Thursday, 23 March 2017

MilesR: What I Did Done Paint

 Challenge VII is now in the books and I'm very happy with the outcome as I set a personal record of 4,125 points.  I got everything I need for my Historicon games painted up during the Challenge plus a good number of odds and ends.

The lead pile has been materially depleted so all you manufactures are now formally warned to put on extra production shifts as I must replenish my stocks.

A shot down the "nonWW2 Historical row".  I've never really gamed moderns before so this will be a new experience for me.  I painted A LOT of figures from Empress Miniatures this Challenge and have become a real fan of their products.

In the middle is the Fantasy/Frostgrave column of figures.
On the right side is the "WW2 Historicals" row.  I really fleshed out my North African collection by adding Italians, French Foreign Legion and the SAS.  The winter Germans on a lark.  My favorites of the group are the LRDG vehicles.

Lastly a shot of the 15mm stuff in the back along with the Bloodbowl teams and dugout.

It's become a tradition with these summary posts to include a picture of oneself.  In my case I think that's a bad idea because, well, I go out of my way to stay out of the press professionally and, frankly, my image has been known to scare small children and animals.

I thought it better to show you a picture of my family, who I now can become reaquainted with as I emerge from 3 months of isolation in the basement.

My son has announced he wants to do graduate work in Statistics (I'm not making that up) and is in the process filing a patent on a personal music matching algorithm.  Hopefully he'll think about graduating from college also.

OK, you may find the next picture disturbing.  Those of you with weak constitutions or refined tastes should look away now.....

 Aghhhhh!!!!! There I am, in all my terrible glory.  It's my first selfie.  Damn you Curt look what you've reduced me too....
No summary of this Challenge would be complete with paying respect to my loyal troops who supported me without fail through 3 months of nearly constant painting combat.  3 Series 7 brushes and one Davinici all served honorably and without hesitation.

Challenge VII Brushes, I Salute you!!!

Rest well weary pigment warriors, rest well.

Side Duels and Challenge Results Posted

Hi All,

Thanks for your patience.
Two blackouts due to lightning strike has caused the odd hiccup. Thankfully today it's a mere torrential downpour or two!

The final points update for the Side Duels and Challenges
has been posted, which includes the results for the majority.

We have two tied challenges:

  • Iannick and Sander in a dead heat at 41 votes each in their 80s Military SF Pulp duel!
  • Paul and Reilly for first and/or last place in their Bloodbowl duel...

We also have a points result in the Spanish Civil War duel but the criteria involves a playable Bolt Action force so I'll be guided by the participants on whether of not MartinN gets the chocolates.

Thanks everyone for taking part and giving me the option to play with spreadsheets.
I didn't enjoy that nearly as much as Miles would have but then I also go outside occasionally and understand football too.

Please check and confirm I have things right!

Millsy the Duels Wallah