Friday, 24 March 2017

Barks: What I did over summer

Hi all, here's my output for AHPC VII:
Great to see so many of you tolerated my interest in an obscure cult 1970s sci-fi film!

I think I'm happiest with having done all the WW1 tanks. I don't enjoy painting vehicles, as a rule, but I do like these early steel beasts coated in mud.

Here's me and a few familiar faces:

See you next time!

What are Your Nominations for 'Challengers' Choice'?

Hi Folks!

Just a friendly reminder to email me your three selections for Challengers' Choice. I will post up a gallery of all the nominations on Sunday for voting.

Thanks a bunch!


John M: The Summing Up

I am the one in the middle, I have no ability to take selfies but clearly my two kids do. I think from looking at the photo it must of been my daughter who took the photo, she is a real expert at posing! So sorry no photo with the figures painted for this year's challenge, just not going to stoop to the depths that Miles just has.

Like Somerset-Maugham's autobiographical sketch, my contribution to this year's challenge was certainly somewhat truncated, but of I hope some quality. Unlike previous challenges my focus this year was on developing my painting skills by exploring new techniques. I believe I was somewhat successful with this and I did make my goal of 400 points. I had hoped to get one more entry in, specifically of another unit in my Epic Armageddon Blood Angels force, but the 20th just blew me by. I did get it done a couple of days ago and posted the photos on my blog yesterday.

But no excuses, here is what I did get done. It is quite a mixture mostly 28mm, aside from the 6 mm Epic force. We have some Revenants, Missionaries, FIW canoeists, and some inhabitants of Colonial Africa.

I had forgot to pose some 1/72 German WWII Hanomags in the above photo, but here they are.......... well as my Curtgeld.
Overall I have to say that I quite enjoyed myself and look forward to next year's contest. 

I should also apologize for not posting as many comments as I usually do, I did look at all the photos though and it is absolutely brilliant that this many entrants can paint that many figures.......congratulations to Miles especially for topping the list. Quite impressive really for someone who spends so much time out of the country, those brushes must of died by fire.

Thanks to the Minions, especially Byron who pushed the Wednesday crew along with constant emails of encouragement. 

Finally, thank you Curt and Sarah. A job well done and a very patient partner, I suspect. I am just not sure how you are going to top this year's Challenge.