Tuesday, 8 January 2019

From RayR - Gaelic Horse & Wagoneers (78 Points)

For my 2nd entry I've a few figures painted up for the Evil Gamesmaster extraordinaire Postie!!
Firstly we have 7 x 25mm Wargames Foundry Gaelic Horse for Posties Roman v Celt armies.

Postie did have decals that he wanted me to stick on, now me and decals just don't get on.
Its something to do with my sausage fingers....
SO I had to paint the shields as well, I'm quite happy with how they turned out, especially the blue and red one, third from the right.

Now I only painted the figures, Postie based them, so I expect Gremlin Lee to take 
a few points off for that, boo hiss!!! They should earn me 70 points normally.

And keeping to Ancients we have 12 x 15mm Essex figures
They're actually artillerymen but Postie wants them as wagonneers.
Pack RO44 to be precise.

Gotta admit they were a doddle to paint up.....as you can see!

So 12 wagoneers should get me 24 points, but once again I didn't base them, so Its down 
to Lee to knock off a few points.

I suppose I'm going to have to begrudgingly admit I like this lot! Postie told me he'd sent a load of his work next door to you. I have just one question. Why? When your own unpainted lead mountain is now so massive and so dense that one more pack of models in the shed and the whole lot is likely to crumple under its own mass, form a black hole and swallow Gravesend without so much as a burp! 

OK the rules say I need to knock off 25% for unbased models but I'll throw in a few bonus points for those lovely hand painted shields. So I'll award 60 points for the Cavalry and 18 for the wagoneers giving you a total of 78 points for this entry. 


  1. Very effective work for the Great Serpent that is Postie!

  2. What a cracking submission, the riot of colours on the Gaelic horsemen work really well.

  3. Great work Ray, love seeing some ancients getting AirPlay. I’m fully with you on the decals, my fingers are so short and fat that I have troubles getting gloves that fit. Decals take forever and look horrible in my hands, painted shields look less horrible and are waaaaay faster.

  4. Great work Ray and nice looking shields! I can see how those artillerists could work as wagoneers - nice one.

  5. Nice work, Ray! Il Postino Diablo will be pleased with them I hope :)

  6. Love hand painted shields, top job.

  7. Lovely looking cavalry and great looking Romans!
    Best Iain

  8. Love the work on the shields - very inmpressive.

  9. Well done Ray! Those hand paimted shields are fabulous.