Thursday, 24 December 2015

From AlanD - 6mm Scots Covenanter Cavalry (50 points)

For my opening salvo of the Challenge I've started small (geddit??) with fifty Covenanter cavalry in 6mm. Figures are from Baccus, and very nice, although I'd prefer to have some in helmets rather than all in the distinctive bonnets.

One of my goals for the challenge is to improve my 6mm painting, inspired by the likes of Ian and Tamsin. I'm also keen to make progress on the 6mm ECW project I have going with Paul O'G.

50 mounted 6mm figures should net me 50 points.

First, welcome aboard Alan! It's great to see you amongst this group of frantic brush-jockeys. 
Those are some bonnie wee lads, mate! I like that you've included a few sensible boys who have decided to wear helmets to the party, but the mass of blue bonnets make it unmistakable to who these fellows are. Well done.


  1. Nice wrok these guys look reay good.

  2. They look great. I think you're on your way as a top 6mm painter.

  3. Yet more "Joy of Six". I really am enjoying the 6mm figures so far. Keep them coming as I am keen to see more.

  4. Aye, yon's a bonnie mob of wee men.

  5. Oh I do like these, good work.

    I use Winsor & Newton Nut Brown Ink as a wash on my 6mm, just not on any white if I can help it. That adds a bit of depth to the finish but does darken the colours so needs to be born in mind.


    1. Thanks Ian. Yeah, these are the first 6mm I've done without a wash. I'm still playing around with washes, which have always made my 6mm look too muddy in the past. I might give the W&N a go.

  6. Och, the wee beggars are pure barry!

  7. They look lovely Alan, and I'm very impressed with your efforts on the flags at this scale!

  8. They look wonderful! And like Curt said, you know who they fight for with that flood of blue bonnets! ;)

  9. My eyes! How do you do that? It's incredible!

    I do like a good Covenanter Army, and these guys are splendid!