Saturday, 12 March 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Crusties Armoured Force (60 points)

For the first of my posts this weekend, and my 18th entry in the main part of the Challenge I have some 15mm SciFi figures for you. These are the "Crusties" from GZG and will form the light armoured contingent of my force - I have some heavy armour on order, but it is very unlikely to have arrived before the end of the Challenge. I do have some more Crusties on the painting table - you will be seeing them during the next few days.

Light Walkers

These were fun the build and paint. I've based my colour scheme loosely on that seen in District 9 for the "Prawn" weaponry - white (actually, Sky Grey) a medium grey (Basalt Grey), a dark grey (German Grey) and orange (Orange Red) plus black and Dark Vermillion.

The walker with the orange back will be the commander for this force. Each walker has a different weapons load-out.

I decided for the basing to go for a slightly alien blasted earth look. A base of Saddle Brown was washed black, dry-brushed with a 1:1 mix of Saddle Brown and Light Grey. Some stones were picked out with Green Grey, washed green and then the bases were finished with a patchy wash using a 2:1 mix of red and black. The "earth" was matt varnished, the stones were picked out with gloss varnish.

Armoured Infantry - Rifle Squads

These weren't as fun to paint - lots of fiddly little details to drive me nuts!

Armoured Infantry - Heavy Laser Specialists

Armoured Infantry - Heavy Plasma Specialists

There are four 15mm vehicles and eighteen foot figures here. That should give me 60 points.

These are awesome Tamsin and it's great to see your return to some sci-fi themed figures before the end of the Challenge. I really like your use of the bright orange juxtaposed against the dark grey of the armour - actaually, they look like they could be sponsored by a mobile phone company. 'The Nokian Heavy Infantry' or 'The Samsung Replicant Battalion' :) 

I'm also admiring your groundwork for these figures. It's elegantly minimalist while still looking suitably alien - brilliant and well done!


  1. Well done Tamsin. I too like the orange.

  2. Great looking crusties Tamsin.


  3. Excellent work Tamsin! Those walkers are great.

    1. Forgot to mention I really like the basing. It looks more than suitable alien.

  4. Very cool Tamsin - I've not seen these figures before, these are very cool. So often I find with GZG stuff it either doesn't look great on their website, or there is no photo at all (and maybe they have improved this over time) - but these are tremendous! Great work.

    Also, I think "Nokian Heavy Infantry" is the way to go...

  5. Sort of makes me want to change from 28mm shirmish sci-fi and leap into 15mm, bet the costs are similar too but you end up with an army not a squad!

  6. Love these Tamsin, cracking work!

  7. I have been looking forward to seeing these. I can well imagine ordering some now. Good job bringing them to life.

  8. Great looking mechs and infantry Tamsin! The basing really fits the minis!

  9. Awesome. The Alien basing is brilliant.

  10. @ Curt - thanks! I thought that people would lynch me if I didn't do some sci-fi! :)
    As for the mobile phone company colour scheme, we had that conversation last year when I submitted a Crusties battleship :)

    @ Peter - cheers! The orange worked well :)

    @ Christopher - thanks! :)

    @ Martin - cheers! The basing was a bit fiddly to do, but worth it for the effect :)

    @ Greg - thanks! It's mostly the older figures that they don't have pics for on the website, or where the pics are crappy. They've improved a lot over the past few years :)

    @ Chris - 15mm is the way to go. There are just so many choices out there, especially for vehicles and terrain :)

    @ Francis - cheers, m'dear! :)

    @ Clint - I thought you might have been! :)
    Do order some - you won't be disappointed.

    @ Samuli - thanks! :)

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)

  11. I must get some of those walkers...

  12. Very nice force of aliens, Tamsin! I like the orange on them and I'm a huge fan of the alien earth bases, that is a really cool looking base for them. ;)