulations again.  

From VictorK: This is the end. Roman velites (54 pts)

Let's start with minis. After Gauls and Iberians these Romans are so boring. Also, I have to mention that this was a speed paint, about four hours for all of these. Couldn't have my target points not fulfilled.

3 groups of 8 velites and a commander with banner bearer. I have my Romans organised in "divisions" by shields color - red and white now, blue and green are to go.

That totals for 25 foot by 2 pts and 1 mounted for 4. 54 all in all, leaving me with 504 pts, making my target points reached.

So, this is the end of this great event. I've never participated in such activity, and you know what? It was AWESOME! Despite having not enough time, despite my... Ehm, timidity or shyness, (I don't know which word suits better) which stopped me from active chatting with all of you, guys. Despite painting much less than average participant... This was pure awesomeness. I was really encouraged by all the nice words and comments you left for my work. AHPC even made a huge breakthrough in my hobby activity - I've resumed working on my rules for regiment-scale WWII and even started to think about launching my own business around wargaming (rules for modern and near future, minis and special web-service for playing campaigns). This has a long way to go, but thanks for your participation in motivating me =)

Another word for Friday minions - you were really nice to work together.

Curt, you're a just hero for wargamers all around the world!

There is a belief or a stereotype about Russians, that we are both grim and hospitable. That's kinda true - we are hard to make friends with new people, we need time to get used to new societies. But as we understand these new persons, as we socialize for a bit of time, there could be no friendlier person than a Russian (sorry, if I just hurt someone, it's just a stereotype with some point behind it). So it is with my participation - I WILL take part in the next AHPC and I'm sure I will be more incorporated into the event.

Thanks a lot, guys (and happy St. Patrick's Day)!

Such heartwarming words Victor, sounds like it's been a really successful challenge for you personally. each of us participated in some ways - some only painting, others commenting and socialising, and others no doubt some just watching all the great entries pop up on the blog. What's really amazing, is that Curt has nurtured such a welcoming event, where such a big and diverse group can enjoy in the ways that they choose. I'm thrilled that you're back working on your own ruleset and considering a wargaming business - do keep us updated on how that goes.  
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really like your distinctive style on these 15mms. These might be a bit more ordinary compared to the Gauls, but htye look mighty fine to me.  
54 Points, and congratulations from me on meeting your target in your last (?) entry. I certainly look forward to you joining us for the next. 

From GrahameH: Last post and not a Russian in Sight (960 Points)

I missed posting anything last week due to work and stuff, so posting two weeks worth now . Guess this will be my last post until next year. Looking back I think I set my goal far too low. But it was my first year and I will know better next year. Overall this has been great fun, and I might have painted more than I purchased (might?)

Bit of a mix but here goes.


My last pike block for this Tercio.

Spanish Pike - 36 Figures (Essex Miniatures)

 English (Late Tudors to fight the Spanish above)

All Cavalry (23 Mounted Figures - Essex)

The General and Escort

Border Horse (There are two units of these)

Demi Lancers

French Wars of Religion


45 Mounted Figures - Essex Miniatures

The General

Argoulets (Light Cavalry)


Gendarmes (there are 4 units of theses)


48 Mounted Figures

"Millers" - 3 Units of these. Apparently called Miller because of the white coats they wore

A General and more Gendarmes (Not much different from the Catholic apart from the white feathers)

Mughal Late 1500s

Total 53 Mounted and 4 Elephants (All Essex)

One of the Heavy Cavalry Units and one of the General stands

Two of the Elephants

And the other two.

WW2 Germans

An just for a change from painting cavalry some Late War German Infantry

61 Infantry, 2 x 120mm Mortar, 2 x 81mm Mortar, 4 x MMG

A unit (Section, Platoon, Coy depending on what rules I am using)

4 MMGs with 3 crew

Two 81mm Mortar and 3 crew each

Two 120mm Mortars and 3 crew each

And that's it (sorry but had to rush this post just to ensure it went on). I have really enjoyed doing this challenge. Can't get over how much you can paint if you have a deadline, and I still haven't hit the painting wall yet. Any chance of running it for a further three months (maybe not)?

My thanks to those who ran the challenge and had the envious task of adding up the totals. Likewise, to  all those that took part and those who left comments regarding my entries.

Thursday Night

Had a spare hour so painted this for the Mughals

Mughal Heavy Artillery 

 Honest that is the last entry from me (this year).

There's still time Grahame! More than two days painting, Curt will still accept entries! 
Still, this is a massive points bomb to drop in on the final day: by my tally, 105 infantry, 178 cavalry/guns and 4 elephantine 'vehicles' across four different armies. And is that fourteen flags I count. I've got to count those. A teensy bit of a pity that there aren't more of those Russians though, particularly the seemingly endless Cossacks in your lead pile.  
I've really enjoyed your entries Grahame, really impressive not only in the sheer number of miniatures painted and speed at which you work, but also maintaining a high quality and distinctive style: neat, excellent colour choices and good detailing and basing. All things I'm not very good at when I work in 15s. 
960 points for one entry - not quite enough to join the 1000 points club, damn close. Your tally is now over 3300 points, more than three times your target.Huge congratulations - that's such impressive output, particularly of this quality. 

From KenR: 28mm SCW Nationalist Cavalry (101 Points)

So here we are at the end of my "rookie" year in the AHPC and this will be (barring a miracle) my final entry for this year's challenge. I do have a unit of 15mm SYW Cavalry on the go but I am working nights this weekend and have an important interview next week so time is not on my side. I'm also hoping that James will get his half of the Curtgeld finished in time to show our team effort.

The final submission are 10 x 28mm Nationalist Spanish Civil War Cavalry from the wonderful Empress Miniatures. They are as you would expect from that company gorgeous figures, full of the detail and character you would expect.

For those interested in buying the figures for your own collections they do come with a separate Sword which sits on the side of the horse just behind the rider. I haven't included them as with all my figures, they are designed for gaming and bits that could fall off are generally left off.

One small quibble with this set is the difference between the Officer and the Bugler. The Officer is a slightly larger figure whose Horse,  at the saddle, is 3 or 4 mm higher. That and the poses make the Bugler look absolutely tiny. It's a small point but it's the first thing I see when I look at them.

I bought these at York in 2016, Empress do a Unit Deal for the 10 figures shown for £36. I bought another 10 this year and will get those done soon, although I haven't decided what my final unit composition will be.

Ten 28mm Horse at 10 points each plus a 1pt flag kicker should net me 101 points added to the 211 from the other two submissions of the day see me over 1500 pts (not including any late Curtgeld bonus).

I wasn't sure what points total to set this year as it was my first attempt but doubling my initial estimate is a bit of a surprise. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a great motivator to keep the Vallejo flowing.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to make comments on my submissions you have all been very kind and a special thanks to Curt for organising this whole wonderful thing, ably assisted by his wonderful Minions. Go Team Friday  !

Three entries in one day, great stuff Ken. And these are by far my favourite of the three, so I'm glad they'll be the last to get posted up. Some of the finest SCW sculpts out there courtesy of Empress (I can attest to that as I've a few myself) and it's brilliant to see them charging en masse. I hadn't noticed 'tiny bugler' syndrome though!
Really nice work on the horses, they look pleasingly varied without being a kaleidoscope of different breeds, and nice work on the socks and markings. The troopers have an 'on campaign' look about them with their varied blanket rolls and dress, and nice work on the distinctive gorillo cap. 
You're quite right on your tally, 101 points, which brings your total to a smashing 1513 points - more than double your original 750 points tally! Congratulations Ken, brilliant work representing the Friday crew - Go Team Friday indeed. I'm glad the Challenge has served its motivational purpose for you. Time for one last entry though...maybe?  

From SanderS: More Dark Ages stuff (164 Points)


Since this will be my last regular post, I have some more in preparation for Curt to post during the weekend, it seems only fitting to sincerely thank our loyal and capable Friday Minion Phil, ably supported by Sylvain whenever necessary. It was great doing this Challenge together and I really value your feedback and fresh points of view on my work. Your continued goading kept me on my toes and producing to the last. It will remain exciting for me whether I will reach my end-goal of 1500 points though...

In order to try and reach my target of 1500 points I will submit a large part of my left over Dark Ages figures. Most of these are civilians and some animals, the larger part is from Gripping Beast with some others mixed in for good measure.

The shepherds:

Guys hauling stuff around:

The kids:

The ladies:


I also managed to get some of my Carolingian cavalry done. Since I will use them with Dux Britanniarum, they are grouped in 4 man units. I managed to get one of those finished today.

I really have learned to like these Carolingians and these cavalry are no exception. 4 more and a mounted champion are still in the works right now, let's hope I get them done in time.
Now on to the points, 4 mounted models is 40 points, the other 24 figures will get me another 120 points, together totalling 160 points.

Cheers and have a good last few days of Challenge time!


Ah you're very welcome Sander, it's been a pleasure shepherding and cheerleading the Friday crew including yourself as one of the stalwards, submitting an entry every week, I think? Goading though, surely not?! Just some gentle encouragement, and it's worked, with you pulling out all the stops for a big last Friday entry.
these will be nice table dressing or objectives, I like the shepherds with their crooks and their flock in particular. Those Carolingians are brilliant too, such a great colour scheme of red and bone. I'm going to top up your tally for the shield designs, as they look hand painted to me. Which puts you at 1341 towards your 1500 tally - it'll be down to the wire for sure! 
Best wishes,
Minion Phil