Thursday, 18 January 2018

From AaronH - GW Dark Elf Dark Riders (60 points)

This entry is six Dark Elf dark riders from GW. These are the older metals, from just before the current plastics. I think I have another twelve of these, perhaps more.

These are another unit for my son's Dark Elves for our Dragon Rampant campaign. One unit of spears and we have enough of his models to get started.

For some reason the Dark Elves like to cut their horses' tails off completely. Tails really are the bane of older GW models. A horse with a tail is definitely the exception.

The models were primed black. I hit the horses with a sombre grey drybrush, red eyes and bone teeth and called them good.

The champion and the musician have the same pose. There's not a lot going on. These were an easy paint.

The regular troopers are the same pose with a little bit different spear and head.

Not a lot of variation in the unit.

I've had these models for fifteen years, so it's good that they are finally getting some paint. Six dark riders will give me 60 points. I'm inching towards half way on my goal.

Welcome to Thursdays Aaron! That colour you've chosen for the cloaks is absolutely smashing.  I find myself falling in the trap of using darker colours for the meanie Elves, but this green is brilliant, really makes them pop on their dark steeds.  I feel your pain on the tails too, great idea in theory, but like tiny gun barrels they don't survive contact with transportation all the time.....

Great stuff to hit the table soon it sounds like so let us know whether they survive the newly painted models curse when they get their first outing.  60 points to add to your target as you correctly surmise.


  1. I'm sure your son will be happy to add these to force, Aaron! I really like seeing the Dark elves in colors other than purple and black, they still look menacing in green! ;)

  2. Nice work on these eleven and their Manx horses Aaron. The green is very effective, and your simple basing works well.

  3. Nice work. Obviosly this is an evil horse breed that has no tails :)

  4. Your son is lucky! lovely work on these dark elves.
    Best Iain

  5. Lots of old school GW in the submissions today! Looks a truly great unit

  6. Great work Aaron. As others have said, I love the old school element - always great to see old figures getting attention (and glad to see others have pending projects that have hung around the painting table for, er, some time...)

  7. Manx horses notwithstanding, these are excellent. Well done Aaron!

  8. Great green and I like the horses eyes. (I'd be red-eyed furious if I was a horse without a tail too.) Your son must be delighted with these - lucky fellow.

  9. Nice work! I love the capes