Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Voting Results for the 5th Theme Round: 'Hot'

The 'Hot' round was a great success, with many excellent entries, a stream of visitors and a healthy number of votes cast. We were well entertained with many interpretations of the theme, from hot babes to hot water, from the heat-shimmered halls of Moria to the sweltering sands of North Africa. 

Yes, there was much hotness. 

Alrighty! Moving right along, here is a rundown of the stats:

The Top Ten

The Stat List Entire

The top five runners-up are:

BrendonW's 'Slay-o-matic'

ScottB's 'Tauriel'

MartinC's 'The Thing (1982)'

MartinN's 'Berlin 2427 km'

AnneO's 'Snake!'

Tied for Third Place is RichardC's 'Napoleon and Ozymandias' and MichaelA's 'Old Nick'. Both of you fine fellows will receive a 25 point bonus for your excellent work.

Second Place sees another tie! This time it is shared between my 'Bring up the Guns. The English are Landing.' and BurkhardS' ferocious 'Balrog'. We'll both get 50 points to add to our respective tallies.


Finally, in First Place we have ByronM with his stunning 'Satan the Hottie'!

Congratulations Byron! This was a spectacular piece of work and well-deserving of First Place. For your efforts I'm delighted to present to you a gift certificate from the good folks from Dragon's Den Games. I'll get in touch and we can sort out the details.

Okay folks, this upcoming Sunday's Theme is 'Comedic' so I look forward to seeing all your hilarious entries by Saturday night or the joke's on you. Geddit? The. Joke's. On. You. 


I'll just go and get my coat.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous brushwork by all of you and well deserved wins!

  2. Well done everyone, some excellent entries!

  3. Another scorching round, superb work one and all.

  4. Amazing entries with so many deserving to win.


  5. Very worthy winners - superb work all around

    Curt, umm, well... you should keep your day job. I don't think it's the right time for you to consider a career change to being a stand up comic - at least just yet.

  6. Another great round and a worthy podium of cracking figures. More importantly I made the top 10, I feel like I won. Yeah me.

  7. Wow, so many ties and such a tight race over all! Not surprising with the overall quality though!

    And thanks for voting me into second place people... really worms my heart!

  8. Well done everyone and Hot Satan specially ;-)

  9. Great entries all around! I've missed a bit being gone!

  10. Congrats to all the winners! My three favourites made the top 5 so that means y'all have good tastes! ;-)

  11. A fantastic round and some worthy winners!

  12. Thanks for the votes everyone, and thanks for the eye candy from all the other entrants. There have been some amazing entries this year, I am just happy to come in the top 5 on any given theme, past that it's really just luck, as they all get so close. I didn't expect to win this one, since as I mentioned I generally hate how my flesh paint jobs come out, this one was a pleasant surprise, and one I am actually happy with. We are all our own worst critics, aren't we? Or is that just another mental issue? :-)

    1. It's true, we're often our harshest critics BUT your work is always so solid Byron and this piece, especially the work on the skin tones, was just fantastic. Bravo!

  13. Some crackin work there guys n gals, well done!