Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Votes Are In for the 'Defensive' Terrain Bonus Round!

This bonus round proved to be a tremendous bit of fun, as it allowed participants to break away from the figures-only aspect of the Challenge and let their imaginations run wild. We had many diverse entries which ran the spectrum, from landmines to latrines and from great castles to game stores. Some entries may have had you scratch your head at first, but once you read the background it all became apparent (well, mostly). :)

Honourable mentions for this round go to:

Alan's scratch-built 'Frostgrave Library'

Sidney's fits-and-starts contractors in his 'The Guardians of Laarden'

and Ian's diminutive but very impressive 'Vauban Fort'

Wonderful work guys!

Okay, on the podium for the Defensive Terrain theme round we have a tie for Third Place with Sander's hilarious 'Promote This Man!' and Martin's (aka Nick's) beautifully painted 'Let It Rip'. Both of these fine lads will receive an extra 25 points for their excellent efforts - Congratulations Sander and Nick!

Sander's 'Promote This Man!'

and Nick's 'Let It Rip!'

In Second Place we have Michael's wonderful trench scene, 'Blackadder Goes Forth'

Michael will get a bonus of 50 points to add to his total. Well done Michael!

Finally, in First Place for the Defensive Terrain Theme Round is Millsy's fantastic (and sprawling) scratch-built Dark Age 'Motte and Bailey' Fort. Wow!

Millsy will receive 75 bonus points PLUS a gift certificate from those wonderful folks, Alf and Clara over at Barrage Miniatures. Thank you Millsy for treating us to a wonderful interpretation of the 'Defensive Terrain' theme and congratulations on your First Place finish!

That was great fun, thanks to everyone who participated. For those who are interested in seeing the survey results, they can be seen here.

Okay, next week is the bonus round theme is 'L'amour' (NOT 'Le Armour', Ray - no Tiger tanks and cuirassiers...), so in a few days I look forward to seeing a wide assortment of besotted lovers,  heartbroken sops and whatever your imagination can conjure up. The submission deadline is midnight Saturday (Feb 13th) so we can have them up guessed it, Valentine's Day! 

Have a great week everybody!

From PeterD - 28mm War of 1812 Generals (30 points)

Brits left and centre, Yank to the right.
Last post this week is another lot of leftovers from AHPCV, in the form of three generals for my War of 1812 project.  There are two British (the good guys) and one American (boo, hiss, Yankee go home).  All are Perry's, from the British Napoleonic range.

I really like these three figs, good poses on the riders and fine looking horse flesh underneath.  The one officer in the navy coat has been initially allocated to the staunch defenders of Upper Canada.  However, uniform similarities and the top coat mean that he could end up leading our brutish southern neighbours bent on  conquest rape and pillage.

Once again I used slightly different basing techniques.  To suite the rough Canadian Shield I made the ground quite rocky, using a mix of ballast and Kitty litter.  I then added tufts for weeds to suit my mood at the time.

A hat-trick for today Peter! You must have taken a page from Tamsin's playbook. :) These officers will be great additions to your War of 1812 collection. Your moody weeds are look great and I like the addition of the kitty litter to serve as the Canadian Shield (I know there's a joke in there somewhere)
30 more points to conclude your week - Nicely done!