Monday, 15 December 2014

From AaronH - 28mm Uruk-Hai pikement (40 Points)

This post is eight more Uruks for Isengard.  These are eight pikes, one of the stronger features of the army.  I actually don't play with them as much as they warrant because I hate the pikes in game.  I don't mean the rules are bad.  I hate that I am always stabbing myself with them or knocking them or other models over because of them.  The physical limitations are frustrating.

These models were painted in the same way as the eight swordsmen.  They don't have the shields, obviously, so no white hand on these lads at all.

There are actually several different poses here but you have to look closely to tell.  There are also leveled pike versions but those are even worse on the table so they'll be painted as a last resort.

These models actually have a lot more detail on their backs than on their fronts.  They tend to suffer less from sudden loss of detail than the swordsmen did as well.  They are rewarding models to paint, which is good considering I have another 24 or so to get done, but that's for another day.

From Curt:
Another wonderful unit Uruks Aaron - bravo!  I remember admiring these models when they were first released and you've done them great justice here. I look forward to seeing the hedge of pikes once you have the other 24 done. 
(Cracks whip like a paint-frenzied Balrog...)  :)


  1. Helms Deep battle sequence is possibly my all time fav in the films. These guys look excellent. cheers

  2. These are great, I know your pain regards the pikes though


  3. And there were more as I work back through last nights posts. Excellent it really does make me want to paint some up now.

  4. Big scary Uruks with long scary pointy things. What's not to love?

  5. Gotta love sharp pointy bits on mini's, the designers made them that way just for the purpose of drawing blood from gamers :))

    Another cracking unit of Uruks. Love 'em.

  6. Lots of lovely uruks - the paint job does them great justice. It's when you lean down to check line if sight that the pikes seem to always be in the right place to poke an eye out!

  7. Wonderful stuff! You really managed to create that certain LotR feeling.

  8. I don't care if they're always causing logistical problems, I'm a sucker for pikes on the table. I fell in love with historical gaming as a teenager when I saw a display of a 28mm Greek phalanx in a game store cabinet. One of the most dramatic units one can put a table, pikemen. Great job!

  9. Thank you for the kind comments. I do love the look of a pike block. I think they're actually easier to deal with on unit bases in large blocks instead of single based skirmishers.