Thursday, 11 January 2018

Thursday Throwback time!

The response to seeing Mr Motivator last week was so gratifying (at least 15* participants emailed me personally to tell me it had got them motivated to exercise like Mr Motivator and then paint more figures!) that I just had to dig in the archives for another similarly motivating image.... and here it is:

Image result for sooty sweep sue

Now why would these three fur clad individuals be motivational at this point in the challenge when the sheer scale of what you've all signed up for has just hit you like a freight train?  You remember what they used to say don't you?

"Izzy, Whizzy, Let's Get Busy!"

If you didn't grow up with Sooty, Sweep, Sue and Matthew this link will explain almost nothing about them  (go to 1m30s if you're the impatient sort)

But I think there are a few Thursday People who have been listening to them and boy have they been getting busy with the brushes..... Three on the books so far and I'm all a-quiver with anticipation for any others that show up during the day.....

* Figure accurate to within 15 of the actual figure


  1. I heard that when Sue first came on the show (in the 60s), there was concern about any sexual implications and so she wasn’t allowed to physically contact Sooty.

  2. Now, how to work these characters into a game...?

  3. Wow, I can understand how an entire generation of UK youngsters may have been emotionally scared from that - I would have ran screaming. But what am I saying, I still have hangups about Snufleupagus and Big Bird. ;)