Friday, 27 February 2015

From ScottB - 28mm Jeeves and Mortimer - Gentlemen with Shotguns - Empire of the Dead (10 Points)

To break up the slog that has been finishing 12 Riders of Rohan (nearly done now), I have been slipping the odd EotD figure into the painting queue... sometimes you just want to paint something different for a mo'...

So I have managed to get another couple of Empire of the Dead Gentlemen to add to my Sons of Empire Faction; the Pall Mall Patrons... I give you, Jeeves and Mortimer... seemed good names for a duo...

Here they are guarding the entrance to the Cemetery, with shotguns loaded..., one double barrel, the other pump action?

Shotguns are useful in the game as they ignore the terrain cover modifiers for shooting... oh, you're hiding behind that hedge? Boom! Ha Ha!

I only have two more Gents to paint up now... both with volleyguns :)

But they may have to wait... I am expecting delivery of another shipment of 54mm Gallipoli figures on Friday, and I have recently been reminded, the deadline for completion is actually the end of March! Eek!!

Back to Jeeves and Mortimer, and hopefully these two figure may see me reach my 600pt target, earlier than expected, thanks to the bonus points for the Bonus theme rounds... so I suppose I better add to my target... there's still points to come for the Comedic bonus round, and I hope (or need!) to get 20 more 54mm figures done for end of March, so lets bump the target up to 900pts and see if I can get near it!

Fingers crossed!

From Curt:

These are wonderful Scott. The fellow with the kilmarnock hat and matching scarf is quite dashing, but my favourite has to be the bowlered chap with his shotgun up and leaning into the anticipated kick.

Good luck on your next batch of PJ 54mm figures - I look forward to seeing them in the coming weeks!

From PeterT - The missing Humvees & a Few More Infantry (58 Points)

Here are the Humvees I mentioned in the earlier post - when originally putting them up I noticed a spot of white resin on one of the front wheel arches. Not wishing to incur the righteous wrath of HRH Campbell, I deleted the photo and got back to work. And here they are.

I also managed to do a small Platoon HQ of officer, RTO, medic and DMR, a sniper team and a casualty figure.

The casualty figure is an old Brooks Miniatures casting from Old Glory, which has had the head replaced with a spare Empress US head. Just don't look too closely at the equipment!

Finally, a shot of this lot plus the figures from my earlier effort.

From Curt:

Ah, there are those Humvees! Wonderful work Peter. Where are the models from? They look like quite nice kits. The HQ additions are very nice as well. Does DMR stand for Designated Marksman Rifleman? He's a great sculpt and you've done a super job on the lot of them.

Well done!