Thursday, 18 January 2018

From NickJ - AoS Horrors & One Kairic Acolyte (55 points)

Once Upon a Plan.....

Someone famous once said that they love it when a plan comes together. Whatever you do never invite them round to my place; plans have a habit of being perfectly formed on the way in through the front door and then quickly unravelling when they come up against the immovable force that is my worst enemy... namely me!

Yes that's right. My nemesis is me. Or to be more precise my inability to decide upon a paint scheme for a unit wearing hardly any clothes has been driving me absolutely potty for the last couple of weeks.

How hard can it be to decide upon a tunic colour I hear you ask? Ask my paint brush after the 8th different colour was applied...! 8. Let that sink in.

In the end I managed a single test figure for the unit. The other 19 not so much. Would you like to see the results of marathon procrastination? Ok then here is my sole Kairic Acolyte who represents the Chaos God of Tzeentch - and yes GW have been raiding their Egyptian themes for these boys.

Am I completely happy with the results - not 100% but I am not painting that dang tunic again!! To be honest I'm 99% happy with him and am now hard at work trying to get the rest of his mates sorted for next Thursday.

So is that it then? Er, no actually. One lesson I learned from my first Challenge last year was to always have a back up unit ready to paint if the original plan falls to pieces. Something quick and easy.

Here then is the first half of my Brimstone Horrors Tzeentch Daemon unit.

They're a fun little unit of very small flaming daemons. In the end due to time constraints I opted for a very simple wash scheme using 3 different washes. The bases actually took me longer than the figures!
The pictures have washed them out a little as they're somewhat more orange/red in reality but hey ho!

In game you can either start these on the table or you can field a unit of Pink Horrors and when one of those dies it turns into two Blue Horrors and when one of those dies it turns into two Brimstone Horrors (1 base). So yes they can take a fair bit of killing... no doubt Jamie is looking forward to these popping up!

I decided not to paint the details. Mainly due to time but also because they are half the size of normal AoS figures so the detail will be lost at tabletop height and instead it'll just be a sea of flame!

For scoring purposes the Brimstones are 28mm scale but only 15mm in height so I reckon 20 * 2 points = 40
And the Kairic is a standard 28mm figure so a nice cool 5 points. I suspect trying to claim more points for the extra layers of paints is going to fall on deaf ears... :-)

Next week: I really, really hope the other 19 Kairic Acolytes will be making an appearance!

Ah, painting procrastination.  I comfortably predict that all challenge participants who read this post will be nodding their heads, much as I am now, in agreement with your words on procrastination.  Whether it be deciding on a colour, thinking figures look too tricky or avoiding a particularly time consuming part of the painting I think we've all been there more times than we care to recall!

That Kairic Acolyte really has seen the benefit though as that tunic looks the business.  I like the orange working with the skin and mask as warmer colours against the blue and scary looking purple blade.  Looking forward to member 2-20 next week.

Those flaming horrors are very nicely done, as you say they'll be a sea of flame on the tabletop rushing towards their enemies.  I'm inclined to score each base as a 28mm figure, so I make that total 55 points - excellent work!


  1. Nice horrors and lovely acolyte, my trouble is more changing my mind so I've had loads of napoleonics prepped for last year, I'll get them done this year and now I'm prepping (not even priming )more Italian wars figures, not mad just stupid!
    Best Iain

  2. Well, your plan of having a back-up unit ready and waiting in case something went wrong with the original plan did come together :)

    Nice work on these :)

  3. Ah yes the quest for perfect - final result looks pretty damn good to me. I love those flaming horrors, they do look like a sea of flame.

  4. Great work Nick! I'm pretty much the same with "plans". I have to stick to plans in my work, so in my hobby I just go where the whims of my interest take me...

    The pain on the tunic was worth it! :)

  5. The acolyte turned out brilliant, Nick! The blue looks very good and worth the frustration! ;) excellent work on the maniacal wisps of flame too!
    My problem is I have a large desk and work on a lot at the same time. The hobby butterfly and delusions of granduer doesn't help either. I'm always putting units in boxes nearby just to focus! ;)

  6. Looking good! Think they came out real good. I think not painting more details works on these imo

  7. The flaming horrors are great, Really nice work on the orangy yellow

  8. Thos dancing flames are great. The single model is superb but if you have to paint another 19 with the same level of detail, in my case I'll need five Challenges to complete the unit

  9. Options paralysis is a terrible disease. But lovely work on these figures!

  10. More wonderful Horrors! They may have been simple to create but they look terrific. I also really like how they work in the game (meaning you probably 'like' them and Jamie wants to hit them with a hammer). :)

  11. Those little flaming dudes (can you tell I don't do fantasy much) are awesome, love em.

  12. I love the horrors! The purple sword is pretty cool as well.