Wednesday, 10 January 2018

From JohnM: Folklore-The Affliction (25 points)

Not much done in the last week or so, but the post holiday season quiet is finally settling in and I have a few days off. I presently have 2 projects on the painting table. Here is the first, 5 miniatures from Greenbriar Games Folklore-The Affliction. This was a kickstarter that I backed a couple of years ago. I received the two large gaming boxes last summer, there must of been around 100 figures in total for this cooperative fantasy tabletop boardgame. You can read more about it on my blog.

I feel the figures are quite nice and I am enjoying painting them, they are a sort of mixture of hard and semi-hard plastic as well as the occasional resin figure. It has been liberating to paint some figures without any, shall we say, guidelines. I hope to paint some more before the challenge ends.

Dark Oak's
Mad Druid
Night Stalkers
I am hoping to have something more traditional for next week.

From Ray

Nice work John! I do like the look of the Dark Oaks, I think they could be trouble??
I've not heard of this Kickstarter before, there seems to be a new one starting every other day?
Are we going to see all 100 figures during the Challenge?
So the grand total for your Affliction is 25 points!!


  1. Nice figures and painting John :)

  2. Nice, I was very tempted to back this recently (2nd printing?) but didn't in the end. Your painting works very well on them.

  3. So many entertaining kickstarters out there it seems. Great work John, particularly love the Druid.

  4. Great looking models, also took a peak at the publishers site and the game tickled my intrest

  5. Nice work on these figures. I hope that the rest of the figs in th box are as nice. I like those oaks.

  6. Those trees are fun! I know what you mean about the liberating feeling of not being tied to a paint scheme.

  7. These are awesome John! I really like how you did the Dark Oaks. Very cool.

  8. Pleasant painting! And living trees are very atmospheric.

  9. Nice creepy painting!
    Best Iain

  10. Nice work John, the oaks look great!

  11. I do like these, John! Most especially the dark oaks! Those are really sweet and I like how you painted them!